Competition, marriage: plans for those who did not get a ticket 123 miles

Competition, marriage: plans for those who did not get a ticket 123 miles

The frustrating travel plans of customers who have purchased tickets worth 123 miles, and who claim that they have not received the tickets, are among the most varied of travel plans. There are consumers who planned to travel to be godparents, and others wanted to participate in competitions, attend performances in Rock in Rio, or even travel abroad.

In a memo sent to UOL yesterday, Malhas denied the “intentional” cancellation, saying there was an error and that he “honors all obligations”. The company justifies that customers must fill out a form 60 days before the travel date. “Failure to fill it out in time will result in the order being canceled and the ticket not being issued,” he said. UOL The company sought again today and is awaiting return. The report also contacted Procon-SP, which said it was monitoring the situation.

Consumers say UOL who responded to the form you cited 123 miles away, but did not receive tickets—the reporter had access to a receipt for that form, which the company sent.

Others claim that they never received the document, even after asking the company, and therefore, were prevented from responding to it.

Vacations in the Northeast

Hospital store owner Marcelo Oliveira da Silva, 40, bought tickets in March of this year for his vacation in Porto Seguro (BA) with his wife, Ana Rosa Sequeira, 35. The package included hotel reservations. However, he did not receive tickets or hotel reservations for the flight that was supposed to take place until the third week of August. He, who paid R$1,054 for the package, said he sent the form 123 miles away.

Hospital store owner Marcelo Oliveira da Silva was supposed to travel with his wife Ana Rosa Sequeira until the third week of August to Porto Alegre, but tickets were not issued

Photo: personal archive

Through the description [da promoção], 10 days before the chosen dates they will send the hotel and book tickets, but nothing happened. Initially, there was a human moderator in the numbers they made available, and contacts were also answered via email and WhatsApp. Now, no communication channel is working, at least with me,” says da Silva, who says he is disappointed with the company.

Customer says: “It was a scheduled event, and worse, in addition to the breach of the treaty, they did not call, did not communicate to please. Where is the empathy?”.

rock in rio

Karen Juliane Santos Arêde (in pink) bought tickets in March of this year to go with her sister and husband to Rock in Rio - personal archive - personal archive

Karen Juliane Santos Arêde (in pink) bought tickets in March of this year to go with her sister and brother-in-law to Rock in Rio

Photo: personal archive

Student Karen Julian Santos Aridi, 24, bought tickets in March this year to go with her sister and brother-in-law to Roc, Rio, and left Porto Alegre on August 31. At first, she only bought tickets for herself, but soon after, she bought tickets for her relatives as well. Her tickets have already been released, but the couple has yet to be released.

“We’ve been on this trip since September last year, because I’m moving to Rio de Janeiro and took the opportunity to go to Justin Bieber’s party, which we’ve been dreaming of for over 10 years. A photographer is working around the clock to raise money for her first trip,” says Karen.

wedding groomsmen

Make-up artist Vivian Quaresma and her godfather husband at a wedding on Pipa Beach in Rio Grande do Norte.  However, they still did not receive tickets for 123 miles - personal archive - personal archive

Make-up artist Vivian Quaresma and her godfather husband at a wedding on Pipa Beach in Rio Grande do Norte. However, they haven’t received 123 Miles tickets yet

Photo: personal archive

Beautician Vivian Quaresma, 37, bought tickets in April of this year for a wedding on Pipa Beach in Rio Grande do Norte. She and her husband are godparents and spent R$ 932 on tickets.

“We buy and pay for everything, and I receive all 123 emails [Milhas] In my main inbox and I did not receive the form. I was able to open a protocol through WhatsApp, and they told me they would give me an answer within 5 calendar days, and as of today nothing,” he says.

On August 25, Vivian was informed that her case was under analysis and that “in the next few days they will contact you to let you know what can be done in connection with the issuance of the application”. The beautician has been out of work since June and says she has no way to buy new tickets, which currently cost around R$3,000.

The cost of R$4000 to cover the cancellation

Photographer Albert Klinsmann, 30, spent R$674.16 on two tickets to go from Natal to Rio de Janeiro, where he will celebrate his birthday, go to Roc in Rio and vacation with his wife. The trip will take place on September 7, and return on September 18.

He bought tickets in March of this year and, worried about the situation, contacted the company in July. In the e-mail exchange, which UOL If he had access, a 123 Miles employee said he had to wait and that tickets would be issued ten days before the flight. However, on August 23, another employee warned that tickets could not be sent.

Since his wife, Barbara Medeiros, will also take part in a public competition on September 10 in Cuiaba during the holidays, the photographer decided to buy new tickets, for which he paid more than R$4,000.

“For this and other reasons, the flight was inevitable, and there was no way not to go. When they sent the cancellation, I immediately went to get new tickets, I even paid a ridiculous price. What was around R$700 became more than R$4,000,” he said. Says.

Other cases

Advertiser Lucas Andreão Agrizzi, 23, bought tickets in April of this year to go from Vitoria to Rio de Janeiro, on September 7, with a return on the 12th of the same month. He was going with friends to performances at the Rock in Rio. Agrizzi received and submitted the form on July 22, but has not yet received tickets.

I feel very frustrated, I am not used to traveling by plane. Traveling is a dream for many people and I feel like 123 miles ended with a dream I had.”
Lucas Andrew agrizzi

Architect Douglas Menezes de Santana, 29, bought tickets for travel with his girlfriend, public servant Laila Shayna Barros Lemos, 23. The couple bought tickets for the September 2 departure from Aracaju to Rio de Janeiro and were also planning to go to The Rock in Rio. They submitted the form in April, after asking the company. He said, “I wanted to fulfill my pre-teen dream of going to Justin Bieber’s party. I feel awful, I cried a lot, and I feel helpless.”

Architect and urban planner Waveton Gander, 26, has a family trip scheduled for next Friday (2). He did not submit the form, but contacted the company, which informed him that he had to wait for tickets up to ten days before the flight, which had not been sent. “I feel cheated, the whole flight is planned and I’m afraid not being able to get on the plane, which saddens me because it includes a table for 6 people,” he says.

Maria Carolina Garcia, Director of Innovation and Marketing, 37, will attend a childhood friend’s wedding in Portugal on September 9, as well as business meetings in Madrid the following week. Tickets were purchased on June 12, and depart Sao Paulo on September 4. She also submitted the form and said she had been “dismissed, mistreated and misled.”

Dentist Mariana Mota dos Santos, 29, made a trip from Florianopolis to Rio de Janeiro next Wednesday (1). I sent the form out of the 60-day deadline, but the company said it was just a matter of waiting. “Every day I file a complaint and still don’t get a response.”

Biologist and veterinary student Joao Paulo Galvão Pacheco, 30, bought tickets from Recife to Sao Paulo, where he was going with his girlfriend. The flight was scheduled for September 5th. He did not receive the form and called 123 miles in early August. His ticket has not yet been issued.

Yesterday, I had an anxiety attack, and my blood pressure was high, so I had a lot of problems with this whole thing.”
Joao Paulo Galvão Pacheco

What do I do?

Attorney Fernanda Payem Azevedo suggests that clients affected by 123 Miles pay Procon and file a complaint. Thus, the authority will be aware of the number of complaints and can take the necessary actions.

It says consumers have the right to ask the company to issue an airline ticket or a refund for tickets. They are also entitled to compensation for material damages such as, for example, sums lost in payment of hotels, tours and conferences. Depending on the situation, according to the lawyer, it is possible to file a lawsuit for moral damages. For this, it is necessary to keep proof of payments made for the trip, emails and letters exchanged with the company, says the attorney.

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