The classic is the RAM that comes to challenge mid-size pickups like the Hilux and S10

The classic is the RAM that comes to challenge mid-size pickups like the Hilux and S10

The fourth product of the Ram line in Brazil is about to be, for the time being, the most relevant. The classic will go on sale in September with the clear mission of taking on the latest versions of mid-size pickup trucks like the Toyota Hilux and Chevrolet S10. It joins the 1500, 2500 and 3500 models.

On the one hand, if the classic model benefits from space and bucket capacity, on the other hand, there is the issue of the engine. The 5.7 V8 petrol engine exudes power and strength. However, most consumers of mid-size pickups, especially the top-of-the-line versions, require the skills that the diesel engines they bring in.

By the way, the Classic has the same 1500 Rebel engine, a copy of this pickup sold in Brazil. However, the chassis of the car is different. This is not new, but the old generation 1500. What about the price?

Ram will only be released in September. The idea, however, is to bring the Classic in line with – a little higher – the top-of-the-line versions of the traditional mid-size pickups. Therefore, it can range between 300,000 R$ and 400,000 R$.

the design

Classic has two versions on the Brazilian market: Laramie and Night Edition. The second features black details on the grille and wheels, among other components. This gives it a more sporty look.

Combined, the two have a hood with air intakes and a wide grille. With a beacon starting just below the grille, the look is reminiscent of Old Dakota. The front also has hooks at the bottom.

On the side, the highlight is the 20-inch wheels, and at the rear, chrome details on the emblems, such as the Ram and the 4×4 traction system, the bucket hood are light and the cabin has a capacity of 1,424 liters.

It is one of the largest capacities among pickup trucks for sale in Brazil. The towing capacity is 3.5 tons.

The classic truck has a length of 5.82 meters, which is 11 cm shorter than the 1500 model. On the other hand, it is 50 cm longer than most conventional mid-size pickups. The height is 1.97 m and the width is 2.02 m.


This length feature not only ensures a larger bucket capacity, but also a good interior space. Three people travel comfortably in the rear of the Classic model, which has a wheelbase of 3.57 metres.

There is good room for passengers’ shoulders, head and legs, and the ground is almost flat. In addition, in the absence of passengers, the seats can be folded to make room for two platforms that convert this part into a bed. Another secret found on the rug: two deep storage compartments, one on each side.

Those traveling in the rear also have air outlets, but USB ports are missing on this part of the car. As for the finishes, it’s a lot more sophisticated than the regular pickup, as it features rubberized plastic, leather with visible stitching, and even wood.

The panel is analog but has a large (7″) configurable TFT screen in the middle. The multimedia center has an 8.4-inch screen that is very similar to the Renegade (the Ram and Pocket part of the Stellantis range) in terms of looks and operation. Android Auto and Apple Car Play are available.

The air conditioning has two temperature zones and can be controlled both in the multimedia and the buttons on the central panel. The Classic also has large cup holders and plenty of storage. Inside the two main USB ports.


The Ram Classic brings headlights with LED DRLs, also found on the flashlights. The model has the original GPS, which is important for customers who buy a pickup truck with an eye on its off-road suitability.

As for safety, the product offers six airbags and a rear camera with limited streaks. In terms of comfort, the steering wheel is heated, while the seats provide heating and ventilation. By the way, the adjustment of the fronts is electric. For the driver, there are two memory options.

Other features include the remote start system and the premium audio system from the Alpine brand. There are nine speakers. The Classic also has a feature called the Ram gear selector. The driver can select and activate the desired gear using the buttons on the multifunction steering wheel. It is a very useful technique in mountaineering, for example.

Ram Classic brings four colors to each version. As for the model, the brand offers the first three revisions for free.

Classic Ram - Disclosure - Disclosure
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The Ram Classic’s drivetrain, like most pickup trucks, is temporary. The car has 4×2 and 4×4 operating modes, high and low – with a ratio of 2.64. The front longitudinal engine delivers 400 hp and 56.7 million kgf of torque at 3950 rpm.

Eight-speed automatic transmission. There are no transmission rails behind the steering wheel. The suspension is independent on all four wheels, which is a different solution than the one used on most mid-size pickups, which have a solid axle at the rear. As an advantage, this solution provides more comfort when running.

Evaluating the Ram Classic was on a track full of obstacles that prevented the pickup truck’s acceleration from developing. However, it was noted that, despite its weight of 2.553 kilograms, the car has good acceleration and recovery ability.

Steering responses are extremely precise and direct—higher than those offered by the midsize pickup trucks the Classic aims to compete with. However, you cannot expect great stability from such a tall and heavy model.

As for consumption, the model averages 5.2 km/l in the city and 6.4 km/l on the highway, according to information from Ram. The brand also notes that the classic model takes 7.7 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h. Top speed is electronically limited to 174 km/h.

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