Banks propose a wage adjustment below the inflation rate

Banks propose a wage adjustment below the inflation rate

Even with billions in profits, the banks proposed a wage adjustment index below inflation: 75.8% of INPC, which equates to 6.73% (taking into account the 8.88% projection at the base date of the category) and represents a 2% loss in wages for bank employees. The proposal, presented on Friday 26, was rejected on the table by the leadership of national banks.

“Fanapan continues to disrespect bank employees who are involved in the campaign, have responded to counseling, participated in gatherings and who want a real raise. Bank employees want to be evaluated! “

Yvonne Silva, President of the Bank’s Staff Union in São Paulo, Osasco and the Region and one of the Bank’s Staff Leadership Coordinators

In the national consultation on this category, which was answered by more than 35,000 bank employees across the country, 92% highlighted the real increase as a priority. On the claims schedule, for more than two months with the banks, workers are demanding a real wage increase and larger adjustments in VA eVR and PLR.

Today we reached the seventeenth round of negotiations and the banks were submitting proposals with salary losses. It is not acceptable. Bank workers should reject the proposal at today’s meeting.”

Neva Ribeiro, Secretary General of the Federation

The gathering began at 19:00 and continues until 23:59. See the result after this time here on our website.

Banks are stepping back and withdrawing compensation from their PLR programs

The good news from Friday’s schedule was that leadership was able to get Fenaban to withdraw from the proposal to reduce the additional portion of the PLR ​​that was paid to the bank’s employees as part of their variable bonus programs.

“Compensating for special programs in the PLR ​​would be a setback, a withdrawal of rights. So this was our victory on the table. But we will continue to press Fanaban to propose a decent indicator. The category must be mobilized and standardized,” added Ivone Silva.

Negotiations continue

Negotiations stopped at the end of the week and will resume on Monday (29).

Look at the suggested indicators for economic items

VA and VR: 100% of INPC
PLR: 100% of INPC
Salary Adjustment Index: 75.8% of INPC

See progress in other paragraphs

Increase sick pay

With regard to the sickness allowance stipulated in clause 29 of the CCT, the banks wanted to include a clause in the first clause of the clause to establish that only employees who returned to work and worked uninterrupted for at least 6 months after receiving the last supplement, but after a command claim, the banks withdrew Suggestion.

Distance working

It’s a new topic that will enter CCT. Banks agreed to demand that working hours be adjusted for all workers; with the supply and maintenance of equipment; with the right to disconnect so that managers do not demand workers outside their working hours; while preserving the rights of the CCT to workers who perform their duties outside the premises of the bank; With prevention and precautions with workers’ health; With the creation of a special channel for remote workers to clarify their doubts.

Workers with children up to four years old, or those with disabilities, will have priority, and bank workers who are victims of domestic violence will be able to choose whether they prefer to work at home or on the bank’s premises.

Banks will facilitate the implementation of union campaigns and contact workers working remotely.

A bilateral working group will be established to monitor compliance with the clause.

But there is still a need to advance in cost aid.

sexual harassment

The new provision on sexual harassment will ban this practice in banks and managers and employees will undergo training in prevention and clarify the possible consequences. The participation of trade unions in the reporting channel to be established is also being discussed, as well as follow-up on issues by the already existing Bilateral Diversity Committee.

Bullying and goal setting

The topic will be discussed at the first negotiation meeting of 2023 for banks with corporate commissions. Banks that do not have a work board must hold a specific meeting with workers’ representation to address the issue, at the union’s request.

Banks can value workers

The Brazilian banking sector is considered one of the most profitable and profitable sectors in the world. Between 2003 and 2021, the net income of the largest banks grew by 190% above inflation, reaching R$110 billion last year. In the first half of this year, the profits of the 5 largest banks (Itau, Bradesco, Santander, BP and Caixa) amounted to 56.5 billion Brazilian reais, a growth of 14.4% compared to the same period of the previous year, with an average profitability of 18%.

According to Economática, of the ten highest-returning banks in Latin America, the United States and other banks with shares in New York, four are Brazilian banks. In 2021, the profitability of the largest banks in Brazil was about 5 percentage points higher than the profitability of the largest banks in the United States.

Only with the top five fees collected in 2021 (143.4 billion R$) can they cover 138% of total employee expenses. Therefore, they can offer real increases, reclaim purchasing power from coupons, and distribute a larger share of their earnings in the PLR.

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