The bill that expands health plans coverage will be voted on in the Senate: See what's at stake

The bill that expands health plans coverage will be voted on in the Senate: See what’s at stake

Senators, government representatives, the National Agency for Complementary Health (ANS), health plans, physicians and patients’ relatives discussed in a public hearing in the Senate, this Tuesday (23), Bill 2033/22, which amends existing legislation to create coverage hypotheses for health checks or treatments Not included in the list of actions and events in Supplementary Health.

Under the oversight of Senator Romario (PL-RJ), the text, which has already been approved by MPs, commits health plans to cover curative measures and treatments off the list established by the National Health Agency (ANS). The controversy stemmed from a decision by the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) that, in June, decided that operators should cover only what is on the ANS list.

It is expected that the matter will be directed at the plenary session of the House of Representatives next Tuesday (30). We cannot deny these people their right to live in dignity with less suffering. Many Brazilians are paying a heavy price for health plans to ensure the best treatment for their families,” Romario said.

The patients

For associations associated with patients taking drugs and procedures not on the list, adopting the comprehensive list means leaving patients untreated.

During the discussion, the manager said Mothers for Autism MovementLeticia Amaral argued that the project ensured the incorporation of proven effective treatments and medicines. She noted that the comprehensive list ends with limiting access to medicines and defended approval of the text that came from the room unchanged.

“The rule cannot be specified in detail, especially when the law targets a dynamic situation. We are talking about health. Health sciences change at a rapid pace, but who should say it will not be the legislator, but the scientific community. The text leaves no room for charlatans. It only gives patients The right to fight for their lives. PL is not a carte blanche for any medicine. The tax role kills,” he explained in defense of the text.

Still on the difficulties of families, founder “The Caterpillar Turns Pupa Institute”Andrea Werner, the mother of a child with hereditary syndrome and cerebral palsy, said she won a court order guaranteeing a portable oxygen cylinder, occupational therapy and respiratory physiotherapy for her son.

Andrea gave several examples of mothers who, like her, are facing a legal battle with health plans who want to suspend treatments not on the ANS list.

the other side

The Minister of Health, Marcelo Quiroga, assessed that the text would bring risks to the financial sustainability of health plans. The minister defended the inclusive role as a way to ensure that medicines and treatments are integrated with scientific evidence, and said the ANS is flexible in integrating new technologies and treatments.

“Individual plans are no longer practically offered; group plans, by membership. So, when choosing more procedures, more drugs on the list, there are bound to be costs that will be passed on to the beneficiaries, and some of them will not be able to afford these costs. That is Indeed.

Also contrary to the proposal, Vera Valente, executive director of the National Federation of Complementary Health (FenaSaúde), said improvements to the text were necessary to “ensure safety for millions of patients”. She argued that the wording of the project included inclusion of new drugs and procedures “only when real benefit has been demonstrated”.

“Resources are limited, so defining the nature of the role is determining the very existence of the plans. Expanding the procedure is desirable, but that is exactly why there is a technical evaluation process.”

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