Caio Platt makes his directorial debut and says the film about political controversy is a "defense of truth"

Caio Platt makes his directorial debut and says the film about political controversy is a “defense of truth”

Caio Platt made his directorial debut in the movie “O Debate”. The film, released Thursday (25), is based on the book of the same name by Jorge Furtado and Joel Aris.

The two of them were responsible for calling up Caio for the role he had wanted to play for so long.

“I’ve always had a complete interest in the set, understanding the location of the camera, and understanding the whole process of the movie, not just my character. I am very happy to direct the cast,” says Caillou. g 1.

“It’s something I’m happy to do as I’ve been struggling with directing for a few years now.”

Prior to that, he directed plays and episodes of the special “Amor e Sorte” with his wife Luisa Arraes.

Caio Platt makes his directorial debut in “O Debate” – Photo: Disclosure

Great and fun challenge

In his directorial debut, Caillou was “surrounded by great artists,” as he put it. In addition to the screenwriters, Guel and Jorge, he had directing from producer Flávia Lacerda, and actors Paulo Petti and Deborah Bloch, who play the two protagonists.

In the film, the separation between the presenter and the editor-in-chief, who have been married for 17 years, crosses the script in heated discussions between the former spouses over different ideological points. The clashes deal with the topics of the political debate that the film narrates between a president and a former president on the eve of the elections.

But the differences between Paula and Marcus go beyond politics and involve issues such as monogamy, sex, desire, jealousy, and freedom.

“It’s a tough movie, it’s a movie that’s been about political debate almost all the time, and I had a challenge there to build a little bit of the couple’s emotional history, this couple’s past, and get us involved in it, and make something nice, a flexible and diverse movie, and in the midst of a lot of political information” .

“So, I think it was a really big, very interesting and very urgent challenge, because we needed to do something about the situation in the country, you know?” , He said.

Caio says he is very “proud and moved” to see that “O Debate” will debut the year Lázaro Ramos and Wagner Moura, respectively, released “Medida temporary” and “Marighella”.

“It’s my generation of actors turning into directors to give a very political response. There are three very political and engaging films to respond to what’s going on in the country right now. I think it’s very cool.”

Caio Platt directs Paulo Petti and Deborah Bloch in “O Debate” – Photo: Disclosure

Caio explains that “O Debate” was filmed in July and released in August around an event taking place in October. In other words, it is a movie that aims to interfere with the discussion of reality as it is happening.

The actor also revealed that during the recordings, he and Paolo Petti had Covid-19, and that the team worked on an “emergency plan”.

“Everyone worked twice, turned the nights, worked because of the engagement. I think everyone thought this movie was necessary and urgent. And with that we did a very impressive feat.”

The script, which was already recent, still contains some news that happened during the recordings, creating a kind of “live cinema”.

Some of the speeches that were included were about defending the polls in elections and the case of the Santa Catarina judge, who prevented an 11-year-old raped girl from having an abortion.

“We usually use cinema to meditate on the past. It’s the first time we’ve made a movie while things are happening.”

So, in the morning, I called George and said, ‘George, today’s judge tried to convince a 10-year-old girl to have a baby. See how violent fundamentalism can be, there really is an abortion law, this girl is in danger of life. And the movie talks about that, so we need to include that information in the movie. ”

“And so we’ve been rewriting the movie daily, right up until the moment it was edited. It’s a movie with slits and reflections, it’s a direct mirror of reality.”

Caio Platt directs Paulo Petti and Deborah Bloch in “O Debate” – Photo: Ricardo Brajterman / Disclosure

In addition to directing, Caio Platt plays the role of mediator in the debate between the presidential candidates.

And he, who says that he is “fond of love and politics”, guarantees that he will never be able to replace his character in real life. “Impossible. I’d never do that. I guess I’d be excited, I argue, wouldn’t do it.”

“Journalism is really a very noble profession, very difficult. You have to think about all sectors of readers, all shades of society. You have to deal with all the different opinions, look for a text that reflects all aspects. It is really very difficult ”, analyzes the actor.

It’s not just about politics

Kayo Platt Directed “O Debate” – Photo: Disclosure

In addition to conquering his dream of directing, Caillou has reached another goal with “O Debate”: “I’ve always wanted to make a love movie.”

“I think the great theme behind politics is love. In this movie, we’ve been able to unite the two in a completely inseparable way.”

“Every love, a political choice of relationship, is reflected in their choices at work. The way they decide to break up, maintain friendliness, have dialogue, and keep working together…I think it’s really a movie that talks about utopian dialogue and being able to hear the other side.”

“It is an invitation for us to resume talks with affection. The only thing that will break this polarization and this aggression on both sides is affection.”

“You can disagree with the one you love without breaking up. This is the main idea of ​​the movie.”

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