Mayara and Marisa sing Marilia Mendonca and welcome the mother of the Queen of Suffering on stage in Beritos

Mayara and Marisa sing Marilia Mendonca and welcome the mother of the Queen of Suffering on stage in Beritos

Maiara & Maraisa honored Marília Mendonça at dawn on Friday (26th) at Festa do Peão de Barretos (SP). The tribute was one of the most memorable moments of the entire party, which began on Thursday (18).

The Mato Grosso twins had a third sister in Marilia. The relationship of friendship and companionship resulted in several successful partnerships, including DVD Patroas, which cemented the three’s name into the history of contemporary country music.

With a video of Marilia Mendonca playing on the stage screen, the twins finished the ring singing “Todo Mundo Menos Você” from the Patroas album with a 35% score.

“Let’s make a very beautiful starry sky, I think this moment is a moment of deep connection. Leading the wave of cell phone lights,” said Miara, as she led the wave of cell phone lights:

The sisters invited a brilliant guest to the stage: Marilia Mendonca’s mother, Ruth Dias. Marisa knelt at her feet and declared love. Mayara asked for applause and made a noise from the audience.

“I wanted to thank you for the way you welcomed me here, with so much affection. I came to honor them today and congratulate them for carrying this legacy with me,” said Ruth.

Marilia Mendonca appears on the screen of Mayara and Marisa at Festa do Peão de Barretos, SP – Photo: Ricardo Nasi / g1

Mayara, excited, said that Marilia had always looked up to her mother and that she had always been a source of pride for her daughter in her country. Together, the three sang “Fã Clube”.

“Ruth has always been a wonderful woman, supportive of Marilia, Joao Gustavo. Marilia could have traveled all over the world, but at home she was Ruth’s daughter. Ruth I thank you for taking that inspiration, Marilia has inspired you. Ruth is a reference for a woman, I’m so proud, I’ve I learned a lot from her while you were my second mom,” he declared.

The last time Marilia Mendonca took the stage at Barrettos was in 2018, when she gave an amazing performance as host of Canadian singer Shania Twain on a date night.

In “Todo Menos Você”, a song composed with Marília Mendonça, the duo become emotional when they remember a friend at Festa do Peão de Barretos 2022 – Photo: Ricardo Nasi/g1

Representatives of Feminejo

The show opened with “Aí eu Bebo” and “Libera Ela”, from the album Aqui em Casa (2020), followed by “Sorte que Cê Beija Bem”, from Ao Vivo em Campo Grande (2017).

“Are you ready?” Throw your hand up and make noise, Barretos,” said Miara. She edited “Quase um Casal,” from the album Ao Vivo em Goiânia (2016), and said it was an honor to be in Barretos.

“It’s a great honor to be here on this stage. It’s our fourth time on this stage, but I admit that today’s emotion is greater than anything else, Barrettos. We’ve been through a pandemic, many difficult things, and I’m here today seeing it crowded,” said Mayara. “We are winners.”

Mayara with fans on the platform ride at the Festa do Peão de Barretos 2022 – Photo: Ricardo Nasi/g1

The show even had a birthday cake on stage. Barrettos, the rodeo capital, celebrated its 168th birthday on Thursday. Happy birthday to you was sung in sertanejo rhythm all over the square.

“It has been three days that Mayara has not slept preparing this show. I asked for a cake for the world,” said Marisa jokingly.

Halfway through the show, the duo announced a donation of tonight’s drawing to Hospital de Amor de Barrettos, a reference in cancer treatment throughout Brazil.

For the fourth time in Barretos (SP), Maiara & Maraisa perform on the eighth night of Festa do Peão – Photo: Ricardo Nasi / g1

After a moment of solidarity, Mayara asked for a glass of beer. It is difficult to sing in the country without wetting the beak. “I don’t usually drink wine at concerts, no, but I will ask permission. Can I have one today, Barretos?” he asked and received a ‘yes’ response from the audience.

“I’m afraid when Miara starts drinking in the middle of the show, because she doesn’t stop drinking and doesn’t stop singing. Then it’s all left for the second voice,” Marisa joked.

Holding a glass of beer in one hand and a microphone in the other, they sang “Bebaca” to Marilia Mendonca, who also couldn’t resist good fashion with beer.

With drinks, the sisters play with fans at a show at Festa do Peão de Barretos 2022 – Photo: Ricardo Nasi / g1

The newest star from the digital music platform, Ana Castilla, shared the stage in the form of a ring installed in the middle of a rodeo with Mayara and Marisa. Cheerfully, the cowboy sang “Pipoco” recorded with Melody and DJ Chris.

But the late voice hampered part of the Spotify singer’s performance. The more experienced Mayara and Marisa tried to fix it, but it did not work out.

Anna Castilla jumped from side to side and played the chorus to the audience. She also sang the revamped “Galera de Cowboy” and risked a serious tone with the classic “Decide” by Millionario and Jose Rico.

Maiara & Maraísa greet Anna Castilla on the central stage of the Festa do Peão de Barretos 2022 – Photo: Ricardo Nasi / g1

It started hot but got cold

Marisa loved being close to the crowd in the square on stage but her sister returned to the main stage and continued to perform.

Romantic songs from the ’90s are lined up. “Evidências”, by Chitãozinho and Xororó, “É o Amor”, Zezé Di Camargo and Luciano, “Pense em Mim” and “Between Tapas and Kisses”, by Leandro & Leonardo, “I do it”, Written by Christian and Ralph.

As the performance split, – Mayara held the show on the main stage and Marisa celebrated on stage, the temperature dropped and the audience began to leave the arena.

The duo paid tribute to their girlfriend Marilia Mendonca at Festa do Peão de Barretos 2022 – Photo: Ricardo Nasi/g1

It was after 4 in the morning when Mayara and Marisa began to have other young singers on stage translating more songs with the voice of Marilia Mendonca. You have aroused the most resistance.

At about 5 a.m., they left the stage to the sound of hitting the turning point of her career, “10%.”

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