'Alternatives' to PETR4 and BBAS3: the roles of those who want to escape from SOEs in elections

‘Alternatives’ to PETR4 and BBAS3: the roles of those who want to escape from SOEs in elections

Shares in Petrobras and Banco do Brasil have gained value throughout the year, even with the election on the radar (Photo: Bloomberg)

stock performance Petrobras (PETR4) It’s from Bank of Brazil (BAAS3) in the year breaks the concept that in times of elections, investors end up fleeing from state owned.

Petrobras shares are up 18% in 2022. The positive performance is mainly based on fat earnings company.

At the end of July, the oil company surprised the market by announcing a dividend of R$6.73 per share, with the first installment being paid R$3,366002 for each preferred and common share existing on August 31. , and the second at R$3.366,001 for each preferred and common share, on September 20.

Banco do Brasil shares hit the same positive tide, with gains higher than those of Petrobras, at 41%. The bank was the highlight of this sector in the second quarter earnings season, after it achieved profits of 7.8 billion Brazilian reais. The company also announced the payment of more than 2 billion Brazilian riyals in the form of dividends and Interest on Equity (JCP).

State risk rates

One of the most important market concerns regarding unprivatized firms is the factor.State riskAs much as they see Petrobras and Banco do Brasil stocks already pricing in a significant portion of the election, market analysts believe the presidential race should still weigh on newspapers, causing high volatility in the short term.

Regardless of the electoral scenario, investors should limit their portfolio to a set percentage of SOE exposure (about 20% at most), says Guilherme Gentile, head of analysis at Dividendos.Me.

For Bruno Komura, an analyst at Ouro Preto Investimentos, with prices currently negotiating, Petrobras and Banco do Brasil shares can handle “a great deal of disrespect”, which is why they are in the portfolio – but not the key positions.

Warren’s analysis team places more faith in Petrobras and Banco do Brasil – and, more specifically, in SOE law.

We have seen the current government trying to interfere with Petrobras’ pricing policy and failing many times. Therefore, we do not see a great need to protect the risks associated with these companies,” explains Gustavo Pazos, analyst at Director of Brokerage and Investment.

However, for those who fear the impact of the elections on the stock exchange and want to avoid additional volatility in the shares of state-owned companies, the specialist reveals the sectors in which investors can seek shelter.

Discount in the stock exchange

Banco do Brasil holds an opponent for being “at the mercy of a pen stroke,” Warren analyst highlights (Photo: Agência Brasil)

For investors concerned about the effects of the election race on investment, Pazos states that in times like these, it is worth focusing on sectors that are characteristically more defensive, such as bank officer it’s the electrical.

“They tend to be more resilient compared to sensitive sectors, such as retail and construction,” he comments.

According to the analyst, other banks are good options for those who want to replace Banco do Brasil and escape government risks.

Pazos shows a preference for Itau (ITUB4), which is considered the “highest quality player” within the clip, but highlights that evaluation Banco do Brasil is “too spent”.

“The bank holds a discount, it always gets,” Bazos says of BB.

“The bank holds a discount because it is a state-owned company, and it is at the mercy of a pen, also from an inefficiency standpoint. But much of this inefficiency is now behind us. This is not the reality of the bank today,” the analyst continues.

Komura, of Ouro Preto Investimentos, sees three good actions for cheap NGOs:

  1. 3R Petroleum (RRRP3), which can take advantage of the structural oil supply problem;
  2. Electrobrass (ELET3), with the potential to provide a lot of value after privatization; And the
  3. havid (HAPV3), expecting to see synergies from the merger with NotreDame Intermédica reaped in the coming quarters.

In addition to these actions, Komura also mentions BDR for free market (Mili 34).

“The e-commerce sector is in a difficult situation due to a significant increase in (foreign) competition. We do not think there is room for many players in the Brazilian market, but Mercado Livre is ahead of the others,” he says.

dairy cows

Taurus Armas 1Q22
Taurus emerges as an attractive stock, according to analysts (Image: YouTube/Taurus Armas Official)

When it comes to dividends, getting past Petrobras is a tough task. Still, there are good options on the market.

Komura believes that it is worth paying special attention to electric vehicles, such as alobar (ALUP11), CPFL Energy (CPFE3) And the Taissa (Tai 11). Alive (VIVT3), a frequent name in recommended monthly dividend portfolios, is also a suggestion.

Vittorio Galindo, Head of Fundamental Analysis at Quantzed, has the Bull (TASA4) as a bet on the stock exchange, whether as a cheap stock or for dividends. As a driver, Galindo mentions the constant demand for weapons, especially in the military part of other countries.

single (UNIP6), in the basic utilities sector, is also known for its good dividend yield. In addition, the company has achieved positive results and is “very cheap,” the analyst continues.

Galindo reinforces the positive tone about banks as good distributors of dividends and also mentions insurance companies.

It highlights corporate actions in the basic utilities sector – in particular, electrical. In addition to their defensive nature, these papers are known in the market for their good remuneration to shareholders.

Gentile is also called Taurus. Like Galindo, the head of analysis at Dividendos.me sees the arms manufacturer evaluation Attractive and good dividend potential.

‘company has evaluation Of the attractiveness is Taurus Armas, which has the ability to pay good dividends this year and 80% of its revenue comes from abroad (USA), to avoid the risks of Brazil”, explains the specialist.

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