Transmission error delays Sister Galvão's awakening by more than 4 hours, TV says

Transmission error delays Sister Galvão’s awakening by more than 4 hours, TV says

The body of singer Marilyn, from the country duo As Galvão, veiled today, in Paraguasso Paulista, in the interior of the state of São Paulo, and will be buried tomorrow, in Sapisal, the region where the sisters grew up and began their careers. The burial of the artist had to be postponed until Friday morning (26th) due to a mistake in transporting the body.

According to “TN2” (TV Team) of TV Globo in Bauru and Marilia, Marilyn’s body was expected to arrive. Paraguasso Paulista It’s 1 pm, but a transportation confusion caused the flight to be diverted to the city Paraguasin Minas Gerais, and caused a delay of more than four hours in the aftermath.

“Awakening began in the municipality of Paraguaço Paulista after five in the afternoon. The burial was expected today, but the confusion in transporting Marilyn’s body caused a delay of the farewell for more than four hours The flight came to be diverted to ParaguasBut in Minas Gerais, reporter Carolina Levorato from “TN2” reported.

The artist’s body arrived at the Agua Grande Palace (City Hall), in Paraguasso PaulistaIt’s 5pm and it was open to say goodbye to friends, family and Marilene fans until 10pm. Tomorrow, tomorrow will open at seven in the morning and the burial will be in the Sabzal cemetery starting at nine in the morning.

The body of Marilyn, of the Galvão sisters, is hidden in the Paranaguaçu Paulista

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Singer Marilyn Galvão, of country duo As Galvão, pioneer citizenship, has died at the age of 80, in São Paulo. The information was confirmed by the group’s official fan club. The singer suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and stopped playing guitar and singing alongside her sister after 70 years of performing on stage.

“It is with great regret that we convey through this message the death of Sovereign Queen Marilyn Galvão at 2:30 pm in São Paulo. We will soon be transmitting more news. For the time being, we count on your prayers and support! We believe our girl has rest, And in a good place she will enjoy her rest,” the note states.


Among the hit songs of As Galvão – who used the name Irmãs Galvão for decades and changed his name in the 2000s – are “Carinha de Anjo” and “Beijinho Doce”, which were later successfully re-recorded by Patrícia column In the soundtrack to the TV series “A Favorita” (2008), and is currently rerunning on “Vale a Pena Ver de Novo” (TV Globo).

The two sisters ended their activities in 2021 and were the longest-running Qatari duo in the country: 74 years old. It all started when the two sisters were only 7 and 5 years old. Today, Maryam is 83 years old.

Last year, Mary said her sister had suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, and had reached the point where she could no longer remember the lyrics.

“I love my sister very, very much. I will always visit her. A very great love, for everything we went through together, always supporting each other. This love will never end, no. Unfortunately, she does not remember anymore in the lyrics, he doesn’t remember anything anymore It is very sad,” he said in an interview with YouTuber André Piunti, in 2021.

Marilyn, along with her sister, was an ambassador for the Brazilian Alzheimer’s Association and performed in hospitals and recovery homes for people suffering from the disease, before her condition deteriorated.

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Although they aren’t enriched or given as much spotlight, I told the oldest active duo in the country UOLin 2016, who felt almost nothing in life, except for the constant lack of a woman’s role in music.

Today it is revered by more than one generation, and they were sort of Sandy and Junior back in the 1940s. With the encouragement of their father, a music-loving tailor, they began tango and vocals at the age of seven and five, on radio programs in the Paraguaço Paulista region.

They worked at Rádio Difusora de Assis (SP) and Cultura de Maringá (PR), before moving with their families to the city of São Paulo in 1952. In their dream capital, they had to struggle for space in record companies that weren’t accustomed to country tunes. Even more sung by women. The Galvão sisters and Enzeta Barroso were exceptions to a restricted universe.

Added to this is prejudice about their own style, which only changed in the 1980s. According to Galvão, before that, it was common to see sertanejos move into town, get rich, and when buying a cylinder of this kind, it was common for the seller that it was actually a gift for his maid.

Along with Tonico & Tinoco and other artists from scratch, Galvão’s name is engraved in the history of Brazilian popular music. They, who have a monument maintained by the municipality of Paraguaçu Paulista, helped create not only the music, but also what we now know as Certanejo Day, celebrated annually on May 3.

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