Rock in Rio 2022: Everything you need to know before you go to the festival

Rock in Rio 2022: Everything you need to know before you go to the festival

It wasn’t long until rocker came back in Rio! Three years after its last release, the festival returns to Rio de Janeiro for the weekend. There will be seven days of performances on nine different stages on 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10 and 11 September at the Olympic Park, in the western region of Rio de Janeiro.

splash I have prepared a guide with useful information for you to make the most of your experience going to Rock in Rio, with information about transportation, food, and experiences available.

This year, the festival brings international names such as Iron Maiden, Post Malone, Justin Bieber, Green Day, Coldplay and Dua Lipa, as well as Brazilian artists such as Ivete Sangalo, Djavan, Capital Inicial, CPM 22, IZA, Alok, Luísa Sonza and Ludmila. Times are available on the official website.

The festival also provides an app where you can create alerts so you don’t forget the showtimes you want to hit.

How do you get to and from the festival?

The festival mainly offers two transportation options. The first is the Rock Express, which will use BRT buses to connect the subway to Rock in Rio.

Buses will leave from Jardim Oceânico and Alvorada stations to Olímpico and will operate between 12:00 and 5:00. The ticket costs R$22 and must be shown in the form of a QR Code at round-trip departure. So, take a portable charger so that your cell phone battery does not run out.

It should also be noted that the subway ticket must be purchased separately and the stations will be open 24 hours for festival-goers.

The second option is more comfortable and expensive: first-class service. Buses will depart from the various boarding points in Rio de Janeiro, as well as the cities of Niteroi and Petropolis, and will have a private entrance to Roc City.

A round-trip ticket costs R$125 and can be purchased through the website. Departure time and boarding location are selected at the time of purchase. The return journey has no time limit and buses depart according to capacity.

It is recommended to use public transport, buy tickets in advance and leave the car at home, as only approved vehicles will be able to reach the area. This applies to taxis and app cars, which also suffer from high traffic and demand, which can make leaving the festival a problem.

Tickets and timetables

Unlike previous versions, Rock in Rio 2022 has neither a physical ticket nor the popular wristbands. This time around, the festival is offering entry only with a digital ticket, which can be downloaded now from To download the ticket, you must use the cell phone that you will be using on the day of the festival.

Please note that there are no more tickets for sale. In early August, the festival offered an unusual collection, but tickets sold out quickly, as happened in April when the festival opened for official sale. The first sale day was 4/9, which featured Justin Bieber as the headline.

The event will open to the public at 2pm. The last show on Palco Mundo begins at 0:10 a.m., but alternative theater attractions must continue until 3 a.m. Access to the site is allowed until 1 am.

can i eat

You can beat that hunger between one show and the next, after all, there are many hours of festival. There is often a common question: Can I bring my own food? The answer is yes, but be careful with the rules.

According to the organization, each person can take up to five closed packages such as industrial products. So, it is worth taking this cookie of your choice.

If you prefer healthier options, you can eat sliced ​​berries or sandwiches and put them in a transparent, non-hard zip lock package. But beware of exceeding the five-item limit.

Within the City of Rock, there are options for you to buy food as well, including Gourmert Square. There you will find restaurants from different sectors that cater to the diverse tastes of festival-goers.

In the Espaço Favela, which will bring artists from the parties, there will also be gastronomy. In partnership with Sebrae Rio, 21 entrepreneurs from 18 communities in Rio will sell their dishes.

What can’t I take?

In addition to plastic utensils, the festival also does not allow the taking of any kind of bottles. The exception is plastic bottles intended for water consumption, provided that they do not have a cap.

The event starts early and lasts for many hours, so it is recommended to keep your hydration up to date. Throughout Rock City, drinking fountains will be available.

Glass, plastic and metal items, including perfumes, cosmetics, deodorants, and toothpaste or toothbrushes, are also on the prohibited list. So be careful before leaving the house.

If the weather is bad during the festival, do not bring umbrellas and prefer raincoats. This way, no one risks getting hurt or bothered seeing those behind them.

Also, if you get tired, you can’t resort to beach chairs or benches. They are also part of the not allowed items. An alternative is to take a cloak to sit on the floor and rest for a few moments.

Skateboards, bicycles, or any type of motorized vehicle are also on the prohibited items list, as well as Styrofoam, coolant or any type of storage and stick for selfies.


The Rock in Rio games have already become a hallmark of the festival. This year, there is still something new: Discovery, a game that lifts 40 passengers in a clockwise and circular motions in a clockwise direction, on two axes, with a total height of 20 metres.

As in the other versions, the Ferris Wheel, Zipline, Megadrop and Roller Coaster attractions will return. In the official application, you can reserve your time to go to the games, as well as follow the status of the appointment. Access will be through a QR code.

The NAVE Arena, a co-creation of Natura and Rock in Rio that brings together a contemporary Amazon, is back again.

age classification

Children and adolescents under 16 years of age can only enter accompanied by their parents or legal guardians, who must sign the disclaimer available on the Rock in Rio Brasil 2022 shopping site, or register at Information Point and remain at the festival site while the minor is present.

Under the direction of the Public Prosecution Office, children under the age of five should not stay at the event after 10pm even if they are accompanied by their parents.

Non-compliance is subject to application of appropriate measures by the authorities. The organization recommends that attendees carry official photo identification documents.

* This text will be updated until the eve of the festival with new information

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