The photos show the mansion in which the Bello and Grassian couple lived in SP;  Owner charges R$483,000 in court after eviction

The photos show the mansion in which the Bello and Grassian couple lived in SP; Owner charges R$483,000 in court after eviction

Pictures of technical reports show how the mansion in which the singer Bello and his wife, Gracian Barbosa, lived in Moema, in the southern region of São Paulo. By the 5th Civil Court of the 3rd Regional Court – Japacoara, the property owner is charged R$483,156.46 between rents, IPTU, bills, contractual fine and moral damages. The court gave 15 days to pay the amount.

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Decision on August 4, and the couple received a subpoena on 10. Payment deadline is Thursday (25). In addition to Belo and Gracyanne, the company Central de Shows e Evento Ltda. in the payment process.

Find out more about Payments made and the eviction notice.

Photo showing the palace pool in SP after the couple left – Photo: Reproduction

On November 9, 2017, a property lease agreement for the accommodation and residence of an employee or manager was entered into with the company for a period of 30 months, effective December 10, 2017.

According to the document, the agreed rent was R$14,300, plus R$1,700 from IPTU, due on the 20th of each month. Electricity, water and insurance costs must also be paid.

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Gracian Barbosa and singer Bello – Photo: Marcos Serra Lima / G1

Pay in the first 3 months

The first three months were paid, as were the depreciation bills, but after that period, the delay would have started. a g 1 He contacted the defense but received no response until the latest update for this report.

The mansion, according to the document, was rented along with some furniture, and an inspection report was prepared prior to the lease.

Among the areas, the property had an outside area with BBQ with pizza oven, wooden lockers, boards, gym, pool, potted plants and waterfall in the pool, bathroom in the outside area, security cabin, laundry, washers and dryers. . Built-in wardrobes, fireplace, bathtub, dining room and other furniture (see below photos by residents).

photo clone
Gracian Barbosa in the pool area of ​​the house; The photo was taken after the couple left the house – Photo 1: Reproduction – Photo 2: Reproduction

Forensics indicated an intrusion into the palace gymnasium after Bello and Grassian left – Photo: clone

Cans of electronic devices were also found in the house – Photo: Reproduction

Toilet lid damaged according to forensics – Photo: reproduction

Part of living room furniture scratched by animals, according to the report, in a photo taken after the couple left – Photo: Reproduction

External bathroom with damaged sink according to experience – Photo: Reproduction

A fence with an intrusion into the property in SP after the couple’s departure – Photo: Reproduction

Palace photos before Bello and Grassian

Barbecue at home before the lease in SP – Photo: Reproduction

Mansion fireplace in SP before the couple lived there – Photo: Reproduction

Part of the palace sitting room before the couple lived in it – Photo: Reproduction

The sofa that was on the property before the residents – Photo: Reproduction

Laundry in the mansion before rent – Photo: reproduction

A gym in the mansion before the couple lived there – Photo: Reproduction

Pond house in front of residents – photo: reproduction

According to the record, the house was already empty when the order was carried out, but the utensils and furniture were damaged.

According to the accident report, which was recorded on October 25, 2019, the rent was paid to a company, after which the neighbors informed the owners that the couple lived in the property.

The log states that an exploding safe was found. She also left pictures, photos and documents of Bello and his wife in the palace.

On January 7, 2021, a specialized technical examination was carried out. Since the residence was large, with an area of ​​498.45 square meters, the second visit took place on the 13th (See photos below taken after departure.)

The report indicated that the garage lining was damaged and the walls had to be painted. In a closet located in the hallway, misuse was identified.

In another piece of furniture in the room, the work of nails and teeth of pets, such as dogs, was noted. According to the expert opinion, in the living room there were poorly executed masonry repairs, which indicated the need for painting.

In other places, such as the gymnasium, signs of intrusion have been noted, “causing an unhealthy state of the environment.”

The defense even objected that residents would be responsible for “painting and minor repairs to walls, floors, and ceilings, and general cleaning and repair of certain furniture, such as the safe, chair, and decorative vases.”

Previously, when the couple received an eviction order from the house, attorney Marcelo Passos, who represents the singer, told g 1 That the decision would not proceed, because “Belo and Gracian Barbosa have not even signed any residential lease” and that the couple were not named in the process. Their names are on file. Passos also claims that the company mentioned in the eviction order does not belong to the singer.

The eviction conviction for non-payment was published on May 18, 2022.

The safe was damaged and an incident report was made – Photo: Reproduction

Found photos and images of the couple – Photo: clone

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