Atlético-MG: Vargas regrets the dismissal and seeks help when feeling depressed

Atlético-MG: Vargas regrets the dismissal and seeks help when feeling depressed

Eduardo Vargas is not the interviewer. But he was ready to talk about the moment of intense pressure (It was intended by the club’s organizer). In an interview with Globo, he publicly answered about the agony of expulsion in the Libertadores 15 days before, the fine imposed by the club, the exclusion from games, And the search for mental help for the mission to the heart of the rooster.

Chilean Vargas realizes the difficult moment and promises to finish the season at the highest level

“I am focused on reversing this whole situation. I am trying, in the last three months (from 2022), to be called again (in relation to Cuca), and to show all the desire I have to change the situation. And then (Atlético) will say if I’m okay. If they want me, I’ll stay.”

At 32, Vargas renewed his contract until December 2024. He finished last season at a high level, with a direct participation in the Copa de Brazil title (in place of the injured Diego Costa). The red card against Palmeiras (in injury time) put him in the way of the angry fans.

Eduardo Vargas – Atletico MG striker – Photo: Globo

And it still resonates. There are two games in a row off the related list (Coritiba and Goiás). He’s fallen, he’s having a bad time (he knows it himself). He says he has become depressed and is still digesting every day away from his children. spiral of problems.

After the dismissal, I became depressed. I felt like I didn’t want anything. I didn’t want to go outside, I didn’t want to go to the supermarket. Even my kids came over the weekend. We stayed here with my friends and their kids. We went here on the playground (in a condominium), and I could have taken her to the mall, you know? anywhere to enjoy it. But I didn’t feel it. Because I knew that maybe the athlete, the cheerleader, would look at me differently.

Atletico MG striker Eduardo Vargas, after being sent off against Palmeiras – Photo: Marcello Zambrana / AGIF

“Bora de Brasileirão! The biggest game show at a game-granting price. Sign the premiere!”

The way out was to seek professional help and find the strength to change the current stage. The striker works daily with Lincoln Nunes, a mental trainer specializing in athletic performance.

Vargas created a new routine. He wakes up at sunrise, 6 am, and begins to activate the physical and psychological part of the training at Cidade do Galo. Place where you will try to regain confidence and get back into the games.

It is my duty to show him that it was not a completely essential part of the elimination process. Of course he would do it differently if he returned to the situation. He wants change, it’s a big desire. To restore the confidence of the fans in the club. The past does not change, but the future can be written differently. It is also important not to distort reality in his mind. I say that because important players Palmeiras was sent off, and Palmeiras was more efficient in penalty kicks – he analyzes.

“We know Vargas can take penalties, but he doesn’t feel like he’s the only culprit in eliminating Gallo” (Lincoln Nunes)

Besides the professional, Eduardo Vargas has also started to get the support of neuroscientist Fabiano de Abreu Agrela, who is also CEO of a press office, PhD in Neurosciences and MSc in Psychology. Fabiano studies with other players, such as full-back Emerson Royal, formerly Atletico and today at Tottenham. Royal will undergo a full neuroimaging examination to improve performance. It’s a path that Vargas has studied, too.

The magnitude of a player’s emotional impact has variables including genetic conditions and life history. What we do is analyze these variants, understand her life history and, if necessary, order tests, including genetics and neuroimaging. The mental state of the athlete is related to the production of neurotransmitters and these with thought control through the past, to genetic precursors, as well as food and other factors, and it is known that the mental state interferes not only with the physical state, but also with creativity, decision-making, concentration and memory, which are the means associated with skill – PhD said.

Vargas next to mental trainer Lincoln Nunes – Photo: Personal Archive

Read the full interview with Vargas:

How did you face the fan protest?

– This has never happened to me. Not in Grêmio, in 2013. Not in any other team. It’s very hard to believe what happened. But I respect the crowd. People should be charged. I replied after they charged me. I’m entitled to answer some things. But then I got upset. Because, as I told you, this has never happened to me. I’m in a bad streakBut for this reason, I have already apologized to my teammates, Coca coaches, to Rodrygo (Caetano, director of football).

I did not have the opportunity to apologize to the public. I want to say that I am very sorry for the removal of the Libertadores. I apologize to every supportive fan on the field. I am disturbed.

Did you feel, at some point, that the charge had been extrapolated? Did you feel afraid?

