Disrespect!  Fenaban returns without an index and proposes to withdraw the rights to the PLR

Disrespect! Fenaban returns without an index and proposes to withdraw the rights to the PLR

The 2022 bank employees campaign (salary campaign) has reached the sixteenth round of negotiations without Fanapan proposing a new indicator for adjusting the salaries of bank employees. In addition, on the table on Thursday the 25th of this month, they kept the proposal to reduce payments as their own programs for the additional part of the PLR, which means withdrawing the rights to the category.

“It’s disrespectful! They have been with our list of claims for more than two months, and despite our repeated demands, they have yet to provide an adjustment indication with a real salary increase. The only indicator, given in last Friday’s table, was 65% of the INPC, but the leadership rejected that low proposal on the table. Thus, Yvonne Silva, president of the Bank Staff Union of Sao Paulo, Osasco and the region and one of the National Bank staff leadership coordinators, said for another day, without a decent proposal for an indicator.

“We had hoped Fenaban would take into account that this is the moment when the entire category is focused on this table, eager to see if our agendas will be evaluated or if recognition of the hard work we have had to get the banks to achieve extraordinary profits will be reciprocated with Losses and withdrawal of rights. The class is frustrated and impatient, it does not deserve this treatment and demands a change in the situation. The Secretary General of the Federation, Neva Ribeiro, added that it is also being mobilized and will discuss the direction of the movement in councils across the country.

100% re-adjustment of INPC, but with special software compensation

The leadership was able to persuade Fenaban to withdraw from the low proposal for readjustment in the PLR ​​made on Wednesday (first of 70% of INPC and then 75.7% of INPC), and on Thursday proposed readjustment of 100% of INPC (expected at 8, 88% on base date). for category). However, they have kept their own software compensation, which is a setback.

“The compensation of private programs in the additional part of the PLR, in addition to reducing the amounts paid as the PLR, leaves workers hostage to abusive goals, because the payments as programs of private banks are linked to the achievement of the goals they impose, while the PLR ​​has its rules stipulated in the CCT. Yvonne adds: “We do not accept this setback.”

In the agenda presented to the banks, the class demands the additional portion of the PLR ​​3 base salary, adjusted by INPC plus a real increase of 5%.

With the correction of the PLR ​​by the INPC, in the three largest private banks in the country (Bradesco, Itaú and Santander), the distribution ratio in the base base drops from 4.97% of dividends in 2021 to 4.85%. In the additional part, the reduction will be from 1.69% to 1.67%.

Trading continues on Friday the 26th, starting at 2pm.

Gathering on Friday 26

The Union of Bank of Sao Paulo Employees invites the class to participate in the virtual meeting on Friday 26, from 19 pm. in assembly (Read the notice here), the employees of the bank must decide on holding a permanent general meeting, which will be open on the following days, so that the workers can deliberate on the proposals made by Fenaban.

Ahead of Friday’s meeting, at 6 p.m., the union will live Fenbane’s proposals on the tables.

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