Rooney does it on a bike, equalizes Palmeiras with the flu and stays on top

Rooney does it on a bike, equalizes Palmeiras with the flu and stays on top

Palmeiras tied 1-1 against Fluminense at the Maracana tonight (27), and maintained its supremacy at the top of the Brazilian League. Rooney opened the scoring with a superb goal from a bicycle, Manuel equalized from a dead ball, and Tricolor pressed until the end without finding a way to turn.

Palmeiras continues to lead the standings with 50 points and eight points over Fluminense itself. This advantage will only decrease if Flamengo (40 points) beat Botafogo tomorrow (28) and regain second place in Brazil.

Interestingly enough, Palmeiras and Influenza’s next opponent is the same: Atletico. Alverde will visit Arena da Baixada on Tuesday (30), in the first leg of the Libertadores semi-finals. Tricolor das Laranjeiras will go to Parana on Saturday (3), for Brazil.

Flu performance: ups and downs with the ball in the foot

Fluminense tried to sharpen ‘Dinizismo’ in the first minutes, but gradually lowered the streak and saw Palmeiras bother. He took the goal with a lone throw, and returned to pressing the ball, but without success in the other matches. In the second half he found some more obvious opportunities, but could not change them.

Palmeiras performance: suffocation and little inspiration

Palmeiras played with the rules under their arms, realizing the advantage they are defending in Brazil and the decision they have in three days. He scored good goals against Fluminense, calmed the game whenever possible, which is why he almost didn’t get attacked, but he wasn’t ready to try to attack more either. He succeeded, but in the last minutes he got into trouble.

The Best of Influenza: Samuel Xavier

This was especially important when Fluminense was tight on the ball going out, as it helped a lot in connecting sectors and getting the team to spin the ball. Despite losing a few balls, he was safe in Gustavo Scarpa’s defense and provided two balls for his teammates who could have ended up in the goal: one for Kanu and one for Nathan.

The worst of the flu: No kano found

This season’s flu top scorer hasn’t had his best nights and has made little appearances. He helped when it came time to score, but he missed two important game-changing opportunities: a three-man counterattack, then a Samuel Xavier pass that ended up on the crossbar.

The best of Palmeiras: Rooney excelled with his goal

Palmeiras wasn’t a great solo performance, but Rooney was naturally the best at his amazing bike kick. It was this happy move, still in the eighth minute, that has allowed Almairas to run the match ever since. Honorable mention to Gustavo Gomez, who has practically nullified German Kano.

The worst thing about Palmeiras: Vega can’t play

Rafael Vega was far from his best performance with Palmeiras and showed well the poor offensive performance of the team as a whole. Wesley was substituted in the second half.

Ron’s famous bike opens registration

Rooney’s bike has already become a trademark of the Palmeiras season. After trying hard, the forward scored one such goal against Cerro Porteno, last month, and repeated the dose with more style at the Maracana. He scored a goal in the eighth minute after a cross from Dudu (see below).

Flo finds his way only in the air

From the start, Palmeiras was lower with the ball and scored hard to break Fluminense’s rhythm. It was control without the ball, which Rooney’s bike extended, and at one point Alveverde looked closer to hitting a counterattack than to equalizing. The dead ball changed that: in the first corner of the match, in the 38th minute, Manuel got up the first post and tested hard to equalize. A sure end to each side, 1 to 1.

Confusion in the field and in the tunnel

Photo: reproduction / premiere

The final stretch of the first half was marked by a fiery nerve. The Fluminense bench was already furious over the yellow card Nino was shown for Rooney’s foul, and Manoel’s goal caused a misunderstanding between the two technical committee members. Soon after, Goose was yellowed to complain. In the next, last step of the first phase, the flu complained a lot about the lack of Morelo in Andre. Finally, when the teams left for recess, the two delegations had to be handcuffed through security in the tunnel giving access to the changing rooms.

Scarpa arrives in Kano and saves Palmeiras

In the 11th minute, Palmeiras’ corner kick turned into a counterattack with three players from Fluminense against one defender. However, Scarpa ran faster than German Cano and split to fend off the danger. Scarpa himself had taken a corner, and the spear saved a clear chance for the tricolor.

The flu gets better, but stops at the beam

Fluminense managed to do much better in the last twenty minutes of the match. He arrived often, caught Palmeiras by surprise and had two great chances to turn, but both landed on the post. The first was via Cano, after a cross into the back of Alfeverde’s defense; The second is when Gus veered after an Arias kick. In centimeters the second goal did not come out.

You go to Scarpa

Today in Palmeiras, Gustavo Scarpa was booed by the Fluminense crowd. The midfielder defended Tricolor for three years and left Laranjeiras in 2017 amid a legal stalemate, including having gone more than three months without a game due to a row in the courts. “The guys won’t pay me and won’t let me out,” the player said. This was the ninth time that Scarpa had faced the former club.

data sheet

Fluminence 1 x 1 palm trees

Competition: Brazilian Championship Round 24
date and time: August 27, 2022, Saturday 19:00 (Brasilia time)
place: Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Rule: Braulio da Silva Machado (FIFA/SC)
Auxiliaries: Bruno Bocellia (FIFA/PR) and Bruno Rafael Perez (FIFA/GO)
Video Assistant Referee: Rodrigo Alonso Ferreira (SC)
yellow cards: Nino, Gansu, Michel Araujo (Fluminense); Rafael Vega and Murillo (Palmeiras)

Goal: Rooney in the 8th minute and Manuel in the 38th minute of the first half

Fluminence: Fabio, Samuel Xavier, Nino (Mateus Martinelli), Manuel and Caio Paulista (Cristiano); Andre, Nonato and Oz; Matthews Martins (Nathan), Arias and German Cano (Willian). Technical: Fernando Deniz

Palm trees: Weaverton, Marcus Rocha (Mike), Gomez, Murillo, Bequerz; Danilo, as Raphael (Gabriel Menino), Rafael Vega (Wesley) and Scarpa; Dudu (Bruno Tabata) and Ronnie (Jose Lopez). Coach: Abel Ferreira. Technical: Abel Ferrara

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