A former Os Huayanos businessman files a police report after threatening to kill him;  video

A former Os Huayanos businessman files a police report after threatening to kill him; video

Businessman Wagner Oliveira Gomezthe former partner of the “Os Huayanos” group, sought police station 32 (Togara) last Wednesday (24) to file a police report and denounce an alleged order. death threat by people associated with the funk singer. Civil Police confirmed to G1 that they are investigating the case.

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secondly Joabs nephewThe threat emerged after the Rio Court of Justice ordered Hawaiians to pay R$4.5 million to the group’s former businessmen, for breach of contract.

In a video the g1 had access to, it can be seen Diogo Silva de OliveiraDiogueno, one of the group’s members, said he would not comply with the court’s decision and that the former businessman would not be entitled to the stipulated amount.

“We’re not going to give anyone 5 million Rls. My money is for my kids. Lots of fights. Wagner doesn’t have any fights in Hawaii so it’s clear, there you guys are,” Dioguinho said.

At the end of the recording, a man said: “This Wagner is disgusting. Go kill him in the slums“.

According to Joabs Sobrinho, this guy will be Gilberto MinilisqueJojo’s brother, is another artist in the group.

“Os Hawaiianos” member Dioguinho, dissatisfied with the ruling of the Sixth Civil Court of the Judicial District of Jacarepaguá, made a video with Gilberto in which the former businessman threatens to kill, saying, “He will die in the slums.” For this reason, Wagner went to the police station and prepared the report to determine The responsibility of the perpetrators. The lawyer commented that, if they want to claim any right, it should be in court and not in this way.”

Hawaii residents – photo: reproduction / social networks

In the police report recorded at the police station, Wagner tells that he received the video through a suite of messaging apps and that it was I order you to leave the place where you live, in Cidade de Dios, in the western region of Rio. In the document, Wagner says that Fear for your life And for the lives of the family members who live there.

The g1 team has contacted the current managers of the “Os Hawaiianos” group, but until the most recent update of this report, there has been no response.

On August 12, the Rio Court of Justice decided that Os Hawaiianos members should pay approximately 4.5 million Brazilian reals for the former directors of the funk group.

Hawaiians own the blow”Relax, hit and play rogue‘, which contains approx 100 million views on the official clip.

The decision considers that funkeiros broke, at the end of last year, an exclusive contract signed with validity until 2031 to conclude a new agreement with GR6 Group.

judge’s decision Andrea Florencio Bertoof the Sixth Civil Court of Jacaribagua.

The judge decided that Julio Cesar Minelesc Ferreiragogo Diogo Silva de OliveiraDiogoinho Ewerton Luis da Silva Chagasand Tonzão and Lourivla da Conceição AbelDJ Abel pays the previous producers within three days, with the deadline starting from notification of the decision.

The court also decided Pay R$450,000 (10% of the total amount) as legal fees.

The group members signed the agreement with businessmen Edmar Pereira da Silva and Wagner Oliveira Gomez, representing the brand “Pond dos Hawaiianos”.

When they wanted to change the dealership to Grupo GR6, they signed the documents with the trademark “Os Hawaiianos”, which is in the name of one of the group members.

However, according to the court’s decision, the change made by the Funkers did not nullify the validity of the exclusive contract and the fine must be paid. Defendants can also file a stay of execution case to defend themselves – the legal apparatus challenging the initial decision.

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On the other side of the legal dispute are Edmar and Wagner, who charge the sum in court based on the fine stipulated in the contract.

The agreement signed in June 2021 included in the text that in the event of the dissolution of the company that formed Hawaiianos Bonde with the entrepreneurs, the amount to be paid is R$5 million.

Edmar says the problems started when the party fees started going up. Then the astronomers unilaterally broke the convention.

“We tried to contact the boys several times, but no response. They prevented Vagner (another partner) from all kinds of contact and posted on social networks that they had signed a contract with the other producer,” Edmar says.

Over the past year, members have shot several videos stating that Vagner has the exclusive right to run the group. The testimonies were included in the petition to the court.

Former business attorney Jaab Sobrinho told g1 that when he searched for Ewerton Luiz da Silva Chagas, aka “Tonzão”, for an extrajudicial settlement, his proposal was rejected: “It was considered that the contract was no longer valid. We have submitted The lawsuit and even with the lawsuit they do not want to agree. The next step is the seizure and withholding stipulated in the law.”

The report contacted Jonathan Bragança, Technical Director and Commercial Director of Grupo GR6. He asserted that he was responsible for the Hawaiian march, but did not comment on the conviction in court. Group members were contacted, but did not return the contact.

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