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Without a commercial agreement, Kevin Durant will stay with the Nets – Jumper Brasil

The great novel its season The NBA season appears to be coming to an end, and in an unexpected way. After formalizing an order nearly two months ago, Kevin Durant will remain with the Brooklyn Nets, according to a statement written by Sean Marks, general manager of the franchise.

Therefore, without a beneficial show, the 33-year-old star starts the season in the New York team. Durant is under a guaranteed contract for the next four seasons ($194.2 million in salary).

“Steve Nash and I, along with Joe Tsai and Clara Wu Tsai (the franchisor and his wife), met yesterday in Los Angeles with Kevin Durant and his agent Rich Kleiman. We have agreed to move forward with our partnership. We are focused on basketball with a positioning One collective goal in mind: to build a franchise to bring a title to Brooklyn.”

It should be noted that Kevin Durant requested a trade order from Nets at the beginning its season. The Phoenix Suns and the Miami Heat will initially be the 33-year-old’s favorite destinations. However, the New York team was hoping to get the best possible deal for the star, regardless of which team he would get.

So with an athlete of Durant’s stature in the market, the Brooklyn franchise was definitely looking for an unprecedented comeback for players and player options. Draft.

So, with one of the best NBA players available on the market, several teams tried to take over Durant. Some of them are even official offers. However, none of them were happy with curling.

according to insiders In addition to the Suns and Heat, at least nine other teams — the Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics, Denver Nuggets, Memphis Grizzlies, Milwaukee Bucks, New Orleans Pelicans, Philadelphia 76ers, Toronto Raptors and Washington Wizards — have expressed interest in the star. That is, more than a third of the NBA teams were behind Durant.

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The series, which began on June 30, at Durant’s exchange request, had some dramatic chapters. After all, the star even gave Grids an ultimatum. According to the correspondent of “Shams al-Shaaraniya” from the portal the athleteThe 33-year-old winger met Joe Tsai a few weeks ago and demanded the departure of general manager Sean Marks and coach Steve Nash.

Also according to Charania’s account, Durant noted that he wouldn’t believe the duo of Marks and Nash would make a difference in the nets for years to come. That is, with them, the athlete doubted that the team had any chance of winning the championship.

However, Tsai took to social media and stated that she supports GM and coaches the team. “Our management (Marks) and coaching staff (Nash) have my support. Therefore, we will be making decisions in the best interests of the Brooklyn Nets team.”

Keri Irving

Parallel to the complicated situation involved in the 7 jersey, the Nets have gone through another turbulent TV series its season. Marks and Tsai have discussed the possible departure of Kyrie Irving due to out-of-court issues.

To make matters worse, the newspaper New York Post He revealed that al-Qaeda hates Nash and Marx. A source close to the Nets said Irving was not happy with the pair’s leadership style. In this way, it seems that the franchise crisis is not over yet.

It affected the relationship between Irving and the curling in 2021/202. After all, the Brooklyn base guard missed 37 of the 43 games played in New York during the regular season. The reason was not being vaccinated against COVID-19. Then, due to the city’s vaccination mandate, the athlete was banned from playing at Barclays Center, the home of the Nets.

In his end-of-season interview, Marks did not guarantee Kerry’s survival. According to the manager, the franchise wants players who are not selfish and are available to work and help out on the field, that is, a direct message to the base.

Thus, Irving’s prolonged absence was one factor in the team’s poor campaign. From contender to title, the Nets became one of the season’s biggest disappointments. As a result, the net ranked only seventh in the Eastern Conference and in the playoffs“swept” in the first round by the Boston Celtics.

All in peace on the net?

At the beginning its seasonContrary to expectations, Irving exercised his contractual option to stay for an additional season with the net. As such, he will receive $36.9 million in 2022/23 salaries. The news came out on the same day the franchise gave the player the green light to search for a new team.

However, hours after the point guard’s decision, Durant requested a trade order. Since then, behind the scenes of the franchise has been hectic.

yesterday , Brazil sweatshirt Fetch news that nets are looking for a reconciliation with Irving. So, keeping him on the roster, the team hoped to convince Durant to drop the trade order.

According to Charania, Kyrie works with her colleagues and maintains a constructive dialogue with the franchise. Additionally, the Nets have made it clear to interested teams that they plan to keep the 30-year-old goalkeeper.

So, with Durant and Irving no commercial agreements in place, and with ‘Peace Restored’ in place, the stars now appear to be trusting the team’s board and coaching staff once again. Let’s see how long…

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