Brazil faces Cuba and the battle for the Quartet begins in the World Cup

Brazil faces Cuba and the battle for the Quartet begins in the World Cup

In one year, everything changed. By losing the podium at the Tokyo Olympics, Brazil saw its favorite aura tremble. Decades later, he finds himself threatened. The unexpected decline in the Nations League this year added to the pressure and snatched the team from the top of the world rankings after more than twenty years. As of Friday, the selection is trying a fresh start. Upon entering the Ljubljana Sports Stadium to face Cuba, Renan Dal Zoto’s team will make their debut at the 2022 Men’s Volleyball World Cup under suspicious eyes. However, he will try to prove his strength in pursuit of his fourth title in the competition.

The first match of Brazil against Cuba is on Friday, at 6 am. Sportv2 broadcasts the match live, ge follows everything in real time

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Bruninho is the captain of the men’s team – Photo: FIVB / Disclosure

Renan Dal Zoto knows the team is going through a turbulent time. Falling from the top of the rankings made critics turn to the pick. In the process of revamping, he says the team is still looking for its best form. However, he believes in balance in the World Cup, which is also hosted by Poland.

The keyword is process. Every renewal is a process that takes time. There is no magic you put on a boy and it will work overnight. Thinking as a team, this combination of more experienced players will add a lot to these boys. We had some moments in the Nations League where we lost players. Mandatory, children had to play. The shape of the new arrangement is a bit ungrateful, you can’t make mistakes. More than ever, we must focus and strive to achieve our best. Many teams don’t care about that. These are models that we must understand. In our region, we always strive for the best possible performance, but we also focus on innovation.

The Brazilian volleyball team trains in France to compete in the World Championships

Brazil reaches the World Cup finals without the favorite label. France, Poland and the United States stand out as the main candidates for the title of competition. But Renan believes in open competition.

Today, there is a great balance between six and seven teams. France is without a doubt the best team in the world. The United States has grown too much, and it’s a team that’s working hard, too. Poland is probably the country with the most human capital. It’s an open competition, everyone goes with the best at that moment. It will be a quiz that will guide us well to see how we do it.

Volleyball World Cup Multiverse: Bruninho

Volleyball World Cup Multiverse: Bruninho

The team reaches the World Cup with significant absences. At the beginning of training, Isac asked to be released due to back problems. He was replaced by Aracaju, who will participate in the World Cup for the first time. Lukau was also injured while training in France. It’s been confirmed in the shortlist, but it’s still not at its best. Earlier, still in the league, Alan sustained an Achilles tendon injury. Thus, he made way for Wallace to return to the group.

Wallace at the national team training center – Photo: Joao Gabriel Rodriguez

– I feel physically fine. I still have room to improve tactically and technically. I think with time I will get used to everything. Guys do small doses with me. This is important so as not to be extrapolated from before and future disintegration. I made it clear to Renan. “I’m willing to try to help, but if I don’t feel well physically, and if I’m way below world class, I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to go. He said the opposite.

Volleyball World Cup Multiverse: Wallace

Volleyball World Cup Multiverse: Wallace

Men’s Volleyball World Cup 2022 squad

player Site
brunio lifter
cachupa lifter
Darlan Reverse
Wallace Reverse
Felipe Rock Reverse
Lucarelli pointer
faithful pointer
Rodrigueño pointer
Hadrian pointer
Lukau Center
Flavio Center
Aracaju Center
mike libero
Thales libero

Volleyball World Cup Multiverse: Lukau

Volleyball World Cup Multiverse: Lukau

The first stage of the World Cup includes six groups, each with four teams. The two best teams from each category advance, as well as the four best third-placed teams. Then the teams advance to the round of 16, with knockout matches. The classifieds owners then advance to the quarter-finals in search of a place in the semi-finals. The decision is scheduled for September 11 in Poland.

Men’s Volleyball World Format – Photo: clone

2022 Men’s Volleyball World Cup

Collection group b group C group d Group E F . group
Ukraine Brazil Poland France Italia Argentina
Serbia Japan United State Slovenia Canada Will
Tunisia Cuba Mexico Germany turkey Holland
Puerto Rico Qatar Bulgaria Cameroon China Egypt

sportv2 will broadcast all Brazilian matches in the competition, Always with real-time coverage of General Electric. The channel will also show some of the matches of the main competitors of the Brazilian national team.

9 am – Brazil vs Japan

Renan Dal Zutto, coach of the men’s volleyball team – Photo: FIVB / Disclosure

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