Wolverine coming?  She-Hulk may have confirmed the existence of mutants in the MCU

Wolverine coming? She-Hulk may have confirmed the existence of mutants in the MCU

As counter-intuitive as it seems, Jennifer Walters’ frustration (Tatiana Maslany) With the direction of his career he may have put a smile on a fan’s face MCU. This is because while the lawyer was looking for ideas for unusual jobs she could have gotten her now that she was known by her name. Strong womanCasa das Edeas hid a easter egg Both are on the heroine’s computer screen. In the episode “Super Law” we have the first (indirect) mention of Wolverine; a look:

In articles on the topic Jen was reading, the following headline appears: “Man fights with metal claws in a pub fight”. Whether you know Wolverine from the comics or exclusively from FoxThe reference is self-explanatory. Not only is the mutant known for its Adamantium claws, it has also been seen on numerous occasions sitting at a bar counter. In fact, in the comics, he owns one, right there in Madribpur – an establishment that even appears in the background in scenes Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

The reference is not without purpose. The marvel He made the introduction of mutants official – he’s been waiting for him since 2019, with a merger Disney and Fox – at the end Ms. marvelWhen he proves that Kamala Khan (Iman Vilani) has a mutation in her genes. But even before that, the studio acknowledged its existence by including a variant of Professor X (Patrick Stewart) in Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness. You know , Kevin Feige It continues to pave the way for their participation in the next great events of the cinematic universe.

For now, though, there’s nothing concrete about his entry into the MCU other than confirmation of it Deadpool 3 it will happen. After all, aside from the announcement that Sean Levy will lead the new movie, it hasn’t been included in the studio’s release schedule yet. If they don’t come in cameo form in the near future, perhaps sometime in Stage 5, chances are high that fans will have to accept these little surprises until Stage 6 (which is still pretty mysterious).

Another Easter Egg to Note

In this same scene, there are two Easter eggs worth noting. The first is call again To the post-credits scene for the first episode of She-Hulk, where Jane regrets that Steve Rogers (Chris EvansAnd her beautiful donkey from America has never tried sex. Perhaps to celebrate the news that the hero didn’t die a virgin, or simply because she’s a huge fan, the background of her cell phone is, let’s say, a photo of Cap from the back…

However, below the headline about Wolverine is another related mention, this time of a well-known MCU event. The article, titled “Why Is There a Giant Statue of a Man Coming Out of the Ocean”, is a reference to the Eternals’ conclusion. As you may remember, when Cersei (Gemma Chan) And the company was able to prevent the birth of Tiamut, the Celestial who was carrying in the Heart of the Earth, her majestic figure was “frozen” in the middle of the landscape. This sudden appearance is identified in a newsreel in the movie itself. Therefore, it is not surprising that compounds on the Internet have written about it as well.

Finally, can’t talk about this second episode of Strong woman Without celebrating the lawyer’s cousin, Bruce Banner’s joke (Mark Ruffalo). When Jen calls to ask her opinion – read report – about her involvement in the Emil Blonsky case (Tim Roth), literally the man who tried to kill the physicist in amazing structureThe vengeful veteran warrior reassures her by saying “I’m a completely different person now. Literally”, a rude joke about changing the character translator. That’s because, in 2008, he was the one who played the Hulk Edward Norton. Ruffalo only faced the hero in 2012, with the appearance of Avengerswhen his predecessor had bid farewell to Marvel on creative differences.

Strong woman Shows on Thursday the time Disney +. Ahead of the next episode, check out our interview with actress Tatiana Maslany:

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