WhatsApp já começou a liberar o recurso Comunidades

WhatsApp has already started launching the Communities feature – Hardware.com.br

WhatsApp announced earlier this year, the Communities feature seems to be getting closer to everyone. The platform has already released using the tool in its beta version on Android for testers, but still in a limited way.

What’s new is in version of WhatsApp Beta for some users, who can already access the option to create communities and collect groups related to the same topic.

Communities are now available in WhatsApp Beta

WABetaInfo shared a screenshot showing how the feature works in the beta version of the messenger. It can be seen that the Communities icon appears with the image of 3 small characters in the upper left corner, where the camera icon is usually located in current versions that do not have this functionality.

“Introducing communities. Easily organize related groups and send out advertisements. Now, their communities, like neighborhoods or schools, have their own space.”

You can create a community of up to 10 different groups. In this case, when you are within the community, the groups are called subgroups and are topic-specific chat rooms. They will be able to count with up to 512 people, which is an upper limit number than the current number.

Those who participate in the community will have the option to choose and join the subgroups they wish to join. This means that you do not have to be in all groups to be part of every community, it all depends on the preference of each group.

Community officials will have complete control over it. They can create and delete subgroups and drop or drop people. Only those members will be able to interact normally in the subgroups of which they are part, as they already do in WhatsApp groups today. You can even report to a community if it violates the platform’s terms of service.

Send group messages


One of the more interesting features that come with communities is the ability to send a bulk message to admins. When someone creates a community, they can actually configure the global alert through the app and act as a bulletin board for all members to see.

These messages may also contain links to redirects, actions, and events with dates. Since the idea is to be like a bulletin board, it will always be visible to participants, at least until the administrators delete it. The message already sent can also be edited by the administrator.

WABetaInfo also shared some other news about what they’ve already seen from the feature, such as that it will be impossible to hide the phone number of participants in subgroups for now. This may be released in future updates, as WhatsApp has already announced that it is working on a solution to ensure more privacy in groups.

This would be interesting, especially in the case of public communities, if the user does not want any other member to be able to show their phone number in this way.

It is worth noting that Telegram already has a feature like Communities, which is why it is a long-awaited update for those who use WhatsApp. The idea of ​​being able to organize a few groups in one place is interesting, especially for those who use the messenger at work. To join a community, you will need an invite link or if the admin added it manually.

Currently, not all testers using version can access the new feature.

In Brazil, communities will only arrive next year

Although the tests have already started in the beta version of the app, it’s still not expected that the Communities feature will reach everyone, but here in Brazil it won’t for the time being.

This is because the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) and Federal Public Ministry (MPF) requested that this appeal not reach Brazil this year, as a way to avoid any kind of abuse during the electoral period.

“(…) the new functionality now announced must be viewed very carefully, as it may, depending on how it is implemented, represent a real setback in the movement to contain abusive behavior potentially linked to misinformation, which WhatsApp can, initially It has been efficiently promoted in recent years.”MPF said in a dispatch.

Therefore, it is likely that the communities will appear here only in the second quarter of next year.

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