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Director shoots FPF:

If before the Copa Verde Cup, in the 2022 season, it was considered unknown due to the tight schedule of Brazilian football, today it is a reality. The sudden confirmation surprised several teams, some of which either surrendered or criticized the Brazilian Football Confederation’s decision to hold the tournament.

It was confirmed that the start of the Copa Verde tournament on October 25, will have a very short time. The competition will be the last in the national calendar, and ends four days before the opening of the World Championship between the national teams, that is, on November 15.

Among the teams that surprised by this assertion, is Clube do Remo. In an interview with reporter Lino Machado, on RBATV, the President of the Deliberation Board of Leão Azul Paraense, Milton Campos, made several criticisms of the Para Football Association, for the way Copa Verde has been defined.

The meeting decides whether Remo will compete in the Green Cup

“As Chairman of the Trading Board, I participated in the meeting together with President Fabio Bentes and my two Vice-Presidents. And this was done by the President of the Para Association. He put Paysando shirt under the shirt of the Federation and went to Rio de Janeiro to attend the fight for the Green Cup. He understands that Remo is only dismantling His team, and he is aware of this, he knows that Tuna is not playing and he left here to watch his team play there in Salvador and from there he went away, perhaps with the shirt he was wearing there on the field in Salvador, to defend Paysando in Copa Verde,” a shot.

While some clubs, such as Paysandu, are looking to look for a third regional championship, other teams have already made their withdrawal official. These are the cases of Manaus-AM, Nova Venecia-ES, Goiás-GO and Atlético-GO. With regard to Clube do Remo, he will have until 12:00, next Friday (26), to decide whether to confirm his participation or not, as stated in the regulation issued by the Brazilian Football Confederation. For Milton Campos, the Copa Verde, in which Liao is the current champion, should take place, but on a different date.

The Brazilian Football Confederation sets the Copa Verde for 2022

“The desire to withdraw this title from Remo was so great that the clubs spoke out louder. Unfortunately, the president of the federation starts with the wrong foot. Copa Verde must be defended. This must happen. But not like this. For the sole purpose of giving a privilege to some clubs. What You do a trifle, it is a trifle. Remo is a history, and Remo has a tradition in the Brazilian championship, then you will gather a team to play a tournament for ten days with a maximum of six matches and then you have to give everyone a vacation, this is a joke! What is the layout of the new president of the Brazilian Football Confederation? What? Is this union? What is this Barra union? The Green Cup should be postponed. It should happen, but not at this moment, not in this way, on the eve of the World Cup,” he replied.

FPF sues CBF over ‘failure’ of VAR against Paysandu

Of the 24 clubs confirmed for the 2022 Copa Verde Cup, only six have teams ready and active in various national competitions. In this regard, Milton Campos also directed strong criticism against the president of the Brazilian Football Confederation, Edinaldo Rodriguez, as well as against the president of the Para Football Association, Ricardo Gluck Paul, as he defended Club do Remo’s position in the request to hold this edition. in another period. Furthermore, the FPF representative accuses Paysandu of taking advantage.

“The Brazilian Confederation (CBF) has released a calendar in the calendar there on vacation for everyone, starting on the 14th, then the Copa Verde final begins. Brazil, with clubs in the Midwest and clubs in Espírito Santo. This is a shame. If you want to help Paysando Find another way, not this. As president of Condel, I told the president of Club Do Remo that he must object, the Green Cup must happen but not on that date. Remo must fight for the postponement of the Green Cup, what the Barra association did is unacceptable It’s unacceptable! Mr. Ricardo Gluck Paul, take off Paysando’s shirt under the Al Ittihad shirt. Respect the Barra football! Respect the Clube do Remo!”, he finished.

Report required Ministry of LaborPARA president, Ricardo Gluck Paul, declined to comment on the matter.

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