"Barraca do Beijo" by Viih Tube: Check out the celebrity looks at the party

“Barraca do Beijo” by Viih Tube: Check out the celebrity looks at the party

Party in Sao Paulo to celebrate 22 years HIV tube! The tilt the kiss It will affect the nightlife of São Paulo and will gather around 1,200 people. with the subject 2000Guests will also be inspired and Wear iconic looks from the characters, cartoons or movies of the time. Looking forward to this The dress to wear? we!

The birthday girl arrived with everything in a fairy-tale look inspired by a popular cartoon. Gshow spoke with Barber To learn more about the details, and find out why “Eli Potter” and “Bloomtube” are combined.

Viih Tube at Barraca do Beijo: a fairytale look inspired by the 2000s – Photo: Fabiano Battaglin

Eliezer got excited about the costume and reviewed his Harry Potter style.

“I wear glasses a lot and one of the things I saw a lot in the 2000s was Harry Potter. Since she was a fairy, I thought I’d be a witch.”

Eliezer in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Photo: Fabiano Battaglin/Jshu

Viih Tube and Eliezer in the second edition of “Barraca do Beijo” – Photo: Fabiano Battaglin / Gshow

The influencer’s mother, Vivian de Felice, was inspired by the movie “As Patricinhas de Beverly Hills” and used all the elements that had already been a hit, like Checkered skirt, pantyhose and hair buckle.

Vivian de Felice, mother of Viih Tube – Photo: Fabiano Battaglin/Gshow

Barraca do Beijo: Viih’s tube fairy and mother Patricinha from Beverly Hills – Photo: Fabiano Battaglin/Gshow

The influencer’s friend, former BBB 22 Rodrigo Mossi, also appeared there and He referred to the movie American Pie” on the shirt. To complete, ripped pants and sport shoes.

Rodrigo Mossi at Barraca do Beijo – Photo: Caio Duran / Gshow

Couple Laís and Gustavo, also from BBB 22, adopted the style Hogwarts . Cute, they stood close to each other at the entrance to the event.

Gustavo Marsengo and Laís Caldas, from BBB 22, arrive in Barraca do Beijo – Photo: Pyetra Santos / Gshow

They also exchanged a word with our correspondent Rodrigo Mossi.

Gshow reporter Rodrigo Mossi interviews Gustavo Wallis at Baraca do Bijou – Photo: Fabiano Battaglin/Gshow

influencer Jessica Cardoso It was Sandy, from the duet with Junior. After all, the two of them were one of the great references back then! 😍

The look was a striped blouse, similar to that worn by the singer, and even a microphone. forged.

‘Barraca do Beijo’: Influencer Jessica Cardoso was Sandy, from the duet with ‘Júnior’ – Image: Instagram clone

BBB 22 Jessilane Ex Inspired by the cartoon “Three Spies Too Much” And the funniest followers talk about the choice of fashion.

“If there’s a character that suits me, it’s Alex. Someone who’s a bit clumsy, with a bit of bad luck, but he’s always very lively and assertive.”

Barraca do Beijo: Jessilane was from Três Espiãs Demais – Photo: Fabiano Battaglin / Gshow

“Barraca do Beijo”: Eliezer talks to Jessilane, his ex-partner in reality – Photo: Fabiano Battaglin/Gshow

Already powerful people Stephanie Bayes And the Catherine Pascoe Bet on colors, transparency, and jeans, a trend that has been widely used by celebrities.

“Barraca do Beijo”: Stéfani Bays – Photo: Caio Duran / Gshow

Denim hat with a chain on the waist, who else does not remember this look?

“Barraca do Beijo”: Catherine Pascoe bets on jeans and transparency – Photo: Caio Duran/Gshow

Capitalizing on the Barbiecore trend, Bárbara Heck targeted “Mean Girls” and arrived all in pink and in a very innovative style.

‘Barraca do Beijo’: Bárbara Heck was inspired by ‘Mean Girls’ – Photo: Fabiano Battaglin/Gshow

Vitau Take advantage of the cooler temperatures in São Paulo to become very warm and In a colorful crochet coat.

“Barraca do Beijo”: Vitão – Photo: Fabiano Battaglin / Gshow

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