Textor reveals Botafogo's salary statement: "130 million Brazilian riyals per year"

Textor reveals Botafogo’s salary statement: “130 million Brazilian riyals per year”

In a live broadcast of influencers who follow the Botafogo website, John Textor revealed that Alvinegra’s salaries range between R$11 million and R$12 million, equivalent to R$130 million annually. The American businessman has stated that while he hasn’t hired a big name to make an impact, the trend is that investment in a cast is sixth out of all the competition.

– We did not bring in Cristiano Ronaldo, Cavani or James, but we put a team of 11 to 12 million Brazilian riyals in the monthly salary, making it 130 million Brazilian riyals annually. Our investment in the team should be our sixth in the tournament, and (Andre) Mazzuko and (Alessandro) Brito have done a very good job of what I asked them to do, which is to get 27 first-class players.

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John Textor stated that Alvinegra’s salary sheet ranges between R$11m and R$12m – Photo: Davi Barros/ge

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Another topic addressed by the American businessman was the importance of striker Givinho to the team. Textor also mentioned that he made Pix for Resende, where he bought the rights to the player.

Givinho is a very special player and that’s a comment about base and B team. If we hadn’t had a lot of injuries, we wouldn’t have discovered Givino. He is an outstanding player. The coach loves him and works closely with him on passing the distribution and I see him improve every game. He’s improved in team play, too. Today, by the way, I approved the payments and made the PIX to Resende at 4 PM. We will do our best to keep the best players and we will lose some because other clubs need them more than we need them.

Owner of 90% of the shares of SAF do Botafogo, Textor insisted on defending Luís Castro again. According to him, who once again included the coach in the club, there were only three first-class players when the purchase took place.

– We had three (players from Series A). I think we will win matches and lose some… All this nonsense about firing the coach is not worth evaluating, you have to give the coach time, especially when you ask the coach for something unprecedented, to start a project from scratch. . I hate to upset the fans, but I think what he’s done here is amazing, I’m so proud. We feel really good about the players.

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Textor finds it unfair to criticize the fact that he didn’t hire a top star in Botafogo’s first season. According to him, there was an attempt but it did not progress.

– The most important thing for people to understand, this is not a defense of Luis Castro, I know the fans know that, but it is important to know how to start. When we look at the actors, it’s unfair to criticize the lack of a major star. We tried but we couldn’t. We only had three experienced Serie A players at the start, and you need 27 quality players in the elite division to avoid at least one relegation.

The businessman also commented on Uruguayan Cavani. According to him, there was a possibility that the striker would sign with Botafogo, but Textor considered that the amount requested by the star was too high and probably would not pay off.

Cavani is amazing, but he could also be less productive now. But he came back to us, very late in the process, but we thought we could have signed him 10 days earlier. The salary will range between 9 and 10 million dollars a year (about 51 million Brazilian reais). It’s not clear to me that it would be a good investment. I think Benteke would be more viable and would cost £6m a year (36m Rls). We thought of bringing him to Brazil, even at that price, because I think the style of play would be dominant in the Brazilian championship, but he wanted to go to DC United.

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