Top 10 most memorable PlayStation 2 games

Top 10 most memorable PlayStation 2 games

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The Sony Break into the gaming market with PS1, learn enough to make Playstation 2 More embellished. The second best-selling game in history, this platform since the early 2000s has been notable for its extremely powerful hardware and an extensive library of excellent games.

We have listed 10 of the most memorable PS2 games below!

GTA San Andreas

grand theft auto It has been loved by the public since its debut on PS1 as an isometric perspective game. On PS2, the franchise has pioneered by embracing 3D technology and open world design in one fell swoop. In this wave, which has shaped the gaming industry forever, you can say that GTA San Andreas It’s the top.

After a game in Liberty City (New York) and another in Vice City (Miami), this game goes to the outskirts of Los Santos (Los Angeles), after a man named CJ, who finds himself back in the gangster world. He hesitated when he returned to the city.

The game conquers with its huge world, full of possibilities, excellent gameplay and plot. Not to mention the great soundtrack – whether it’s the licensed songs from the radio, or the original songs, like the famous opening theme. No wonder that GTA San Andreas It became a best-selling game on PS2, and is still a major pop culture landmark, especially in Brazil, where it has received (and is receiving) all kinds of mods.

Resident Evil 4

PS2 has been home to many games that have revolutionized the industry. like him GTAnd the vampire It was one of the PS1’s biggest successes, but Capcom I felt the franchise needed a change of style – which was presumably demonstrated by the failure of sales of the remake of the first game on Gamecube, which is now considered a cult classic.

Resident Evil 4 It reimagines the franchise as a third-person shooter, striking a perfect balance between horror and action. Like Leon Kennedy, the player must infiltrate pesky Spanish villages to rescue the daughter of the American president. It is a game that starts out in horror and then becomes more and more ridiculous, and consists entirely of unforgettable moments.

The game was a huge hit and launched the franchise in a new direction, and is so beloved by fans that it has continued to welcome ports to other platforms since its original Gamecube release. In early 2023, the game got a new version which is already one of the most awaited games of the coming year.

God of War (I and II)

One of the genres most devoted to PS2 was hack and slashAction games that focus on intense hand-to-hand combat. While there are many classics within the genre, the franchise God of War It stood out for the combination of a lot of violence and thought-provoking plot.

The game features Kratos, a Spartan who revolts against the gods of Greek mythology to be used by them and neglect them out of control. Furious, he set out on a journey to annihilate all the gods. The gameplay translates all this fury into the form of extremely violent combos with double swords and many other equipment, triumphs in storytelling and cinematic graphics that at the time were stunning.

God of War Lives with a reboot that doesn’t disregard the plot of the originals, but this reworks everything to modern standards of an action game.

shadow of the Colossus

Due to the powerful hardware, many studios are starting to create more mature experiences on PS2. At that time, video games were beginning to capture the public’s attention, becoming a part of pop culture rather than just a niche hobby.

shadow of the Colossus It marks this tipping point well with an equally fantastical and dark adventure about a giant hunter boy. It is a very delicate game, with a vast world and great mechanics for exploration on horseback, which presents one of the most powerful plots in the media.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

One phenomenon that came and grew and died in the PS2 era was music games with plastic instruments. Whoever came up with this idea was the franchise Guitar champwhich allows you to play rock classics on guitar or console.

In the end, the franchise ended up satisfying several annual releases, but the top of the series is without a doubt. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Plus an unforgettable playlist, with classics from KissAnd the SlipknotAnd the Dragon power And much more, the game appeared as a guest of Tom MorelloFrom Rage against the machineFrom scale downFrom Armas e RosasIn tough battles.

Third guitar champ It was fun to play alone, with and against friends, and was a key piece to the start of esports in Brazil, where there was a huge competitive scene at the peak of the game’s success.

Need for Speed: Underground 2

need for speed It started to shine on PS1, but only on PS2 it reached its peak with success after success. Among the great titles, Need for Speed: Underground 2 It stands out as the most striking of the franchise as a whole.

Drink from the culture of street racing, the game came out at that time fast and angry He dazzled audiences in movie theaters, translating into video games all the fun of racing action, adventurous nightlife and tuning his car with lots of neon lights. Not to mention the excellent soundtrack, Underground 2 It is not only a game of the highest quality, but also the hallmark of the entire culture of the period in which it was released.

silent hill 2

With experimental works and graphics reaching that uncomfortable point between real and synthetic, horror has made its home on PS2, the console that has garnered countless titles and horrific perks. Including , silent hill 2 It reigns as one of the best horror games ever, but it’s perhaps the pinnacle of such a beloved franchise.

After James Sunderland’s trip to Silent Hill to be reunited with his late wife, the game is filled with symbolism that provides material for analysis to this day. Moreover, it is an atmospheric exercise with its dimly lit corridors, noise lost in fog, and hideous creatures.

PS2 still receives Silent Hill 3 And the Silent Hill 4It is considered the last excellent game of the series but silent hill 2 We did not stop torturing our nightmares.

devil may cry

mention it Resident Evil 4 Want to reinvent itself as an action game? One of the experiences Capcom It ended up running away too much from a suggestion survival horrorbut ended up being reused as a new privilege: devil may cry.

One of the best hack and slash The game already made, gives you control in the style of Dante, a demon slayer with a past full of torment. Whether for the visuals, the narrator, the crazy combos or the frenetic soundtrack, it’s a game that screams action from the 2000s, and is brimming with personality.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

You notice there’s a trend here, right? The franchises start on PS1, but only peak on PS2. was no different with hard lime metala game that tested the limits of the previous console and changed the industry by showcasing an experience that combined game and cinematic language.

a job Hideo Kojima Wins the best chapter in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Set in the height of the Cold War, the plot shows the Bare Snake torn between honoring the wishes of his mentor or his homeland. Everything is conducted through the 007-style spy saga, including the opening music, and the game continues to impress even today thanks to its extensive gameplay and interesting narrative.

exhaustion revenge

Sometimes just running in the racing game isn’t enough. Some destroyers want to use cars as tools of destruction. Fortunately, the staff Standard Games Think alike, and so came the franchise Burnt.

These games had the advantage of allowing you to destroy your rivals in very dangerous races, which cross busy roads and narrow streets. exhaustion revenge It was what pushed the concept even further, putting a slew of threats on its way to the finish line. The game is excellent to this day because it makes you think not only of hitting corners, but also of high-speed combat.

Of course, 10 items aren’t enough to speak of PS2 greatness, and we can forever talk about titles like blackAnd the ChaseAnd the Tony Hawk’s Underground 2And the 4 . characterAnd the Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks And many other things. So drop by here in the comments and answer: What are your favorite PS2 games not on the list?

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