Rock in Rio de Janeiro 2022: Pop music overshadows Metal Day and its days may be numbered

Rock in Rio de Janeiro 2022: Pop music overshadows Metal Day and its days may be numbered

Text: Gabriella Marchetti

In its first edition since 2019, the Rock in Rio 2022 Heavy music fans were stunned by announcing that Metal Day tickets were the last tickets sold – both overall As in exceptional sale. The news came as a shock, especially since in its previous version, Metal Day He was the first to sell all tickets And fetching the same address from 2022 – iron maiden.

Much has already been speculated about the reason for the delay in ticket sales. In episode 345 podcast wikimetal Discuss a number of possible causes, ranging from a certain frequency of attraction to Traffic of gangs through other cities in Brazilwhich would take some focus off Rio de Janeiro. For all of these answers, there’s also another, slightly simpler one: Heavy music competes with pop music.

The pop attraction has been getting more and more popular in Rock In Rio since 2001, when the festival brought in giant names like N’sync And the Britney Spears For what is called “Teenage Night”. This edition also featured a significant boycott of the national orchestras that promoted it a RabaCidade Negra, Raimundos, Charlie Brown Jr., skank And the Jota Quest. Artists claimed poor chassis and propulsion conditions. At that time, it was determined by st 1 That a fee of 20,000 would have been offered to each of these attractions, while Sandy and Juniorfor example – one of the biggest names in the pop world at the time – would have made 100,000.

In an interview with st 1 In 2019, the producer of Rock In Rio, Roberta Medina, to the 2001 edition as a turning point for the event to invest in a new audience and a new format. With the large number of young people attracted by Teen Night, the event organizer saw an opportunity to turn Rock In Rio into an engaging festival that transcends music, not only opening up more space for successful artists with a teen audience, but also implementing Rock City attractions like the Ferris wheel and zip line .

“On that day in 2001, we began to see that we could welcome another audience”It is to explain. “Cidade do Rock’s development and investments in recent years have brought about changes in audience behavior and public profile.”

Rock In Rio’s transformation into a festival with more pop than rock has happened gradually and can be perceived more strongly now in the 2022 edition. Since 2011, when the festival became a biennial event, it has sought to blend popular attractions, but most dates don’t. Still taken from rock, hard rock and metal names. But in the current version, pop artists occupied four of the seven nights led by Justin Bieber Coldplay Dua Lipa And the Post Malone. In addition to these names, there are also Demi Lovato, Jesse J, Camila Cabello and more. how do we get there?

Pop x rock: a matter of profit

In the 2013 editionthe three dates that sold out as quickly as possible were dates Beyoncé, Bon Jovi And the iron maiden – Demand was so high that the selling site was overburdened. Already in 2015It was the fastest selling in days Rihanna And the The Queen + Adam Lambert. a Metallicawho was the big headliner on Metal Day, wasn’t on the Lantern, but was one of the past, along with system of a down. The last day to sell was the day I ordered it Slipknot And the Faith no more.

The 2017 edition also drew attention due to the absence of a real Metal Day. The headlines that topped the heaviest nights were Bon Jovi Aerosmith The Who . Hot Hot Red Chili And the Armas e Rosas (shared addresses). Chili Peppers Day – which will also have an alternative rock band Thirty seconds to Mars – It was one of the fastest selling, but Aerosmith came in last with a surprise Justin Timberlake. Perhaps this absence of strong metallic attractions is the motive behind it Best Seller of 2019When Iron Maiden returned to the main lineup and performed on the same day scorpions.

Analyzing the attractions of the last five releases of Rock In Rio, it can be said that rock, rockstar and alternative rock groups have always occupied most of the lineup, and even metal has had years of glory and high acting. However, comparing sales with those of pop artists, nowadays, can be somewhat unfair, especially considering the high demand these names represent in a very short time. For example, the 2022 edition of Justin Bieber’s Night sold out in just 12 minutes, while Iron Maiden took about a week to sell – a phenomenon that until then was quite unusual.

It is important to consider a few factors before determining the success or failure of sales based on how long the sale will take. Currently especially with the demand logic for flow, it is common to assess the success of a product by looking at how quickly it is sold or consumed by its audience. However, the pop audience is an audience usually immersed in a real “fever” shared by other fans of their favorite artists, especially with the arrival of flow, is already used for fast and efficient buy/sell/consume and repeat logic. On the other hand, it is a fact that the search for Metal Day was not much.