– I’ve never felt so afraid. I always go with a friend to CT for training, because it helps me a lot. Then I told him to go it alone, because I have to face it. If I had to face someone, I would face them on my own. We figured they would show up. So I went by myself and stopped and talked a little. They showed up, accepted. And calm down… I wasn’t afraid of hitting me. I think they respect the player too.

A few days later, looking back, what do you have to say about the parcel?

So I’m one of the key players who can take a penalty. So, I went in with that desire… I think I went in in the 76th minute (it came in 34 minutes into the second half). I entered with a great desire to win this match. So you don’t have to fight penalties. But I felt that in the penalties I was the main one to hit. In the first foul (which he makes), for me, it wasn’t the yellow card, because I walked away from the player. In the second I made a mistake and (the referee) did not score. So I lost my mind, and chased after the player (from Palmeiras). I think Alan made a mistake.

“I completely lost my mind. Then I went to talk to the judge. It never occurred to me that he would fire me. Then I arrived in the locker room with a hot head and completely regretted being fired.”

How did you feel entering the Atlético locker room after that? Have you talked to Coca?

– I haven’t talked to Coca. Only the next day. I went there to apologize to him, to Rodrigo. And I said everything I felt, and I felt. Same thing I’m talking about now. I was so sorry. I would never hurt a coach or a teammate. It didn’t cross my mind.

You were fined by Atlético afterwards…how were your travels to CT?

When I got to CT I felt like, you know, like an ugly duckling? I didn’t want to do anything, I didn’t have much, I felt uncomfortable, you know? Nervous…but then they told me I would be punished. After that, Rodrigo called me to say that I would not take part in the match.

Eduardo Vargas – Atletico MG striker – Photo: Globo

I felt very guilty. That is why I asked for help at this very difficult time. I got depressed, you know? It helps me a lot. I’m leaving here with a greater desire to try to gain confidence from the coach, my teammates, and especially Massa.

You say you are depressed…

After the dismissal, I became depressed. I felt like I didn’t want anything. I didn’t want to go outside, I didn’t want to go to the supermarket. Even my kids came over the weekend. We stayed here with my friends and their kids. We went here at the stadium, and I could have taken her to the mall, you know? anywhere to enjoy it. But I didn’t feel it. Because I knew that maybe the athlete, the cheerleader, would look at me differently.

“Following helps me a lot. It changes my thinking and the way I think. We wake up at 6 am to give him a workout and an activation to make him stronger and more confident in training.”

The intention is to stay at Atlético?

– That’s why I work with him to help me. I focus on reversing this whole situation. I’ve been trying, for the past 3 months, to be called again (related to Cuca), and show whatever I have to change. And then they’ll say (Atletico) if you’re okay. If they want me, I’ll stay.

“I love challenges, you know? I’ve put in my mind my desire to stay here. But time will tell.”

Why not Vargas who made the year the same as 2021?

– I think I relaxed. How can I explain… it felt so good, you know? If my performance was bad in a game, I wouldn’t feel the way I did last year when my performance was bad either. Last year, if I played poorly, I didn’t score, I gave everything for the week, I took care of myself, I ate well. Now, too, I’m starting to eat well to be in the perfect physique I’ve been in for the past year.

Eduardo Vargas – Atlético MG striker – Photo: Fabiano Sperandio

Are you accommodated?

Is it that story that when you’re having a blast in 2021, it becomes a year without hunger?

– It’s not that. I’m always hungry. But that’s what I said. sometimes… I went through a separation from my ex-wife. I don’t use that as an excuse. But it affects to stay away from children. Move to Porto Alegre. There are many things, then I relaxed a little more.

Did Chile’s lack of prospects help this situation?

– No, the choice has nothing to do with this situation, actually.

Wall of Eduardo Vargas’ house with T-shirts, small trophies and medals of champions – Photo: Fred Ribeiro

How do you plan for the end of the year?

– happy. With Vargas ending the new season. Trying to help the team reach the top four for the Brazilian, to get a place in the Libertadores. He left another perspective in the fan’s mind and the club’s staff.

Did the number of attackers increase the difficulty of the project?

He has many attackers. But the truth is, every club I’ve been to has always had a lot of strikers, and I’ve always struggled to get a place. I respect my teammates a lot. But I will struggle to receive my calls, and to have a starting point.

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