Magalu (MGLU3) jumps into the gaming world and launches three games;  "Traditional retail has been left behind," he says.

Magalu (MGLU3) jumps into the gaming world and launches three games; “Traditional retail has been left behind,” he says.

Magalu Games has released its first three games, marking its entry into the gaming world (Photo: Shutterstock)

a Magalu ألعاب Games She launched her first three matches on Wednesday (24th), officially giving an entry Louisa Magazine (MGLU3) In the world of digital games.

In November 2021, a Magalu She announced that she would act as a publisher, that is, fund game projects that are not yet released and in the development stage in order to publish them.

To launch the first three games, Magalu Held a public call for investment in partnership with Big Festival, in November last year, opening a public notice to invest up to R$100,000 in Brazilian studios.

Games from three studios were selected on public notice, with releases scheduled for Wednesday.

At a press conference, Thiago Catuto, Director of Luizalabs, Technology Area at Magalu and Head of Magalu Games, explained that in the past, luisa magazine It was only one selling by pieces Traditional, but has begun to explore multi-channels through a digital ecosystem that now includes games.

Kattuto also highlights that this is only the first step of this long-term project for the company.

magalu games
(Photo: Disclosure)

After all, what does Louisa magazine want?

“It’s the beginning of something great,” says Thiago Catuto.

retailer luisa magazine It has acquired many “weapons” over the years, with the e-commerce platform enhanced, the consolidation of virtual assistant, consortium, fintech, SuperApp, payment platform, and others.

Katoto highlighted at a press conference that the intention luisa magazine This ecosystem is increasingly expanding and connecting. What the company wants is to foster synergies with this audience that draws them into the Magalu ecosystem.

With Magalu Games, luisa magazine It plans to connect with the gaming audience, integrate games with SuperApp and join hybrid companies, simultaneously exploring different markets.

The launch of the games opens the doors to publicity for luisa magazine Regarding revenue generation, which the company should explore.

“We can take advantage of games to get more audiences into SuperApp, for example, and we can explore its advertising potential,” says Thiago Catoto.

For the future, it highlights that Magalu ألعاب Games It will have its own production and production company, and that plans to expand and consolidate in this market.

The first games from Magalu Games

Three games, “Speed ​​Box”, “Death Trape Nite” and “Orbits Conqueror”, have been released with press-preload. The games are now publicly available on the Google Store and App Store.

Games are meant to be excessive casualThat is, it is easy to download and free. They have pop-up ads, as well as the alternative of watching promotional content in exchange for more chances to pass levels. You can also pay to remove ads and unlock new levels.

a gearbox It consists in making a chest go on a path to its destination, and collecting a smaller chest on the way, with as few movements as possible; nite earthy death It is a jumping game, where the character needs to escape from an abandoned mansion, collect candy, and open doors for the next step, while escaping from a monster. previously Al-Fateh orbitswhere the player controls a ship that needs to be launched at the right time to collect stars.

Magalu ألعاب Games
(Photo: Disclosure)

At a press conference, André Jarussi, Director of Magalu Games, explained that the start of casual games is due to the fact that the initial focus is on mobile, already thinking about future integration with the company’s application.

“We see casual games as simpler and easier to understand for all audiences, resulting in great synergy with Magazine Luiza’s audience.”

One of the next steps in Magalu’s strategy is to include a space for games in the SuperApp, as well as to place its Magalu Ads platform within games.

The gaming market and the great competition

According to the data of the 9th edition of the Game Brasil survey, 74.5% of Brazilians are used to playing digital games, an increase of 2.5% compared to data in 2021.

In 2021, the gaming market moved by US$2.3 billion in Brazil, according to industry consultancy Newzoo. Worldwide, it was $180 billion. About 93 million people in Brazil use mobile phones, computers or video games to play games.

“Brazil has huge potential not only as a consumer, but as a hub for game developers,” says Thiago Catuto.

However, this audience already has a rich repertoire offered by companies already integrated into the sector, such as the Chinese giant Tencent.

Tencent is the largest company in the gaming world, with a stake in Epic GamesFortnite, Krafton Game Union and Supercell, the game Clash of Clans, which, according to Reuters, was one of the largest acquisitions in the industry, valued at R$44 billion.

The Chinese group earned $13.9 billion from gaming in 2021.

Additionally, Tencent has under its umbrella League of Legends (LoL), from Riot Games, which announced in November 2021 that the game had reached 180 million monthly users.

The Amazon Prime And the Ali Baba Are other big companies present in the game world, but also in E-Commerce.

Preparing for the Magalu Games

In 2021, Luiza Jovem Nerd magazine boughta content-focused company for the world of geeks with over 5.5 million subscribers, and E-commerce specialized in the gaming sectorKaboom!

In addition, NSE, the e-sports arm of mesh shoeswith e-Flix, an esports team management company, gave rise to Netshoes Miners, which has FIFA and Free Fire teams.

According to the company, these measures encourage entry luisa magazine in this universe.

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