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SBT announces the retirement of Silvio Santos and returns after the fallout

SBT has made Silvio Santos’ retirement official. Without any fanfare, the broadcaster has started searching for several advertising agencies in recent days to submit an updated commercial proposal for the program that bears the name of the presenter since the channel was founded, 41 years ago. In the material obtained directly by pop tv With market sources, the message provided by the company is clear: The man from the trunk is no longer returning to Sunday nights and will be permanently replaced by Patricia Abravanel. After this text was published, the channel said that the station’s marketing department had made a mistake and the material in question was no longer valid – read more at the end of this report.

In the updated version of the Sunday business plan, the only appearance of the station owner was in a photo taken a year ago, which is included in the material next to the phrase “a program that transcends time and follows generations.” On the next page, SBT’s sales department says Silvio Santos is the “best choice on Sunday nights” and provides a brief text about some of the attractions. After the show, the grandmother appears: “Communicative and humorous, Patricia Abravanel takes over the cuteness, maintaining the traditions of the program.”

The business plan, prepared with photos of heiress Silvio Santos already in the program’s new studio, also glorifies the curriculum of the new owner of the Sunday Nights Channel. Patricia started her career as a presenter at the beginning of 2011. She has already participated in her co-curricular programs such as Festival SBT 30 Anos, Cante Se Puder, Roda a Roda Jequiti, Tele Sena draw, Máquina da Fama, Topa ou Não enumerated Toba, along with Silvio Santos’ program, of course, the broadcaster, who also raised the numbers obtained by the caller on its social networks.

Until then, SBT had made an effort to deny that Silvio Santos was retiring from his work as an animator for the hall. During the health crisis, the veteran was away for nearly two years. He returned to register in July 2021 but contracted a respiratory infection virus. He recovered, continued at home, and returned to the stage in April of this year, until he was affected by a problem with his voice, revealed by a report exclusively. pop tv. In July, Patricia took over the leadership of the program from her father, who did not know the new scenario of gravity.

packing in vain?

The departure of Silvio Santos aroused the curiosity of viewers. At the beginning of the month, Patricia Abravanel confirmed that the caller did not stop definitively and did not pass the baton to her daughters either. “I want to say one thing: they say Silvio Santos is retired. No, Silvio Santos hasn’t retired. They ask, ‘Oh, so he doesn’t want to do the show and he passed on the baton?’ He wants to do the show, yeah. She pointed out that he hasn’t retired. And he didn’t pass any stick.

Silvio Santos’ family was also mobilized to ensure that the presenter did not say goodbye to television, although changes to the format of the Silvio Santos program made clear the channel’s intention to change the identity to something that contained more of his daughter’s face. Recently, Silvia Abravanel also confirmed that the veteran is in good health and has no plans to stop working. “Changing weather has spoiled his health. The Sábado Animado title holder said my dad is taking care of his throat, doing speech therapy, but he’s fine.

Even with the entire operation set up to induce the audience to believe Silvio Santos is only temporarily away from the stage, everything indicates that the entrepreneur should not be returning to the studios – at least not on a regular basis. SBT’s commercial department, responsible for preparing the material that made Patricia Abravanel responsible on Sunday, bet that the caller had, in effect, decided to end his career as a presenter. However, the report also listened to other channel managers, who bet that he would not be able to stay long without TV shows: one cited the example of the Chilean Don Francisco, who came to announce his retirement, but continues to do so. Attract driving in a precise way.

Behind the scenes, there’s a consensus: Nothing in SBT is permanent and everything can change depending on the mood—or lack thereof—that Silvio Santos is in when he wakes up the next day. searched by pop tv To talk about Silvio Santos’ retirement and the change in approach to the advertising market, the SBT press office sent the following note Thursday morning (25). “Silvio Santos, so far, has not announced his retirement,” the ministry said.

After this text was published, at around 1:10 pm, the SBT press office returned to look for the report and reported that the business plan informing Silvio Santos’ final departure had been wrongly distributed to advertising agencies and that the content would be corrected. “Silvio Santos has not retired. It was an error of expression in the text. Our marketing department will arrange the correction,” said the announcer.

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