Dragon House: Why Dragons Are Different From Daenerys

Dragon House: Why Dragons Are Different From Daenerys

Dragon HouseIt was finally launched by HBO. With that, he brought the promise of 17 new dragons to his fans. All of them have different characters, from the ones we saw with Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) running Game of Thrones.

The question many fans ask is why dragons are so different. This question has been asked since the premiere of the first episode of Dragon House which marked the beginning of the infamous Targaryen Civil War known as the Dance of Dragons. However, Game of Thrones fans were surprised and asked about some of the differences between the dragons. On Reddit user, spaacepirate says:

“Why do dragons look degraded compared to Daenerys?

Many different responses have been given by fans, including the possibility of dragons Dragon House They are simply more domesticated than their wild, futuristic counterparts in Game of Thrones.

In turn, user Apostastrophe said on Reddit:

“Like pet dogs compared to wild wolves. The races are so different that they are almost a subspecies. We hear in books about a wild dragon that its coloring and description is similar to Daenerys’ appearance in the series. Various shapes, sizes and ages.

Lovers Dragon House I agree with the theory. Although some believe other factors also play a role. User pvt9000 said:

“The dragons in books usually had a variety of sizes and shapes, as well as colours. Some were elegant and smaller, others were powerful and majestic. Some had large horns. Others do not.”

What pleases the readers.

Unlike the dragon in hause the dragon

According to Ryan Condall, it might be caused by dragons Dragon House The disposition and appearance are so different from the dragons of Daenerys, Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion, also known as their children, that they were not born of magic like their ancestors.

Kundal said TVLine In an August 2022 interview, referring to the shape of Daenerys’ dragons.

“These dragons grow like a real dragon, they were born from magic, so they matured very quickly.”

Talking about the seriesAnd the And the history of Westeros in general by George R. R. Martin, dragons not only play a primary role, but also serve as entire characters in the fantasy franchise. Turn, story Dragon House It is based on Martin’s Fire & Blood book and includes the individual traits and traits that evolved for each creature, with it being more physically unique than Daenerys.

“Not only is it bright and colorful the way George R.R. Martin describes it in the book, it goes into a lot of detail about what each dragon looks like. The color of its horns and emblem, the color of its scales. And then they have different silhouettes.”

dragons Dragon HouseIn fact, they have two other major differences from their Game of Thrones cousins. However, they are older and have more personality.

Dragon Creation

Since the series is set about 300 years before Game of Thrones, the fire-breathing dragons we see in HBO’s new show are at the very bottom of the dragon family tree. As a result, they are not as physically developed as the Daenerys group.

According to Ryan Condall, this not only means that we will see dragons of different sizes and shapes, but also with individual personalities and “real dragon” traits, as mentioned earlier. Condall told TVLine.

“Some things will be more like a Drogon, others will look completely different. Then there is your sizing on a different scale.”

Photo: Disclosure/HBO Max

After all, there is the largest surviving dragon in Vhagar, even the cubs and juveniles that have grown up over time. And like dragons Dragon House, primarily created and linked to the House Targaryen, through their families’ bloodlines and the Dragonriders, fans can see a deeper and more emotional connection between them and the series’ human characters. Kondal explained:

“We’ve really tried to include them in an individual character that you can start to discover. Through the animation and how they interact with their knight and who their knight is. One of the most memorable characters in our little world here.”

According to the New York Times, George R. R. Martin spent time before creating the Targarial story, through at least two different writers. One of the reasons he kept pushing to create the series and pick up TV was because he put the spotlight on dragons.

“I didn’t want to quit. It contained everything I thought we needed for a successful next series. There was all the intrigue surrounding the Iron Throne. The big houses were competing. There were dragons – lots of dragons – and fights and betrayals.”

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