The "ghost hand trick" on the cell phone makes the victim see their money stolen;  See how to avoid - Estadao

The “ghost hand trick” on the cell phone makes the victim see their money stolen; See how to avoid – Estadao

Mobile phone scams have grown exponentially in the country – It is increasingly sophisticated. this week , Federal Police and the Brazilian Confederation of Banks (Vibraban)Beware of a new type of attack called “Ghost hand”, in which the victim is prompted to install malware, programs that give access to a cell phone so that crooks can search the device to find passwords and Using banking apps to commit fraud.

Criminals impersonate bank employees and rely on recordings that simulate a telephone exchange, for example, where several gang members work to impress victims on the same call. The gangs have reported that the account has been hacked or that suspicious transactions have been identified, and they will redirect a link to install an app that will fix the problem. If the customer installs the application, the criminal will be able to access all the data on the cell phone.

They gain people’s trust through persuasive communication and confirmation of various statements. Through balanced speech, good Portuguese and showing that they know the person, they gain trust and begin to have a certain level of relationship that generates intimacy. Weakness is innocence and ignorance.”

Edson Sivieri, CTO of the IAUDIT . Group

As criminals use phishingIt is a technology that sends fake emails or text messages with security update messages from a bank app or a mobile phone with links urging a person to click and download the malware.

By accessing the device, scammers look for passwords that users store in apps and websites, and in this way, they can access banking apps to carry out fraudulent transactions, such as transfers, bill payments, receipts and loan requests. The Federal Police estimates that about 40,000 people may have died in an attempted coup in the country.

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On a note, Verappan states that banking apps have maximum security at all stages and that there is no record of breaching the security of these apps.

“The bank never calls the customer and asks them to install any kind of app on their cell phone. It never calls asking for a password or card number or asks the customer to make a transfer or any kind of payment apparently to sort out an account issue,” he warns. . Adriano Volpini, Director of the Entity Fraud Prevention Committee.

1) The first tip is not to believe that whoever is on the other side is valid. Banks do not contact you to request installation of applications. If in doubt, contact the bank or go to your branch;

2) Never provide access to your cell phone or install applications that you do not know on your device (those that come via WhatsApp, messages or email) or that come from outside your cell phone’s official store;

3) Be careful about passwords and important information, and never leave them exposed in messages or in apps like Notepad, WhatsApp and other apps;

4) Monitor your checking account and change the password of websites, apps and banks frequently. Never use the same password on shopping sites, banks, or any other application that may be easy for criminals;

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5) Always use the resources available in banks to confirm transactions (double check for authentication) and also make sure to activate password confirmation in your WhatsApp to access messages;

6) Keep your phone always up to date and have antivirus software on your device. Sivieri, of IAUDIT, stresses that there are programs that act as digital vaults that can help users make their data more secure. Some mobile operating systems also have secure folder resources, use this resource by installing a banking program there. Look on the manufacturer’s website for installation and use instructions;

7) Report to the authorities if you are the victim of a “ghost hand scam” or any other scam.

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