Simvastatin: Understand what it is and how to use it

Simvastatin: Understand what it is and how to use it

Simvastatin is a medicine generally used to reduce high bad cholesterol (LDL). According to information received from the Ministry of Health, high concentrations of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol can reduce blood flow and affect organs such as the heart, intestines, brain, arms and legs, in addition to harming arterial functions.

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According to endocrinologist Dr. Gabriella Ervolino, although the drug prevents many health problems, it should be taken with caution, since the amount of doses indicated depends on the condition of each patient. “Every patient with diabetes over the age of 40 needs to take a statin, simvastatin, a class of statins, as well as people who have had a heart attack and stroke (cerebral vascular accident) and who have high cholesterol in the family. These are some examples, there are examples Others, but it is necessary to present the case to the doctor to be an individual thing, ”explains the doctor.

How do you take simvastatin?

This medicine must be prescribed by a doctor, and it is usually taken at night, preferably after the last meal, because it helps with this The concentration of the drug in the body To reduce the production of cholesterol in the blood, as the endocrinologist explained. “[A sinvastatina] It is a drug that will only take effect after fasting, which is why you have to take it at night, after dinner or right before bed,” says the specialist.

According to Dr. Gabriela Iervolino, when taken on an empty stomach, the drug is able to make the cell reduce cholesterol production. In this way, even if the cell needs cholesterol, it will take it from the blood and reduce the amount of LDL. “So if you take the medicine during the day, it won’t work, because you don’t fast during the day.”

Does simvastatin help you lose weight?

Although many believe that simvastatin can help Weight lossThe endocrinologist explains that the drug does not have this effect, it only reduces bad cholesterol, reduces blood fats and reduces inflammation in the body. “Simvastatin does not help you lose weight nor does it have that effect,” the expert says.

Liver problems and muscle pain are some of the effects of simvastatin

Liver problems and muscle pain are some of the effects of simvastatin

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Side effects Give simvastatin

According to the information in the medication leaflet, among the harmful side effects that the drug offers:

  • Constipation;
  • Headache;
  • weakness;
  • liver problems;
  • hypersensitivity;

In addition to these effects, the endocrinologist highlights muscle pain; “The most common side effect of simvastatin is muscle soreness. This can be related to a side effect of a blood test change, CPK (creatine phosphokinase) change, or no change. A change in the liver scan,” says Dr. Gabriella Iervolino.

Interaction with other medicines

When not guided by a doctor, the combination Drugs It can alter its effect and cause health damage, and simvastatin is no different. Therefore, Dr. Gabriela Iervolino lists medicines, along with simvastatin, that can increase or decrease how long it works:

Treatments that reduce your results:

  • isoniazid;
  • carbamazepine;
  • Phenobarbital.
  • rifampicin;

Medicines that can increase its effect:

  • fluconazole (antifungal);
  • Clarithromycin and erythromycin (an antibiotic).
  • Diltiazem (high blood pressure).
  • Fuchin (worry)
  • HIV treatment.

Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor before taking any kind of medication.


Usually, simvastatin is not indicated for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to become pregnant. It is also not recommended for children under 10 years of age and people who are allergic to any ingredient in its formula. Other patients who need to be careful with this drug are those who have already had rhabdomyolysis, a disease characterized by muscle inflammation, the doctor explains.

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