Lawson dominates and wins the F2 race in Belgium.  Drogovic takes a risk and takes fourth place - Formula 2 News - Grand Prix

Lawson dominates and wins the F2 race in Belgium. Drogovic takes a risk and takes fourth place – Formula 2 News – Grand Prix

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Formula 2 is back! After all, there were ten stages before the European summer break, and now, Belgium represents a restart with just four weekends and eight races. This Saturday (27), the sprint race at Spa-Francorchamps was the first of eight. With a very mild temperature throughout the day and no dapper rain the day before, Liam Lawson used an aggressive approach and won.

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Lawson put half a car on the grass during the first few meters of the race, when he dived to pass Théo Pourchaire. Then, on the second lap, he climbed into Eau Rouge ahead with a goal and succeeded: bypassing Ralph Bochung. Since then, he has remained and victory is no longer threatened.

Jack Doohan also overtook Bushong at the end, but both were on the podium, while Jehan Darovala, who will start second, had problems on the show’s lap and didn’t even start. Fourth place went to Felipe Drogovic, who had to be bold.

She was stuck in sixth place until crashing out of Logan Sargent in 11 of 18 laps. The safety car came, and Drogovic made the decision to change the tires, something no one in front of him had done. He’s back in twelfth, but lined up in the last four rounds and finished fourth. But there’s a catch: He’s under investigation for his exploitation after he left the track, something that happened early in his recovery, after a fight with Yuri Phipps.

Behind Drugovichm scored also Richard Vershor, Burtshire, Marcus Armstrong and David Beckman. Ayumu Iwasa and Dennis Hoeger completed the top ten. As a result, Drugovich took the difference to Pourchaire to lead the tournament to 25 points.

a grand prize accompany He lives And the in At present All activities of the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix. On Sunday, the start is scheduled for 5:20 a.m. [de Brasília, GMT-3].

F2 starts at the spa (Photo: clone/Formula 2)


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Find out how the sprint race went:

The first Formula 2 race of the weekend in Belgium was scheduled to start at 12:30 BST. [GMT-3]but had to swallow the delay that began with an accident in the local Porsche Cup, even before qualifying for Formula 1. This time, the start had to be rescheduled to 45 minutes later than originally planned.

The ambient temperature was 16°C and the track was a quiet 21°C. According to the inverted grid chart, the top ten had Ralph Bushong, Jehan Darovala, Theo Burshire, Richard Vershor, William Lawson, David Beckman, Jack Doohan, Logan Sargent, Enzo Fittipaldi and Felipe Drogovic. In tomorrow’s main race, the first ten will be the exact opposite, as agreed in Friday’s standings.

In the championship standings, Drogovic is 23 points ahead of Borshire and 63 points ahead of Sargent. It is already clear that the struggle for the cup was only between the first two.

Before the start, however, there was a problem: Daruvala paused during the lap of the presentation. Despite the outstanding position, I wouldn’t even quit.

Jehan Daruvala had problems before the start (Picture: clones/Formula 2)

Boschung defended the pole when the drivers left, while Pourchaire had one of the worst starts he could have imagined. With an automatic second without Daruvala, the Frenchman came off poorly, seeing Lawson open on the grass to avoid a collision and slipped back to fifth. Lawson came in second, followed by Verschor and Doohan. Drugovich got three places on the first lap and already appeared in sixth, sticking to the opponent.

Marcus Armstrong also started well and finished seventh, while Beckmann, Sargent and Dennis Hoeger finished in the top ten. Ayumu Iwasa made a strong start and line-up passes to climb to 11th, ahead of Fittipaldi.

On the second lap, Lawson showed he wouldn’t accept being well-behaved in second place. The driver, who was in F1’s FP1 on Friday, defending the AlphaTauri, took a Boschung vacuum at Eau Rouge and swallowed his rival to take the lead.

The swingarm was opened on lap four and Boschung almost immediately regained contact with Lawson. If he gets a distance of 1 second from the opponent, he may attack and strike back. However, the first to benefit was Doohan, who used the Les Combes curve to dive against Verschoor and finished third.

1 Lawson Carlin 18 laps
two J Dohan Gifted +3,868
3 R Bochung fields +5,718
4 P Drogovic evening +6,360
5 R Farshore trident +8407
6 T Borshire art +8686
7 M Armstrong high technology +9,422
8 Dr. Beckmann Van Amersfoort +10,065
9 I was damask +10833
10 d hujer price +11134
11 R Nissan damask +11,615
12 m sato Gifted +14,089
13 and FITTIPALDI Charose +15,081
14 J VIP high technology +16393
15th F . dress art +16767
16 C. Williams trident +17669
17 Novalac J evening +18553
18 cordial Van Amersfoort +18594
19 T Calderon Charose +19,044
20 lam zendeli fields +23207
21 i am big Carlin NL
22 J Daruvala price North Carolina
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