Wallace denies the role of savior and says: "Brazil is not the favourite."

Wallace denies the role of savior and says: “Brazil is not the favourite.”

The obligation to look at the clock even on holiday always bothered Wallace. Rest was her hours. This is how the years passed until the Olympic champion made the decision to leave the arena. When he said goodbye to the Brazilian team shortly after the Tokyo Olympics, he thought the farewell was final. However, a call from Renan Dal Zutto changed everything.

Alan’s injury and difficulty finding a replacement led to the reopening of the door for Wallace. The interviewer, 36, was on vacation with his family. The first in years. The coach asked, however, to make him wear the national team jersey at the Men’s Volleyball World Cup. Brazil will make its debut on Friday, against Cuba, at 6 am, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. sportv2 broadcasts live and General Electric Tracks everything in real time.

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Wallace at the national team training center – Photo: Joao Gabriel Rodriguez

Wallace did not want to come back for the sake of returning. When he got the call from Renan, he had an appointment to re-perform the next day at Cruzeiro. Accepting the call, try to speed up his steps to be in good shape before the worlds. He says he’s in good physical health, but still feels a little behind on the technical side. The opposite believes that he will be in good shape to compete. But he refuses the position of savior of the homeland.

– I’m coming here because I thought it would be necessary to help. I am not a savior of the country. “Wallace has arrived, now the car will pass Brazil.” no. I want to help in my own way. Pass on more of my experience, all I did, and try to add it. Grow with the team and try to make it happen. I am not a savior of the country.

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Olympic champion in 2016 and a reference in the midst of one of the country’s most successful generations, Wallace thinks he can basically help with the conversation. Since joining the group, he has been trying to talk to the little ones and share some experiences. Despite his autobiography full of headlines, he remembers it wasn’t always easy. Also, the current moment of choice is not easy.

Wallace faces France’s blockade at the Tokyo Olympics – Photo: Reuters / Carlos Garcia Rollins

– I think I can do more today in terms of experience. I mainly speak with the little ones, who probably suffer a little more in the most sensitive moments. What is normal. I also took a few bites. It wasn’t just the top. You have to learn to take that beating and take it. It’s not just about winning, it’s about winning. When you win, you need to learn to say: “Okay, let’s see what we did wrong, work on it and move on with life.” without thinking. This is what young people need to understand.

Brazil reach the World Cup under pressure. Irregular campaigns in the League of Nations caused the group to surround itself with distrust. On the way, it slipped off the top global rankings after more than 20 years. Today, it occupies third place after heavy defeats for China. Facts and figures make Brazil, for Wallace, the favorite. However, he does not exclude that everything can change.

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– This fall, I think it no longer generates much pressure. Today I don’t consider Brazil to be the favourite. The favorites we know are France, Poland and the United States. Many levels. People are no longer as favourite as they used to be. But with that, we are always coming. I think, in this respect, choices respect a lot. Like it or not, we always get there. Another world championship. There is pressure, but it is not even external. It is more for us.

Wallace did not follow the League of Nations closely. On vacation, he allowed himself to be separated from the courts to enjoy the days with his family. But everything he saw turned into an alert state.

– I followed a little, watched some games. No more silly team. Japan itself, if you are an idiot, will take it. You have to be careful with those theoretically weaker teams. The level is very high. That is why I made it very clear: there is no point in being in the national team at a much lower level than abroad.

Wallace celebrates during the 2016 Olympics final – Photo: FIVB disclosure

When he appeared, Wallace exploded from the power of his attacks. He arrived at the choice due to the power adjacent to Grid. However, gradually he learned to strike strikes with a touch of technique. In the midst of a smaller group of choice, he wants to take the opportunity to speed up the process and help the arrivals.

– The new boys are frothing, they attack a lot. What am I doing here among these horses (laughs)? I know how it is, I was too. I have to try to pass on what I’ve already done today. So that a man can make the most of his best. If you can get past that, they will turn into monsters.

However, the return is temporary. Wallace doesn’t plan to make his way through the selection any further. Despite the short time until the Paris Olympics, the opposite ensures that the final farewell will now be.

– You decided it long ago. It was supposed to be 2020, but the pandemic happened. But in my opinion, I had already worked and talked to my family. You need a break. I no longer follow the same way I used to. Enough, it’s over. What I had to do at check, I did. I gave my best. I hope this time it’s really goodbye, and the team doesn’t need me anymore.

sportv2 will broadcast all Brazilian matches in the competition, always with real-time coverage of General Electric. The channel will also show some of the matches of the main competitors of the Brazilian national team.

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