Occupation: 5 factors that help you lose belly fat after the age of 40

Occupation: 5 factors that help you lose belly fat after the age of 40

For those over the age of 40 who want to shed belly, you must understand that it is essential to activate an accelerated metabolic cycle in order to lose weight

A major concern in corporate human resources is the health of their older employees. Obesity – i.e. heart problems, rheumatism, licensing, etc. – is at the forefront of the causes. More mature people means more experience, but also more cost to brands. In fact, little is said, but it is also known that obesity is one of the negative points of a candidate for a job vacancy.

To eliminate the tummy after the age of 40, most people think that it is just exercise and diet that will eliminate the tummy. However, when you put this into practice, you see that the result does not appear.

When you were 20 years old it was easy. I succeeded in anything, but after 40, with the physiological deterioration caused by the aging process, the metabolism slows down. So doing what I did when I was 20 doesn’t work anymore. And work?

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If you are over 40 and want to get rid of your belly, then know that it is absolutely possible, but you need to understand that it is necessary to activate an accelerated metabolic cycle in order to lose weight, just as you did when you were. I am 20 years old. The secret is to salvage this young and accelerating metabolism.

There are 5 external factors that change the speed of our metabolism that we can control. Check out these foolproof tips to lose weight and lose belly fat after 40:

1. Physical exercise
Physical exercise is the natural method with the greatest potential to stimulate an accelerated metabolic cycle. With training done in the right way, at optimum intensity, with a good mix of exercises, your body is created to become more than just a burner.

Exercising at a high intensity will cause you to burn calories during exercise and also cause your body to burn more calories and fat over the next few hours and days. This happens through the increased demand for energy from exercise, as well as the increased release of hormones that break down fats and the enzymes that burn it.

2. Food
Excessive restrictive systems are responsible for leaving the body on alert for a lack of energy. So when a person eats far less than their daily needs, it slows down the metabolism as a form of defense for the body. This is why simply stopping eating does not solve the problem after the age of 40. You gain weight even without eating.

To reduce the size of the abdomen, it is necessary to follow a balanced diet that is able to provide energy to the body, while maintaining a negative caloric balance (eating less than you consume).

In order to know how much and what foods to eat, the ideal thing is to find a nutritionist to do this calculation for you.

3. Water
Our body is made up of 70% water. For our body to function well, we need the body to be well hydrated. Every time we feel dehydrated, our metabolism slows down. One of the signs of thirst is that if you feel thirsty, this is a sign that your body needs water.

So if you want to revitalize your metabolism, you need to be well hydrated. The ideal amount of water is 30 to 35 ml of water per kilogram of the body. This means that a person weighing 70 kg should drink an average of 2 to 2.5 liters of water per day.

4. Sleep
One fact is that our bodies need rest to function well. There are studies that show that people who sleep less than 5 hours a night are more likely to have insulin resistance, diabetes and obesity.

Lack of sleep disrupts hormones such as ghrelin, leptin, and cortisol. These hormones regulate hunger, satiety, and stress. It will make you eat more, feel hungry and feel more stressed.

The important point that most people do not stop noticing is that to get rid of the tummy after the age of forty, you need quantity and quality in your sleep.

5. Stress
Stress makes you fat! If you want to remove the abdomen, you need to control it. This is due to the hormone cortisol. This is an anti-inflammatory hormone that is secreted when the body goes into an alert state. This state of alert causes the body to expend less energy in your day to day activity, which means slowing down your metabolism. This alert state is that the body expends energy only on the error.

Not to mention that the more stressed you are, the more stressed you become and the more motivated you eat. There are techniques to calm the mind and reduce stress, which are very important for those who are 40 or older and want to get rid of their tummy.

Note that exercise and food are very important in the process of accelerating metabolism and burning belly, but they are not unique, you need a multifactorial process, taking care of your whole body and body. Balancing these five factors makes it easy to shed belly no matter your age.

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