Pão de Açúcar has opened a third store in Niterói

Pão de Açúcar has opened a third store in Niterói

Pão de Açúcar, a chain of GPA, one of the largest retail food groups in South America, on Friday (26th) inaugurated its Multicenter Itaipu unit, in the Oceanic of Niterói. The store is part of the chain’s expansion plan and underwent a complete revamp following the closure of the supermarket operation by GPA, in 2021, to bring, according to the chain, the chain’s most modern operating model, Geração (G7), that completely redesigned the consumer experience and revitalized customer flow. .

The new Pão de Açúcar is located in Shopping Multicenter Itaipu, in Estrada Francisco da Cruz Nunes, with an area of ​​6,501 square metres, with over 2,380 square meters of sales space, featuring an expanded alcohol, pets and utensils sector for better use of space. The new unit has 120 direct and indirect employees, and the staff of the old operation has been moved to the warehouse.

Photo: George Gargolo

Pão de Açúcar is a Brazilian supermarket chain focused on the luxury food retail sector. The new Pão de Açúcar store Itaipu Multicenter Promising to generate fruit for customers and employees, in addition to the two units already operating in the municipality, deliver And the icaraíWith expanded areas.

A reference in the liquor category, Pão de Açúcar also has select curators’ labels, which bring in spirits, specialty beers and a wide selection of wines from around the world, curated by sommelier and Sugarloaf Mountain wine consultant, Carlos Cabral. Another feature of the new store is the bakery, which contains exclusive products, such as rustic bread, options that are produced under the natural fermentation process directly by the stores, as well as other fresh and delicious options of bread, savory and sweet.

The store is also integrated with e-commerce, with which consumers can make a purchase and pick it up at home or pick it up at the unit, enhancing the network’s overall channel proposal. In physical service, the focus is on providing high quality services and a comfortable atmosphere.

G7 concept

Pão de Açúcar’s third store in nitroy The G7 concept (Generation 7), which, according to the series, is based on four pillars that completely redesign the consumer experience: experiential, exclusive, social and streamlined. The implementation of the new concept brings a design that revitalizes flow, promotes the integration of digital transformation into the purchasing process, values ​​green spaces and sustainable product divisions, as well as expands the range of premium products and achieves living spaces with ready-to-eat products.

Within the pilot pillar, all initiatives implemented under the “Test and Learn” concept will be included, continuing to launch new innovative products, services and concepts to assess commercial and operational viability. With the Exclusive Summit, Pão de Açúcar reinforces its pioneering spirit in network application and loyalty programme, in products sold only in chain stores and continues to bring global consumer trends, either through major national and international brands. Which develops distinctive and innovative products. The column also promotes exclusive brand products, such as Taeq, Qualitá, Casino and Club des Sommeliers, providing more and more novelties and adding quality at competitive prices.

On the other hand, the social concept is directly related to the new symbiosis experiences of shopping, such as the Espaço Café, which has a menu full of ready-to-eat solutions for immediate consumption or for take-out orders, the space available on-site consumption and much more. Finally, the Fluid pillar brings together all the technologies that allow you to improve the shopping experience, such as the Self Checkout (or “self-service”) model, where the customer can complete their purchases quickly and easily and with multi-channel protagonist in the network, offering the best purchasing and delivery solutions, wherever the customer prefers : in the store, on the website, in the app and even via WhatsApp.

Opening of the Pão de Açúcar Multicenter Itaipu

Date: August 26, 2022

Opening hours: from eight in the morning

Address: Shopping Multicenter Itaipu – Estrada Francisco da Cruz Nunes, nº 6.501, Itaipu – Niterói

Unit working hours 8/26: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. including Sundays and public holidays.

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