Gustavo Coracini: Family posts photo of Pantanal actor lying in hospital bed as he was taken to hospital after being hit by a car

Gustavo Coracini: Family posts photo of Pantanal actor lying in hospital bed as he was taken to hospital after being hit by a car

The family of Gustavo Coracini, Saturday (27), published on Instagram, a photo of the Pantanal actor, a photo of part of his face, apparently lying and sleeping, in the hospital room bed of Santa Marcelina, where he was taken to the hospital after being hospitalized. Run over by a car in Itaim Paulista, Eastern District of Sao Paulo. He had fractures in his arm, leg and pelvis and had to have surgery.

The accident occurred last Tuesday (23) in Rua das Espomas. His student friend Eduardo Delfino, 13, who could not resist his injuries and died on the spot.

“Thank you God for everything you have given me. Good morning” is the message that appears on the photo of the artist who has more than 70 thousand followers on his social network.

Gustavo, who played Tadeu in the first stage of the TV Globo TV series, has not commented on the incident. Despite this, he is conscious and talking, according to his relatives.

Gustavo Coracini, ‘Pantanal’ actor, undergoes surgery after being run over and remains in hospital in SP – Photo: Giving birth

Gustavo learned on Thursday (25th) of Eduardo’s death. He said, “He cried a lot. He was his best friend.” g 1 Alain Sintra, Director Actor.

Eduardo is buried on a farm in Ferraz de Vasconcelos, in the metropolitan area. A Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, the student was honored by friends during the period of awakening.

  • The dead actor’s friend practiced jiu-jitsu and took care of three siblings for the day-to-day work of the mother

The family of Gustavo Coracini, an actor from the Pantanal, honors a friend who was hit by a car

The driver is in shock

The vehicle driver is 53 years old and knows the victims. She was even arrested by the Military Police (PM), who transferred her to the 50th Police District (DP), Itaim Paulista. She was charged with premeditated murder and bodily harm (with no intent to kill or injure). The woman paid bail that was arbitrated at the police station and was released to answer the crimes freely.

The neighbor told the police that she was moving the car from the street at the request of the firefighters until an ambulance passed and helped the construction worker who fell and was injured. Gustavo and Eduardo were watching the rescue operation, sitting in front of the gate of a house.

Videos recorded by a friend show the two teens walking together, playing and smiling in the street moments before they are hit by a car. (see below).

The videos show the 'Pantanal' actor and friend moments before they are run over in SP

The videos show the ‘Pantanal’ actor and friend moments before they are run over in SP

The neighbor told police that she pedals in her son’s automatic car, a silver Hyundai Veloster, and accelerated forward rather than reverse. The car collided with friends who were crushed.

Pictures taken by witnesses show firefighters trying to evacuate friends who were trapped between the car and the gate after the accident.

A witness filmed a silver car that ran over a “Pantanal” actor and his friend inside a condominium in the eastern region of São Paulo – Photo: Disclosure / Personal Archive

a g 1 He was unable to reach the driver for comment. A daughter told Globo TV this week that her mother was in shock.

“Unfortunately, this death occurred because from what was found, the driver was confused while maneuvering the car,” said delegate Anchila de Vega Dias Baptista Giacconi.

Take a picture of how the gate of the house took care of the vehicle that pressed the actor and friend “Pantanal” – Photo: Disclosure/Personal Archive

According to the artist’s mother, Fernanda Coracini, who manages her son’s account on social media, he showed an improvement in his health on Friday (26).

“Good news … Gustavo removed the probe, was able to pee. He ate fruit and drank a little water. Thank God he is self-confident. I have been reading letters to him and he is very happy with every expression of affection. Soon we will be 100%,” Fernanda wrote.

Actor Jose Loreto, who plays the character Tadao as an adult in the “Pantanal” sympathized with the tragedy involving Gustavo, who played the same character as a child. “Força,” Loreto wrote this week on the child actor’s page, to put a heart on after.

Gustavo Corasini played Tadeu as a child in the series “Pantanal”. Currently, Jose Loreto is playing the adult character – Image: clone / Instagram

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