TV director accuses ex-Globo of rape: 'He filmed me without permission'

TV director accuses ex-Globo of rape: ‘He filmed me without permission’

“My friend, I was raped.” “no I did not”. When a friend asked her about the sexual violence she had experienced, Ella’s first reaction was to deny it. Although she has a video on her cell phone, recorded in the early hours of January 31, 2019, it appears to have been hacked by actor Gustavo Novas, 49 – with whom she had an already brief relationship. Gustavo, who participated in serials on Globo and Record, in addition to films and serials, went to Ella’s house when she was drunk and, according to the victim’s report, filmed her without her consent. This is the recording that the director showed her friend and for him Universe Access, referred to sexual violence. She found the video by touching the actor’s cell phone, deleted it from the device and sent it to herself via WhatsApp.

In the photos, Gustavo is shown standing, walking into a room. Then come the scenes of a woman lying idle on her stomach. Penetrates Vtmtm some incomprehensible words. Ella claims that she was completely drunk and does not remember what she said. He doesn’t even remember the sexual relationship, which he knew only happened because of the video. She says memory lapses, guilt and shame prevented her from accepting that she was a rape victim. The case took place in Rio de Janeiro.

“It’s very hard to understand. I can’t even tell [que foi estuprada]. The word is ugly, painful. I had the video, but I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was not possible for someone to do it, someone I greeted at my house,” he says, in conversation with him Universe by video call.

The actor denies the allegations and says there is consent to both the recording and the sexual act (read more below).

“At the police station, I could only report what happened”

Ella worked for a television station – it will not be identified at the request of the victim – when she met Gustavo. The two dated for a month and a half, he says. After a while, about to fly to Los Angeles where she will take a course, she throws a farewell party at a bar. When he got home, drunk, he insisted via letters to find her.

“I don’t remember much, flashes of memory come to me. He went to my house knowing I woke up with his cell phone in my bed. I asked him why and he said he was playing music for me to sleep. He thought it was weird. He started filming me half-naked, while he was eating, Just using flash. This made me start to doubt. I wanted to delete this video made with flash, but I found the other. My reaction when it was time to send it to me via WhatsApp and erase it from his device.” The video, which featured intimate scenes, made Ella look for a police station to report him.

In exchange for the messages that the reporter had access to, the manager reiterated in the conversation that she did not authorize him to photograph them. Gustavo replies, “Okay? Sorry for the recording.” He also claims that he filmed so that the two of them could see the two photos together. Once, he called it “crazy” and said, “Stop bringing trouble into your life.”

After a friend of hers insists on going to the police station, Ella decides to report him. He tells the police that he was only able to report what happened, without indicating the crimes that would have occurred. Until then, the case was treated as the offense of unauthorized recording of sexual intimacy.

Throughout the complaint process, says the director, there was also an explanation that she was the victim of a vulnerable person’s rape — when the person has no discrimination about the act, or is not able to consent or resist sexual intercourse, according to the law. This can happen in situations where the victim is drunk or drugged, when he is under 14 years old or has a mental disability.

“I didn’t even realize I was being abused and didn’t want to say yes, I went. Because if I did, I’d be sure it would happen. I was getting treated and I didn’t say a word. [estupro]. “This thing happened,” he said. The therapist even asked me: “If I were your friend in this video, what would you say to her?”. And I answered that I would say she was raped,” says Ella.

Forcing the broadcaster to withdraw the complaint

At the station where she was working, Ella says a professional in a leadership position called her asking her to withdraw the complaint against Gustavo. “He said he wasn’t supposed to allow Gustavo to be arrested or tell the story to the network.”

Days later, the director was called to go to the police station for the third time, after the actor had already made his statement, and months later he filed a complaint. Only then did law enforcement authorities watch the video clip. “The delegate watched the video in front of me, and in my head I could not allow Gustavo to be arrested. At that time, frightened, she mentioned that the sex had been approved. She even inquired saying that I was unconscious, I replied that it was just a nap.”

In the statement recorded by Deam (Delegation Specializing in Aiding Women) in December 2019 and signed by writer Eileen de Matos, it is stated that Ella wanted to make it clear that “she never felt like a victim of rape,” followed by an appendix. From the police: “Although the video shows that the author is having sex with the apparently unconscious person.”

“No one is preparing you for rape, no one is saying that you have to find a lawyer to accompany you to the police station, to explain exactly what the crime is and what complaint you should file,” Ella tells Universe. “And that’s wrong too, for so long I thought I could have done something, I could have woken up, and asked myself why it happened, and I just didn’t accept it. It’s still a shame to admit it.”

The final step in the process was a request from the Public Prosecution Office signed by Prosecutor General Erica Prado Alves Chetini to conduct an investigation into the crime of rape of a vulnerable person and to examine the video. Thus, if there are indications, this crime will have to be included in the process.

“The victim’s word must have credibility,” notes Ella’s attorney, Priscilla Pamela dos Santos. “We collected evidence proving the crime of raping a vulnerable person, either because of alcohol or for sleeping. I asked to include this in the complaint, I mentioned three witnesses, among whom was the neighbor who was there, who asked not to leave because she did not want to be alone with Gustavo and because I was in a situation Too drunk.”

“When Ella called me, she found her weak and sick and screaming for legal support. She told me that she was a rape victim, but she still didn’t feel safe to face this situation. She was afraid of having lost her credibility, she blamed herself a lot. What she did was I explained She has what the law understands as weakness, and that this is exactly the condition she was exposed to at the time of the facts,” says the attorney.

“If the alcohol level is so high that the victim cannot remember what she was exposed to, this specifically indicates that she did not have freedom of consent and that she was in a vulnerable position. This understanding is essential for men and women to understand the limits of consent and sexual freedom.”

Defense says: “Video forensics will show that there is consent.”

Actor Gustavo Novaes Approached a Report Universe She sent a call to her lawyer, Joao Bernardo Cabin, who denied all of Ella’s accusations and says there was consent to both the video recording and the sexual act.

“The video provided has not been submitted for expert examination, which will find that the two, while in a sexual relationship, have spoken, and she has given her consent to the video,” says the attorney, who also said the video is longer than shown. In the pictures it is impossible to understand what Ella is gossiping.

Now, with the deputy expressing the investigations related to the crime of raping a vulnerable person, the recording will be analyzed by experts. “Forensic medicine will show that in the conversation the two had during intercourse, she consented to the relationship, regardless of whether she was drunk.”

Joao Bernardo Cabin also recalls that “it was the current lawyer who convinced her that she had been raped”. Because she says that the testimony was consensual, she did not say that in the court testimony, and the lawyer is the one who came up with this thesis which says that [a vítima] confirms it.”

How to get help with sexual violence cases

Victims of rape can seek referral hospitals for sexual violence care, take medication to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, obtain psychiatric care and legally terminate a pregnancy.

It is also possible to obtain guidance by calling 180, the Federal Government’s Women’s Help Center. It is anonymous and operates across the country and abroad, 24 hours a day. The call is free. The service receives complaints and provides guidance to specialists to communicate with them and refer them to protection and psychological assistance services. You can also contact via WhatsApp at (61) 99656-5008.

It is recommended, if possible, that the victim file a police report at a women’s police station, if there is such a specialty in the area. If not, it is possible to register at a joint police station. Even if he couldn’t remember the facts or point to a potential aggressor, the same man might have killed other victims. The record opens up the possibility of investigation and evidence-gathering and can assist authorities in identifying the perpetrator.

*Noun Technical. At the request of the victim, the real name and surname were withheld.

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