The new Bolt 2023 costs R$ 329,900 - Impressions while driving - Notícias Automotivas

The new Bolt 2023 costs R$ 329,900 – Impressions while driving – Notícias Automotivas

The Chevrolet Bolt 2023 arrives in the Brazilian market with a suggested price of 329,900 Brazilian Reals, the electric minivan is an updated model and now with the autonomy declared in the WLTP standard.

Before, the Bolt had a range of 416 km in the US EPA cycle, from the US Energy Agency, however, now in the new global measurement cycle, the range is up to 459 km.

Visually revamped, the Chevrolet Bolt has arrived in 2023 and is well-stuffed to impress, but the high price tag scares us quite a bit and makes us think the Bolt EUV will still arrive, with a crossover suggested.

“The Bolt EV has always been a trendsetter. It was launched in 2019 in Brazil and quickly became a reference among electric car enthusiasts, for its innovative concept,” says Rodrigo Fioco, Director of Product Marketing for General Motors South America.

Fioco adds: “The new model adds sophistication and content to conquer those who are looking for an urban vehicle that is fun to drive and completely optimized for everyday use. This is because the premium car lineup will be the first electric cars to dominate.”

Available in Ruby Red, Summit White, Ouro Nego Black and Urban Gray colors, the Bolt 2023 will be on sale starting September 78 at Chevrolet EV dealerships.

Well-equipped, the 2023 Bolt has 10 airbags, traction and stability controls, ramp assist, power steering, automatic air conditioning, blind spot alert, rear reverse driving alert, forward collision alert with pedestrian detection and braking. Automatic accident mitigation.

For the first 40 buyers of the 2023 Bolt, a 7.4 kWh Wallbox charger is offered at no additional cost, allowing you to charge enough electricity for 40 km per hour.

This new charger also allows up to 25 of them to be connected to the unit meter for single or single charges, as well as configured to use only power from the photovoltaic system, when available.

Chevrolet Bolt 2023 – Visual Impressions

Pure and simple MPV, the 2023 Chevrolet Bolt attracts attention with its streamlined lines and large glass area, and the GM compact sedan has a more expressive look with reconfigured LED headlights, as well as the front shapes with a short, lightweight hood, as well as a wraparound bumper.

The styling is similar to Chevrolet models in China, with chrome trim, 17-inch alloy wheels with a diamond finish, while gloss black mirrors are trimmed with chrome.

The black visor that appears with the headlights in the front and extends along the sides and reaches to the rear, serves as the basis for the new dual LED lights, however, the turn signals and brake light are on the bumper …

Inside, the Bolt 2023 has a well-finished environment and has been rebuilt after the update, with the gearshift control unit highlighted, with the D and R buttons activated up, as if it were the electronic parking brake, which is on the right. Incidentally.

Common buttons are for P, N and permanent regenerative braking mode, remember there is a small butterfly on the steering wheel for the same function, only temporary, as long as the control is pressed.

The Bolt 2023 also has the Dynamic Performance mode, as well as the inductive supercharger right behind it with lane alert.

With an ultra-complete digital array, the Bolt 2023 adds more information to its large-screen multimedia, Alexa, Spotify, Wi-Fi and multi-view rear camera, including 360-degree photos or single photos.

With a leather steering wheel with adaptive cruise control, the Bolt 2023 has plenty of room and leather seats, with heated steering wheel and front seats. The driver’s seat has electrical adjustments.

In the back, there’s good legroom, with a separate seat and two American BA and C intakes as in the front, plus cup holders and a good view from the outside.

With good interior height, the Bolt 2023 combines protection and comfort in its cabin, and even more so with a Bose audio system with subwoofer.

Featuring an OTA update, the Bolt 2023 MyLink also has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, both of which are wireless.

The trunk holds 478 liters, which is more than enough to suggest a 2023 Chevrolet Bolt.

Chevrolet Bolt 2023 – Driving Impressions

We rode a 2023 Chevrolet Bolt on General Motors’ mixed pavement test track at the Cruze Alta test ground, located in Indiatoba, Greater Campinas.

The Bolt 2023 is mechanically unchanged from the old model, having a front-wheel drive electric motor with 203 hp and 36.7 kg / m that instantly takes the small to 100 km / h in 7.3 seconds.

With its batteries upgraded to 66 kWh, as has been done recently with its predecessors, Bolt has a good electric vehicle proposition for the domestic market.

Its engine makes a specific sound at low speed and there is hardly any sound during operation except for self-repairing tires.

Walking hard, Bolt 2023 kicks off for athletic performance, although that’s not the suggestion, but the group’s strength quickly raises the pace.

In this case, it appears to be very subtle, not “shaking” the front, while in the “e-pedal” mode, take your left foot off so the engine brakes quickly, causing it to stall, but in a much larger brake space.

By sparing the brakes, the Bolt 2023 shows its power even in eco mode, reducing only a portion of the available power and helping to extend the range.

With precision electric steering, the MPV keeps its course with agility, and still has a better-adjusted suspension, but still with little movement, especially in the front.

Passing through various asphalt and gravel pavements of the test track, the bolt behaved well, filtering irregularities and maintaining good stability.

Since it’s so focused on urban use, we’ve noticed that on bad asphalt roads, the bolt will cause more damage.

Using the power of an electric powertrain, the Bolt 2023 has a good ride position, is as elevated as a pickup truck, and is well suited to everyday traffic.

The window area, which is quite large, will help when maneuvering, especially for 360-degree monitoring and alerting rear traffic.

The driver’s seat is comfortable and the electrical adjustments help a lot when positioning yourself.

Adjusting the electronic pedal on the steering wheel is very practical and avoids turning the system on or off on the console, while the panel on its use shows the amount of percentage of energy recovered.

Quiet and solid on the inside, the Bolt brings an experience behind the wheel that’s still surprising, given how much power we can use in everyday life, on trips, so why not?

Agreed, the little Bolt now only needs regular production to avoid being a ghost in the market again.

Now let’s wait for the Bolt EUV and its “SUV” proposal.

Chevrolet Bolt 2023 – Photo Gallery

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