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The line really went! Barcelona star Gerard Pique wasted no time in showing that he has surpassed his former singer Shakira. This week, Spanish magazine “Hola” spotted the ace with his new girlfriend, Clara Shea Marti, during a wedding on the Costa Brava.

On the cover of the publication, the 35-year-old athlete appears in a romantic mood and holds hands with the 23-year-old PR student. Pique wears a dark blue suit and the young woman wears a striped dress, while the two walk hand in hand on the white sands of Spanish beaches. “The most awaited pictures of Gerard Pique and his new girlfriend”, says the title. paying off:

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Pique and Shakira ended their relationship after rumors that he was going to cheat on the Colombian woman. The former couple have two children, Milan and Sasha. The love interest for the new player was revealed earlier this month. He would have met Gerard and Clara while the blonde was working at events organized by his production company, Cosmos.

Over the weekend, the two were seen kissing during a concert by Danny Martin in Puigcerda, Spain. According to the presenters of “Mamarazzis”, an audio program for the Catalan newspaper “El Periódico”, the new couple showed their affection in front of 3,000 people who were present at the Summerfest Cerdanya. They were accompanied by the athlete’s father and brother, as well as Pique’s friends. [Eles] Kisses and she had many signs of complicity: hugs and caresses.”, the journalists announced. The duo “did not hide” from the public, who took the opportunity to record kisses in the photos and videos that were so popular on the Web. look at me:

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Shakira and Gerard Pique announced the end of their relationship on June 4, after spending 12 years together. “We regret to confirm our separation. For the welfare of our children, who are our top priority, we ask that you respect their privacy. Thank you for your understanding”Both said in a press release.

Shakira and Pique have been together since 2011 (Image: GETTY)

The news came amid speculation that the player’s alleged infidelity would have ended the relationship. The rumors increased after the Catalan newspaper “El Periodico” dealt with the case. According to the publication, the breakup could have caused Pique to return to live alone in his old apartment. The Barcelona captain was still adopting a “one routine”, frequenting the private rooms of nightclubs and watching “accompanied by other womenPartying was until three in the morning, even on the eve of training, you would surprise colleagues on the football team.

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According to the Mamarazzis podcast, Shakira had found out about the player’s infidelity and decided to separate. Furthermore, the star reportedly knew the person her husband was dating. “She is a young blonde woman in her early twenties. She studies and works as an event organizer.”He said “El Periódico”.

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The alleged infidelity could have been the impetus for the end of Pique and Shakira’s relationship. (Image: Getty)

Shakira and Pique met in 2010, but got close behind the scenes of the “Waka Waka” video, Colombia’s biggest hit at the World Cup that year. The two began a relationship in February 2011, and in September 2012, they revealed to the world that the singer was pregnant with Milano, the couple’s first child. Sasha, the youngest, was born in early 2015. Since then, the two have not officially married. However, the stars lived together in Barcelona – the city where the ace played for years.

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Amidst the turmoil in her personal life, Shakira has achieved huge success on the platforms with her latest song, “Te Felicito”, a collaboration with Puerto Rauw Alejandro. The track has already reached the Spotify Global Top 20 and should end the year as one of the most performing.

Interestingly, Shakira talks about betrayals and about a person who knows how to lie well in her composition. “Don’t tell me you’re sorry. That sounds honest, but I know you very well and I know you’re lying. I congratulate you, how well you behave! Of that I have no doubt. As your turn continues!”She sings the single, which will be part of her next album. With the controversy, fans began to associate the song with Colombian status with Pique.

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