Show do Iron Maiden na Pedreira é o primeiro da turnê no Brasil. Foto: Divulgacao/Midiorama.

Iron Maiden in Curitiba: closed streets, transportation and important information

With tickets sold, the iron maiden presents himself in Curitiba with the tour Legacy of the Beast World Tour 22 This Saturday (27). This is the first show of the band’s tour of Brazil, which will also pass through other cities.

The Iron Maiden Show will continue in Curitiba Paolo Liminsky Quarry There will be a Swedish death and metal band opening symbol picture. To make life easier for the reader band B. Who will enjoy a rock night, we made a list of important things to prepare for the show.

The Iron Maiden show in Pedreira is the first of the tour in Brazil. Photo: Divulgacao / Midiorama.

Gates open at 17:00. The band’s opening performance begins at 7:45 p.m. Iron Maiden Show at 9pm. Times are subject to change without notice.

The age rating is 16 years, unaccompanied. Children under 16 years of age can only be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.

clogged streets

The streets of Eugênio Flor (between Nilo Peçanha and Judge José Carlos Ribeiro Ribas), João Gava (between João Enéas de Sá and Nilo Peçanha), Antônio Krainski (between Nilo Peçanha and Benedito Correia de Freitas), and João (between Nilo Peçanha) will be laid. João Gava).

Residents of the area can access blocked streets upon presentation of credentials or a document proving perimeter housing.

free bus

For the return of the Iron Maiden concert at Pedreira Paulo Leminski, the production will be operation again With some free buses going to Praça Tiradentes.

Buses will travel from 21:00 until 12:00, always following the decisions of the inspection agents.

Operation Volta will depart from Rua João Enéas de Sá (coming via Rua Nilo Peçanha and exit via Rua João Gava) to follow Rua Mateus Leme towards Praça Tiradentes.

View of the quarry Paolo Liminski Gorillas in Curitiba
Photo: disclosure.

Prohibited things:

– professional cameras, video cameras or with a detachable lens;
– Go-Pro (or similar);
– tablets;
– stickers of any kind;
– Parachute.
– alcoholic beverages;
– Substances or objects that can cause injury; Firearms or bladed weapons of any kind;
Glass cups or any other type of packaging; – fireworks;
Rolling paper, newspapers and magazines.
– Flags and banners with mast.
– motorcycle helmets or the like;
Chains, belts and pendants.
– clothing or accessories with sharp parts that can hurt;
Prohibited drugs, toxic substances, over-the-counter drugs, or products shared with others for medical reasons. Everyone who needs to take medication must provide a prescription in their name;
– deodorant, cosmetics or perfume in packages of more than 90 ml;
– materials intended for making bombs or which may cause fires;
– lasers, walkie-talkies and drones;
– water pistols, chairs, flyers and posters;
– animals – except for guide dogs that have been identified and accompanied by visually impaired persons;
Storage tools.
Chairs or benches.
– stick to take a picture;
– Air horns.
Backpacks or suitcases larger than 20 x 30 cm;
– Other items that may cause hazards, damage or inconvenience, at the discretion of production, security and police on site.

* The ticket holder will be subject to searches and physical searches.
** Unauthorized items will be disposed of.
*** The event does not contain lockers.

Information services

food: The event will include, in all sectors, points of sale for snacks and various beverages, including distilled beverages;

bathrooms: Public places will be equipped with toilets for women, men and the disabled in numbers suitable for that number;

medical care: Medical centers, ambulances, medical staff and beds;

Visual cues: The event will be visually denoted by signs placed in strategic locations in and out of the space, including entrances, ticket office, restrooms, bars, medical stations and emergency exits.

Useful Tips

– give preference to public transport;
– do not buy tickets from money changers or unknown people on the street;
– Plan in advance: leave the house at least 2 hours in advance and check which roads will be closed for this event;
– if you go by taxi: arrange a round-trip to and from the fair in advance with a taxi driver near your home;
Wear light clothes and stay hydrated.

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