Here are some foolproof tips to reduce belly fat after the age of 40

Here are some foolproof tips to reduce belly fat after the age of 40

Belly fat is common and tends to increase starting around the age of 40, which seems inevitable to many people. In women, the reason for the more intense formation of fat is mainly due to the decrease in estrogen after menopause, because it changes the distribution of fat in the body. In addition, reducing physical exercise, losing muscle mass and other factors affect fat gain.

But it is possible to lose the fatty area by following the advice of two British nutrition experts. In an interview with The Sun, they revealed that although there are no quick fixes, when recommendations are followed, belly fat is reduced. See what they are:

1. Stress levels

Stress can damage your mental health and add to your belly because it causes your brain to act as if it is in danger of death, stimulating the release of adrenaline and cortisol. “This fight-or-flight response is very effective and provides instant energy to the body, which lasts five to 10 minutes to allow a quick reaction to dangerous situations,” explains nutritionist Pippa Campbell.

Although it is not possible to eliminate the sources of daily stress, practices such as meditation, yoga and deep relaxation are necessary to control the psychological effects responsible for excess body fat.

2. Combine physical exercises

Exercising is important to reduce stress levels by releasing endorphins that are responsible for well-being.

Mixing exercises from the age of 40 is a fun way to reduce belly fat. Stretching, Pilates, and weight training are essential, as they bet on the practice of balance measurement (holding yourself in a certain position for a certain period), controlling specific muscles and strengthening different areas. In addition to these activities, walking, spinning, and other cardio exercises facilitate the release of endorphins while keeping your joints healthy.

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3. Gender

Sex is a proven way to relieve stress and burn calories, as well as release endorphins. When libido decreases, nutritionist Rob Hobson recommends eating foods rich in zinc, such as red meat, nuts, seeds, lentils, ginseng tea or supplements. “Ginseng is credited with a restorative effect that improves mental and physical energy, as well as activity, and thus the relationship with sexual desire,” the specialist explains.

4. Eat in the right order

“Studies show that the order in which we consume different types of food has a significant impact on insulin levels after a meal,” Peppa explains. She advises that the best order is to start with proteins, as they will have less impact on insulin levels in the body, resulting in less blood sugar fluctuations.

When there are a lot of changes in blood glucose levels, the effect can lead to feelings of hunger, build up fat stores and cause irritability.

5. Eggs for breakfast

The recommendation is to stay away from carbohydrates and opt for protein for breakfast and lunch. One option is to eat eggs, oats, or granola. Even a protein shake can be used as a substitute for bread, for example.

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