Without a vaccine, Brazil approaches 4,000 monkeypox cases

Without a vaccine, Brazil approaches 4,000 monkeypox cases

Brazil is close to 4,000 confirmed cases of monkeypox. The latest epidemiological bulletin from the Ministry of Health, issued on Tuesday evening (23/8), reported that 3,984 patients were infected with the disease.

Most cases are concentrated in the state of São Paulo: 2567. It is followed by Rio de Janeiro with a score of 472. Minas Gerais is third in the ranking, with 216 confirmed records and one death. The only death found in the country was a 41-year-old man, who had several comorbidities and was facing cancer. He was taken to the hospital in Belo Horizonte.

Now, the government is waiting for permission from the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) to import 50,000 doses of vaccines and about 500 units of antiviral drugs purchased by the World Health Organization (WHO) revolving fund. The acquisition was made possible by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

And the Ministry of Health sent, on Tuesday, a request to Anvisa for exemption from registration for the purchase of vaccines. The antiviral tekovirimat was ordered on Wednesday. The agency should review the case within the next week.

The operation was only possible after a decision by the regulatory body – which, on Friday (19/8), allowed the purchase of medicine and a monkeypox vaccine. The drugs are not yet registered in Brazil, due to urgency.

Who will be vaccinated?

The Minister of Health, Marcelo Quiroga, explained, on Monday (22/8), during the launch of the national campaign for the prevention of monkeypox, that 50,000 doses are intended for 25,000 people, because the application is in one dose.

Vaccinations will only be applied to health professionals who have direct contact with the virus.

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The units are produced by the Danish North Bavarian laboratory. Dose delivery delayed: The initial idea was to send out the potions by the end of August, in two shipments.

Quiroga also mentioned that delivery should be at the beginning of September, in three phases.

Expectations were that it would be delivered at the end of August. to Socoru [Gross, representante da Opas] He informed me that it will be in early September. There will be two shipments, and there are three shipments now. There is a shortage of this input all over the world,” Quiroga explained.

In addition to the vaccines, the Ministry of Health has asked the Pan American Health Organization to purchase 10 doses of the antiviral tecofermat for immediate treatment, and another 50 units for severe cases. The agency is also negotiating the transfer of another 12 units donated by the producing laboratory, and the purchase of another 504 doses.

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