Benê Gomes - The new Honda HR-V EXL accelerates smoothly and delivers low consumption

Benê Gomes – The new Honda HR-V EXL accelerates smoothly and delivers low consumption

After the new HR-V was officially presented in Brazil and the pre-sale process began, the SUV began to reach the hands of the first buyers. There are 04 new versions, two with turbo engines, and the first that arrived were the EX Honda Sensing and EXL Honda Sensing versions, both with 1.5 flex engines.

As the name says, everything is really new on the HR-V, including the platform. It became elegant and acquired a new character in the style of an SUV coupe, reinforced by a sharp drop in the roof line at the rear. The interface has become more spacious and with different networks for the two versions. On the EX and EXL, it has dark slats with a matte finish, while on the uppers, it uses a honeycomb pattern with a glossy black finish.

The headlights have become sharper and have LED lighting in all versions. At the rear, new taillights feature a smokey finish, LED position and brake lights, and are attached to a rod that crosses the entire trunk lid. It also offers exclusive 17-inch alloy wheel combinations with its own design for each version.

Inside, everything is also very different, with straight lines across the center console and into the air intakes. The 8-inch multimedia display is in a raised position, the instrument panel is analog and has a small 4.2-inch TFT display in the center for on-board computer information.

The center console has grown and lost the bottom, hard-to-reach space where the USB ports were. The digital air conditioner has a new button mode, provides rear output, and on the sides, the new mode called Diffuser. The air exits laterally and is directed upwards, a way to keep the temperature well balanced throughout the cabin, Honda informs.

Placement of the diffuser directs the air to the ceiling and over the shoulders of the occupants

Image: disclosure

Honda Sensing is everywhere in the new HR-V

One of the good news in the new HR-V is that Honda Sensing is included in all versions. Now, the model leaves the factory with semi-autonomous driving and active safety features, such as lane departure assist with lane correction, collision alert with automatic emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control.

There is also the Lane Watch, which acts as a blind spot alarm with images, already known from the Civic manufactured in Brazil. It works as follows: each time the driver activates the arrow on the right, the system displays live scenes on the multimedia screen captured by a camera installed in the right rear view mirror.

HR-V EXL - Disclosure - Disclosure

Blind spot protection with rear view camera and live image on multimedia screen

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Smallest drive?

This is the natural question for anyone who has had or tested the previous generation with a flexi-turbo 140hp and 1.8. The direct injection engine 1.5 Flex is better, brings good developments, works with an automatic transmission of the CVT type, only it is weaker: there are 126 hp and 15.8 kgf of torque.

It’s the same as the newly launched New City range, which leads us to imagine that, given it’s a bigger car, it wouldn’t do the job. This somehow happens because the reactions are slower, and when you step on the gas, the cycles go up quickly and the loud rumble can be annoying. But, at the same time, the recipe is balanced, without strong feelings, but in line with the proposal of the car. The SUV is well packaged and tight enough to keep the driver safe, especially in the city.

Greater discomfort can occur when you resume driving on the road and with a full car, a situation that can be carefully resolved when overtaking. In turn, the HR-V with a 1.5 flex engine was more economical compared to the old 1.8 version, with an official average of 12.7 km / l in the city, and 13.9 km / l on the road with gasoline. Easy-to-beat numbers for those interested in effective leadership.

HR-V EXL - Mateus Simanovicius - Mateus Simanovicius

A stylish look to please those who appreciate urban SUVs

Photo: Mateus Simanovicius

In other words, everything falls within Honda’s strategy, which will not fail to serve those who seek a greater dose of the sport. For this purpose, the brand already has turbocharged versions of the HR-V, which arrive in October and at a higher price.

The price of the new HR-V

EX Honda Sensing: 142,500.00 BRL
EXL Honda Sensing: 149,900.00 BRL

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