Well against gringos, Diniz has a "duel of appreciation" with Vítor Pereira in Fluminense x Corinthians

Well against gringos, Diniz has a “duel of appreciation” with Vítor Pereira in Fluminense x Corinthians

With his rise at Fluminense and a return to the spotlight in Brazilian football, Fernando Diniz has taken a new turn in his career, with a curiosity in The year that marks the record for foreign technicians in Brazil. Coincidentally, in his current assignment at Tricolor, the coach has an impressive record against Gringos at the grass edge: nearly 80% success.

Fernando Diniz and Vitor Pereira face each other in the Copa Brasil semi-finals – Photo: GE

The semi-final match against Corinthians in the Copa del Rey will put these numbers on the line in a “duel of appreciation” with Vitor Pereira. Among the foreign technicians currently in the country, it is the Portuguese who is highly regarded by Deniz for the characteristics and concepts of work.

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And we can say that Vitor Pereira is currently the only Gringo coach in the main Brazilian football teams that Deniz needs to face “in reality” in 2022. This is because in Fluminense’s 4-0 defeat at the Maracana, in the first round of the Brazilian championship, Corinthians were prioritizing Libertadores and took to the field a team made up of the reserves and youth from the base.

Fernando Diniz and Vitor Pereira at Fluminense x Corinthians – Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense FC

This match may not mean much to the Corinthians, but it did serve Vitor Pereira to observe and praise the Fluminense de Diniz:

– For me it is not a reference. We clearly know that it is a team with a style of play, and we have to study well, understand well so that what happened does not happen again. I don’t think the match will be in the same matrix, but it is a strong team – Vitor Pereira praised at a press conference last Sunday.

Almost 80% against foreigners

Since taking over as Fluminense in May, Deniz has played 11 matches against eight different foreign coaches working in Brazilian football. They won eight of those matches, drew twice and lost only one, which gives a 78.7% success rate. In these duels, his team scored 20 goals and conceded only nine.

Fernando Diniz during the Fluminense match in the Maracana – Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves / Fluminense FC

In addition to a 4-0 win over Corinthians’ substitute Vitor Pereira, Fluminense de Deniz twice beat Argentine Juan Pablo Voevoda Fortaleza 1-0 in Castellao. He also beat Cruzeiro twice at the hands of Uruguay’s Paulo Pezulano, once in the Maracana 2-1 and another in Mineirao 3-0.

Botafogo defeated Portuguese Luis Castro 1-0 over Nilton Santos. The same result with that of the Portuguese Cuiaba also surpassed Antonio Oliveira in the Maracana; The stadium where he scored 5-3 against Atlético MG, then led by Argentine Antonio “Turco” Mohamed, who was sacked last month.

Deniz vs gringo coaches in 2022

match Fitness Trainer
Palmeiras 1 x 1 Fluminins Abel Ferrara
Fortaleza 0 x 1 fluorescence Juan Pablo Vojvoda
Fluminence 1 x 2 Flamingo Paulo Sousa
Fluminense 5×3 Atletico MG Antonio Mohamed
Fluminense 2 x 1 Cruzeiro Paolo Pezulano
Botafogo 0 x 1 fluorescence Luis Castro
Fluminense 4 x 0 Corinthians Victor Pereira
Cruzeiro 0 x 3 Fluminense Paolo Pezulano
Fortaleza 0 x 1 fluorescence Juan Pablo Vojvoda
Fluminense 1 x 0 cuiaba Antonio Oliveira
Fluminence 2 x 2 Fortaleza Juan Pablo Vojvoda

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The two draws against Gringos could not even be considered faltering: in the 1-1 match with the Palmeiras of Portuguese Abel Ferreira, Fluminense for the first time in its history earned a point inside the Allianz Parque; And 2-2 in the last meeting with Fortaleza de Voevoda, in the Maracana, he was ranked in the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey.

The only defeat Deniz lost to a foreign coach this year was in Brazil against Flamengo, then led by Portuguese Paulo Sousa, who is also no longer at the club. Despite the unfavorable score of 2 to 1, Fluminense on this occasion crushed the opponent in the Maracana, but was stopped in a ceremonial performance by goalkeeper Hugo Sousa.

Diniz at the flu victory over Fortaleza de Vojvoda (background) in Castelão – Photo: Thiago Gadelha / SVM

Three other foreign coaches who worked for Brazilian top-flight clubs in 2022 but were fired without facing Deniz: Uruguayan Alexandre Medina, who was expelled in April from Internacional; Argentine Fabian Bustos, who left Santos in July; And Paraguay Gustavo Morenigo, who lost his position in Curitiba days before the match with Fluminense last week.

Fluminense will play the first semi-final match against Corinthians on Wednesday, 7:30 pm (Brazilian time), in the Maracana, while the second and decisive match will be on September 15, at the New Coimica Arena. Whoever qualifies will take whoever passes between Flamengo and Sao Paulo, led by Brazilians Dorival Junior and Rogerio Ceni, respectively, in the Grand Final.

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