Another factor to be noted is that attractions often sell tickets even to those who are not ardent fans of the artist in question. Names like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, and even Post Malone are crowd-pullers because they are fantastic phenomena in their own right, and also because they take up so much space that they lose their metal: the radio. Famous rock bands like Guns ‘N’ Roses and Red Hot Chili Peppers have managed to captivate a single audience by having songs that have already appeared on the charts, but names like Iron Maiden and Dream theater You lose the audience advantage and end up relegating to a very specific fan base.

Pop names that appeal to young and adult audiences are able to attract audiences to festivals as well as sell out quietly shows in other cities in Brazil. The most notable example – and perhaps the most shocking as well – is that of the group bad play, which sold at least six dates in Allianz Park, in São Paulo, with a capacity of 40 thousand people. Meanwhile, without the allure of radio and live broadcasts, traditional metal attractions are increasingly dependent on their loyal fans, and are finding it difficult to replenish their audience. For example, the Dream Theater, despite being one of the biggest names in progressive metal, continues to sell tickets for their concert in São Paulo at the Tokyo Marine Hall, with a capacity of 4 thousand people.

Under capitalist logic, of course, profit speaks louder. And while pop artists don’t necessarily make more money than rock, they certainly do so faster. Rock bands that attract younger audiences are more likely to remain in later formations. day green dayfor example, which group together fall out boyIt was sold shortly after Dua Lipa, more than an hour after it went on sale. And while Guns ‘N’ Roses was a little slower, taking close to 5 hours, there’s no doubt that having the rookies in manskin It was attractive to many.

How would you defend, then, from a profit point of view, having Iron Maiden as the lead, if the band took a week to sell, while Coldplay closed the account in 27 minutes? As in 2019, a group with more choice and more space for rock and metal has proven that it can, yes, attract large audiences, but it’s also interesting to put pop titles into perspective for this year (drake And the P! nk) was not as strong as the other names that have passed or will pass through Rock In Rio.

As the founding partner of wikimetalDaniel Distiller, in the last text of our column at omeletteMetal fans seem to have created an Olympus of untouchable and irreplaceable teams that end up raising important questions about the future of metal. Despite accusations that Rock In Rio will always repeat the same heavy-duty attractions, audiences are unhappy when they don’t find any of the big names at the festival, as they were in 2017. The big problem is: These big names in metal are few and should become It’s increasingly rare now that some bands have closed down and others have older members. All of this will make it more difficult to rotate attractions at a festival like Rock In Rio.

Taking into account the estimated time of ticket sales, it is possible to speculate that Rock In Rio will continue to follow the trend of becoming a more youthful festival and giving less space to seasoned heavy metal fans. The event will likely not completely get rid of its rocky origins, but perhaps the organization is investing in younger, more attractive faces to the general public. Italians manskinFor example, they might return to the festival as headliners depending on the future of their career. Another alternative is to bring in a few rocks through popular attractions, such as Lollapalooza Brazil 2022 on call Miley Cyrus And the Kelly machine gun.

With the flirtation currently seen mainstream of pop artists investing in heavier vocals and hardcore artists making pop partnerships, the problem seems easy to solve, creating a marriage of the two genres that is a perfect fit for Rock In Rio. However, for fans of traditional heavy metal music, trying to keep up with their pop rivals and investing in faster ticket purchases or seeing their favorite artists remains less and less valuable. As a kind of outsider, Metal still resists, but there’s no point in trying to fool yourself: its permanence at major mixed festivals is only guaranteed as long as it turns a profit.

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To complement what I just read, on episode 345 of the Wikimetal podcast, our newsroom sought to answer an interesting question: Does Rock In Rio devalue rock and metal or is the problem with the audience?

The site team gathered to talk about some of the central points of this discussion, Like the Metal Day delay in selling all tickets in this versionproduct Megadeth Lineup and comments by Wikibrothers and Wikisisters on this topic.

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Among the main references to Avatar are classic rock and roll names such as the Beatles And the Ozzy Osbournein addition to metal Haunted, in flames, dark calm And the Ramstein. And of course Iron Maiden.

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