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iPhone 14 with a new look: What to expect from Apple’s launch

Apple has set the official date for the long-awaited iPhone 14 launch event, as well as some other news that should be on display, such as the new generation of Apple Watch.

With this in mind, the TecMundo Prepared a compilation of what we can expect from the event far On September 7th, in the middle of a public holiday, at 2 p.m. Brasilia time.

New look iPhone 14

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a iPhone 14 He will definitely be the big star at the Apple event, which will be held in Cupertino, California (USA). The new generation of smartphones has been speculated for a long time and it should bring some significant changes to the users.

The company is expected to introduce four new models: the standard 6.1-inch iPhone 14; iPhone 14 Max 6.7″ iPhone 14 Pro 6.1″ And the iPhone 14 Pro Max, also 6.7 inches, in case a model goes missing, this year We may not have an iPhone 14 miniThe demand for the previous generation, the iPhone 13 mini, did not meet Apple’s financial expectations.

According to some rumors, the base models and iPhone 14 Max will receive a version A15 . processor, which is the same used in the better versions of the current generation. The highlight of the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, which could debut A 16. The new SIM should be one of the first to be launched TSMC 3nm lithography, It offers more performance, energy efficiency, and battery life, as well as AI improvements.

In addition to the powerful CPU, we can expect that 6 GB LPDDR5 RAM On Pro and Pro Max models. This will also be great news for consumers, as Apple has not released a smartphone with this amount of RAM. With that said, leading industry experts suggest that we should finally see a sensor as well. 48MP main camera.

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Finally, the high-end models of the iPhone 14 family can bring significant changes in appearance. If the rumors are true, the hole that houses the front camera will be removed, and the notch will be shaped like a pill, as shown in the image below.

Apple Watch Series 8, SE 2, 8 Pro

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Some insiders have been claiming for some time that the company will announce at least three new smartwatches at an event later this year. Now, the chips are centered to reveal a file Apple Watch Series 8, 8 Pro, and SE 2.

For the 8 o’clock it is expected that the company will not make drastic changes in size or appearance, While retaining the options of 41 and 45 mm. However, some analysts suggest that a larger screen version is in the works. Moreover, it would not be surprising if Apple announced a model with an enhanced finish for extreme athletes, according to information from Bloombergwhich can be considered Apple Watch Series 8 Pro.

Among the new features, it should bring the new watch Body temperature, glucose and blood pressure sensor and car accident detector. In terms of specifications, the Apple Watch Series 8 could get a processor very similar to the previous generation, without much news in this area.

For the Watch SE 2, the most expensive device in the smart watch line should bring a blood oxygen level sensor and an electrocardiogram, but without a temperature sensor. The chip used should be the same as the 8-series, otherwise, we should not expect drastic changes.

AirPods Pro 2

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At the September event, Apple is also expected to announce the highly anticipated AirPods Pro 2 headphones H1 . processorwill support LC3 audio codec and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity.

LC3 is a codec created to ensure greater stability of data transmission in wireless networks. In this way, it will be possible to send and receive audio files at a higher bit rate, and therefore with a higher quality.

iOS 16

In the Apple range of operating systems, this is an unknown event. Apple has been cooking up iOS 16 for a few months now, so we’ll likely see the software bundled with the iPhone 14 in September, not surprisingly.

iPad and Mac only in October

Finally, if what you want to see is related to a world iPad and Mac It is good to wait until October. According to new information from BloombergThe company is working on several products from these lines, but the official announcement will take place only in October.

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