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Rabies vaccine is offered as pre-exposure prophylaxis in Fortaleza

Animal professionals, who work in Fortaleza and have direct contact with domestic or wild animals in the practice of their profession, can perform rabies vaccine as such pre-exposure prophylaxis. The service is available Monday through Friday at the capital’s 35 health centers offering bioimmunology, from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. On weekends, two units also implement the application, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“Prophylaxis protects against exposure that is unclear, i.e. when there are no symptoms, and generates a level of immunization that simplifies possible post-exposure treatment,” explains Vanessa Soldatelli, immunization coordinator at the Municipal Health Department (SMS).

According to the municipality of Fortaleza, PEP should be applied to veterinarians, biologists, virology laboratories, rabies anatomy, students of veterinary medicine, animal technology, biology, agronomy, agronomy, and related fields, as well as professionals working in the field of capturing, immunizing, identifying and classifying mammals with potential to carry the virus.

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Zoo workers, individuals carrying out field work (research, eco-epidemiological investigations) with wild animals, caves, ecotourism guides, hunters, postal workers, and other professionals working in risk areas should take the precautionary regimen.

In order to be entitled to receive the vaccine, it is necessary to provide, in addition to Official document with photo and proof of residency, some proof of activity in the above mentioned areas.


Rabies is a serious contagious viral disease that can be transmitted to humans through bites, scratches, and saliva from infected animals that come into contact with infected skin or mucous membranes.

The disease affects the central nervous system and can lead to the death of both humans and animals.

The human rabies vaccine is used to prevent rabies in children and adults, and is usually given after potential exposure to the virus, which is transmitted by the bite of a dog or other animals infected with the rabies virus.

Stations offering human rabies vaccine

from Monday to Friday:

– Carlos Ribeiro (Rua Jacinto Matos, 944 – Jacaricanga)
– Virgilio Tavora (Av. Mons. Hélio Campos, s / n – Christ the Redeemer)
– Casemiro Filho (Av. Francisco Sá, 6449 – Barra do Ceará)
– Macambira Rebouças (Cruza Rocha Street, s / n – Guanabara Park)
– Forest (Rua Tenente José Barreira, 251 – Alvaro Weyne)
– Aida Santos (813 Trajano de Medeiros Street – Vicente Pinzon)
– Paolo Marcello (Avenue 25 March 607 downtown)
– Free Tito (Rua Jose Claudio Costa Lima, 100 – Praia do Futuro)
Rigoberto Romero (Rua Alameda das Graviolas 195 – City 2000)
– Anastácio Magalhães (Rua Delmiro de Farias, 1679 – Rodolfo Teófilo)
– Claudaldo Pinto (Rua Banward Bezerra, 100 – Padre Andrade)
– Licínio Nunes (Rua VI, s / n – Quintino Cunha)
– Miton de Alencar (Rua Berdigao Sampaio, 820 – Antonio Bezerra)
– Ricamond Campello (Rua Maria Quintella, 935 – Pomsosiso)
– Sobreira de Amorim (Rua Desembargador Luís Paulino, 109 – Jockey Club)
– Dom Aloysio Lorschaider (Roi Bethel, 1895 – Itaberry)
– Gothardo Peixoto (Street Sister Basset, 153, women’s)
– José Valdevino de Carvalho (Rua Guará, s / n – Itaoca)
– Roberto Bruno (Av. Borges de Melo, 910 – Fátima)
– Pedro Celestino (215 Gastão Gusto Street – Marabunga)
– Macel de Brito (215 Gastão Gusto Street – Marabunga)
– Argeu Hebster (Rua Geraldo Barbosa, 1095. Bom Jardim)
– Siqueira (Rua. Eng. Luís Montenegro, 485. Siqueira)
– Jose Walter (Av. José de Araujo Lima, 1631 – 3rd stage – José Walter)
– Jurandir Picanço (Rua Duas Nações, s/n – Granja Portugal)
– Graciliano Muniz (Rua 106, 345 – CJ Esperanca)
– Acrisio Eufrasino (intersection of Ave 12 and Ave Palmeiras dos Índios – Pedras)
– Galba de Araújo (Av. Recreio, 1390 – Lagoa Redonda)
– Ganival de Almeida (Rua Coelho Garcia, 25 years old – Pasar)
– Jose Barros de Alensar (Rua Jose Nogueira, 180 – Piedras)
– Matos Dorado (R. Des. Floriano Benevides Magalhães, 391 – Edson Quiroz)
– Osmar Viana (Av. Chiquinha Gonzaga, s/n – Jangurussu)
– Pedro Sampaio (R. Iracema, 1516 – Kong. Palmeiras)
– Messejana (Rua Guilherme Alencar s / n – Messejana)
– Edmar Fujita (Av. Alberto Craveiro, 1480 – Bela Vista)

Saturday and Sunday

– Paolo Marcello (Avenue 25 March 607 downtown)
– Messejana (Rua Guilherme Alencar s / n – Messejana)

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