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Candidates suggest SUS strengthening and vaccination. Less than Bolsonaro

São Paulo – Strengthening the SUS and the National Immunization Program (PNI), with the resumption of aggressive vaccination campaigns to counteract the decline in vaccine coverage, are popular proposals for candidates Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), Simone Tebet (MDB) and Ciro Gomes (PDT). Re-election candidate Jair Bolsonaro (PL) does not address either of the two topics essential to public health.

The Lula Government Program, from the Brazil da Esperanca Alliance (PT, PSB, PCdoB, PV, Psol, Rede, Solidariedade, Avante and Agir) is committed to “strengthening the public and global SUS and improving its management”. In addition, he proposes to “standardize the conditions for the resumption of the SUS to meet the demands of dams” during the pandemic and to help people suffering from the consequences of COVID-19.

The program provides recognition and training for health professionals, and resumes policies such as Mais Médicos and Popular Pharmacy. It also refers to the “reconstruction and strengthening of the health-economic-industrial complex”. The revitalized SUS continues to be promoted as a strategy to protect women, especially black women, in the face of violence and femicide. And also as one of the goals of freedom of research, science, innovation and industrial policy.

But in Simone Tebet, from the Brazil for All Alliance (MDB-PSDB), it was proposed to fully strengthen SUS from a financial point of view. The nominee is committed to “gradually increasing the Union’s involvement in SUS funding, with greater integration of the federal government, states, and municipalities.” Another part of the program proposes to “gradually re-establish the Union’s participation in SUS funding”.

More succinctly, the Ciro Gomes Plan (PDT) proposes to “rebuild the SUS, which was summarily devastated by the federal government in the post-covid-19 pandemic.”

No funding for SUS

In the 48 pages of his government plan, Jair Bolsonaro mentioned the word SUS 80 times. By the way, in one of them he calls it the “Unified National Health System”. Health appears 98 times. However, even as he authorized a record increase in private health plans, he doesn’t say a word about public health funding.

The government official who battled the COVID-19 vaccine often mentions – even suggesting side effects such as “turning into a crocodile” – only once. However, along with other initiatives that must continue, such as “Health Surveillance, which includes a basic and successful national immunization programme, which has saved many lives since its inception.” In other words, the motion does not reinforce.

Research conducted by the Faculty of Nursing of the Federal University of Minas Gerais indicates that the decrease in the vaccination of children, adolescents and people from risk groups, which has been observed since 2013, has increased with the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a serious public health problem, as it undermines herd immunity and favors the formation of pockets of vulnerable people.

It is in this environment that cases of polio, for example, which have re-emerged in some countries, such as Israel and Malawi, can multiply in Africa. In July, there was a case record in the United States, in the state of New York. In Brazil, the last time was in 1989, but the risk of re-emergence of the disease cannot be ruled out. This is because vaccination coverage decreased from 96.55% in 2012 to 67.71 in 2021.

Also called polio, it is an acute infectious disease caused by a virus (wild poliovirus), and it can be fatal depending on the extent of infection in the brain. In some cases, the muscles of the lower extremities or even those involved in breathing and swallowing are compromised. It can also affect adults.

Concern about vaccination campaigns

Since 1973, the National Immunization Program (PNI) has reduced the number of deaths from the disease, as well as from measles and whooping cough. In 1994, the country was certified as a wild poliovirus-free zone, and in 2016, measles-free. But this title has been lost due to the continued spread of the measles virus in the national territory as of 2018.

On the other hand, other presidential candidates are showing their concern on this issue. Candidate Simon Tibet suggests “resuming campaigns to encourage vaccination, expand coverage, and strengthen the national immunization programme.” Modern vaccination, like preventive health care, is part of the permanent income transfer program he proposes.

Lula suggests “resuming the recognized national immunization programme,” making clear that the current PNI, which was dismantled under Bolsonaro’s administration, cannot continue. The Brasil da Esperança alliance still credits its “brave health workers” with the courage to save many lives that could be lost in the face of “the current government’s irresponsibility in the face of the pandemic”, referring to the disastrous behavior of the fight against Covid-19, which has killed more than 680 thousand people.

Siro suggests “reactivating the national immunization program (PNI), with the resumption of major vaccination campaigns”.

Other suggestions

Simone Tebet also makes proposals to expand prevention, primary care and health promotion measures, while expanding and strengthening the Family Health Strategy. Strengthening the national industrial and health production complex, with research and development, to promote the integration and access to advanced technologies in SUS. Strengthening the work of municipal, state and national councils to formulate and monitor public policies. and strengthen public health policies for priority groups, such as maternal and child health, women’s, children and adolescent health, black populations, persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples, Quilombola and rural communities.

Ciro advocates strengthening the popular pharmacy and primary care program and resuming production of drugs that are currently imported, starting with those with patents about to expire, pharmaceutical ingredients and catalysts for research into new drugs. It also proposes improving mental health care policies and discussion, within the scope of the SUS, to structure the medical profession.

To reduce pent-up demand for care, exams and surgeries, walkers are proposing partnerships with the private sector. Which, at first glance, is very reminiscent of Doria’s healthy owl.

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