The most anticipated comedy of 2022 appeared on Netflix

The most anticipated comedy of 2022 appeared on Netflix

There is no one in the world who has never thought that he was born at the wrong time, in the least favorable place, under unjust adverse conditions and the least suitable of people. These thoughts torment the soul and body of many people, sometimes for a very long time – even for a lifetime – and there is little to be done: if one does not decide to take the ugly beast called fate by horns, drag it to safe pastures and tame it once and for all, it may take years , and perhaps decades, for anyone with any illusions about winning the bloodiest war. Until this term is arrived at, something always seems complete, like the dawn on a sunless day, as if the night had no end, being prolonged by the tender and sinister song of the early birds. There are those who solve the mystery, there are those who shut themselves off from life and die to everything else that lifts and strikes the world, but there is also someone who overcomes impending grief and renews his strength with the help of an impressive and imperfect mechanism.

An extraordinary couple gives De Férias da Família (2022) the depth to which a few so-called vulgar comedies, or so-called nonsense, go. Director John Hamburg decided to tackle disappointments, frustrated dreams, dreams of leaving oblivion and emerging to the surface of reality, and of course love, so omnipresent in the most energetic and transformative human relationships, making use of an indistinct family core, and therefore also unforgettable, capable of evoking sympathy Heterogeneous audiences. Much of the Hamburg film’s merit is due to the dedicated performance of the protagonist. Kevin Hart is the man for the right role and makes Sonny Fisher’s character unforgettable, given the right proportions. “Family Vacation” is an admittedly modest production, and that’s its strength. The director directs his script in such a way as to give the entire crew, made up largely of black and Latino, a chance to take their turn, adding more fluidity to the short 104 minutes. There is no more time or shortage of telling a good story.

Sonny is a father, but not a breadwinner, as it falls to Maya, the successful architect played by Regina Hall – and there was no problem between them for that reason. The abyss separating them, carefully revealed by Hamburg, relates to a certain resistance to the central character of maturation. Possessing a magnetic allure, Hart manages to bring out some of the motivating aspects of Sonny. As he takes on the noble role of educating and helping the children, Dashiell and Ava, of Che Tafari and the Amentii Sledge, he also puts his feet in his own hands in his desire to always be helpful to his friends, especially Huck Dembo, whom he has known from an early age. On the verge of turning 44, the somewhat marginal type that Mark Wahlberg experienced makes a point of relying on the presence of his lifelong companion. Sonny continues to love him so well, but the paths each one of them chooses makes the protagonist talk all those things he no longer has the energy – nor the desire – to spend a night of drinking (and other indulgences) in the company of people outside his teens. It ends up with a good plot to secure his attendance to celebrate and relive the times that were meant to be dead, like the one that recorded an opening fifteen years ago in the Utah desert, western United States.

Hamburg fills the film with a plethora of subplots, all of which are more or less anti-climate and hard to swallow. In addition to co-starring Luis Gerardo Mendes as Armando, a kind of capitalist guru who approaches Maya and awakens the wrath of a jealous Sonny, he joins the characters of Thelma, embodied by Elijah Isorellis Paulino, and Stan, by Jimmy O’ Yang, in turn. Extremists, but vibrate in the same tuning: polluting the plot of the eschatological passages, always expendable. In this particular, Mendez’s performance is highlighted by the lesser nuances of his character, a wealthy and lonely womanizer.

The sin of “family vacation” – always to excess, never to lack – is even capable of forming the capital of Hamburg business, responsible for other films of the same scale, that is, making the audience simply forget about life. And there is no such thing as, from time to time, to imagine that all the problems of our pathetic existence are solved by absurd nonsense, as it did late yesterday.

Movie: family vacation
direction: John Hamburg
year: 2022
Species: comedy
NB: 8/10

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