Everything is ready for the festival that invades Niteroi this weekend

Everything is ready for the festival that invades Niteroi this weekend

Niteroi is hosting the festival this weekend “Rock but I love it”, between August 26 and 28, which promises to shake up Niteroi and open rock season in the state’s metropolitan area. In one of the most beautiful postcards of the city: Niemeyer’s pathFestival confirmed for Blitz, Plebe Rude, Ira! The Biquíni Cavadão is – among others – an event in Niterói City Hall, produced by the Coordination of Public Events (CGE) with the support of Neltur and FAN. Free admission. (videos below) (full table below)

according to Andre Philippe Gagliano, the event coordinator from Niteroi, the festival marks the city’s return to normal, after the pandemic. According to Gagliano, a large and complete event, such as this one, was necessary after the return of activities in the city, to mark and celebrate the “new phase”. “We are very happy with what we have prepared and we are sure that it will be a success! Our aim was to organize a wonderful event, to bring people of all ages together, and to promote and appreciate the local teams and entrepreneurs, who have suffered so much during these two years of the pandemic”The coordinator explains.

a “Rock but I love it” It’s free for all ages and scheduled for 5pm on Friday (26th). The festival begins on Saturday and Sunday (27 and 28) at 12 noon.

Strengthening the local economy

In addition to rock concerts, the event will feature stations selling barbecue, hamburgers, and handcrafted beer. According to Gagliano, with regard to the gastronomy of the festival, all suppliers of products have the right to do in the city.

Nitroy Solidarity

The party will also have a donation point for the Niterói Solidária campaign, which collects food, hygiene and cleaning products to help vulnerable families.

Table view

  • Friday (26/08)
  • 6 p.m. – Giovanna Aguilera
  • 7 pm – Claudio Zuli
  • 9 p.m. – Teachers on the Rocks
  • 10 p.m. – In honor of Charlie Brown Jr.
  • 11 pm – raids
  • Saturday (27/08)
  • 1 p.m. – Hae On Chiefs
  • 2 pm – W
  • 4 PM – Greetings to Raoul Seixas
  • 17 hours – BR80
  • 7 PM – Rude Plebe
  • 8 p.m. – In Honor of Freddie Mercury
  • 9 p.m. – Bruce Gumlevsky
  • 11 p.m. – Fury!
  • DJ Joao Benaud
  • Sunday (28/08)
  • 1 p.m. – Donna Felho
  • 2 pm – Bloody Mary
  • 3:00 PM – Tribute to Tim Maya
  • 4 pm – Baby and Beo
  • 6 p.m. – Tribute to Kazuza
  • 7 pm – Fernanda Abreu
  • 9 PM – Bikini Kavadao
  • DJ Joao Benaud

the artist

W band: With its current line-up since 2017, Banda W offers a broad and exhilarating repertoire formed primarily from national and international pop rock, touring MPB, and unforgettable Black Music classics. Born out of a more than 15-year partnership between vocalist Gustavo Wernick and guitarist Willian George, the two worked for a long time together to fuse dance bands.

Baby and Bebo: It may sound amazing, but Brazil had to wait decades to finally see and hear Baby do Brasil and Pepeu Gomes’ first full concert together. In 2022, Brazilian music icons turned 70 in style, began the “140 degrees” tour and released the album “Baby & Pepeu ao vivo no Noites Cariocas”, recorded in Morro da Urca in Rio de Janeiro.

Kavadau Bikini: Since the emergence of the Biquini Cavadão in 1985, the currency has changed its name three times, and the country has faced various economic plans, faced with epidemics of cholera, H1N1, yellow fever, dengue, Zika, chikungunya, not to mention electric oil and, of course, many political crises. With each new change, a new challenge, and the need to adapt to all of them. Biquini Cavadão was the first band actively present on the Internet, they adapted well to all kinds of transformations, always without losing their essence. That is why the group, formed by Bruno Gouvia, Carlos Coelho, Miguel Flores da Cunha and Alvaro Beretta, released the album Through the Times at the end of 2021.

raids: In 1982 Blitz was born in Circo Voador and in the same year the band recorded “You Didn’t Know How to Love Me”. Within three months, the song had sold 100,000 copies and reached the one million copies sold mark in the midst of the music industry crisis. In the series, the first LP “As Aventuras da Blitz” is released, with sales more impressive than small ones. In 2022, the band completed 40 years of formation.

BR80: Banda BR80 was formed in January 2002 by musicians from Niterói (RJ), whose goal was to honor National Rock in the ’80s and remember established songs from the best decade of Brazilian rock.

Claudio Zuli: Considered the “Prince of Brazilian Soul Music” with the release of 13 albums, singer-songwriter Claudio Zuli debuted as a pro at the age of 17, co-starring with the band Cassiano and Tim Maia, his mentor. With this backdrop, his hoarse voice and sharp guitar, he founded the band Brylho and has since recorded several songs on the dance floors such as “À Francesa”, “Noite do Prazer” and “Cada um Cada Um – A Namoradeira”, hits on the show in honor of nearly 40 years of his career dedicated to soul music.

Fernanda Abreu: He began his musical career professionally as the lead singer of Blitz (the pop-rock band that achieved the greatest national success in the 1980s), and later followed a solo career, influenced by samba, sambalanco, disco, hip-hop, funk, soul and funk Carioca – a musical style that helped on spreading.

Will!: The São Paulo band was born in 1981. Its solid core has always been preserved: “Nasi (vocals) and Sendora (guitar)”. O wrath! Today it gives performances showing vibration and emotion, with many classics and hits distilled by the guitars of Edgard Scandora, a left-handed musician playing with inverted strings. Classics such as Envelheço na cidade, Flores em você, Tarde Vazia and Eu Quero Semper Mais, among others, are not lacking in any of the group’s offerings.

rude mob: Celebrating 40 years of his career, Plebe Rude is presenting the “Evolution” album tour. The show stands out from new work, as well as the great hits that marked the band’s track.

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