Pezzulano "honest", Ronaldo promised and Vitor Rock worked: Watch Cruzeiro news today

Pezzulano “honest”, Ronaldo promised and Vitor Rock worked: Watch Cruzeiro news today

Credit: Gustavo Alexo/Cruzeiro

After the tie against Grêmio, Cruzeiro remains focused on the Serie B sequence. From afar, since his presence in Europe, Ronaldo has been following the team’s performance and, in addition to Luva de Pedreiro, wants to have another illustrious presence on the field such as good to go down in Brazil.

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Sincere piezolano

In an interview with Globo, Cruzeiro’s coach believes that the team, if reached, will have to strengthen itself. Analyzing a hypothetical scenario, the Uruguayan had a dispute against relegation if the current team was in the national elite.

The same team in the first division? We will fight until we fall. honestly Yes. We all know that more great players will come to the first division to add to their teammates who are here, and most importantly, we will be a brave team, and we will definitely win many games as well. But with a team like the one we are today at 100%, that would be the goal.”she expressed.

Ronaldo Promise

Ronaldo gets excited by the video of Donna Elizabeth, a die-hard Cruzeiro fan, and wants his presence at the Raposa match. Therefore, Phenomenon wants to bring the club closer to people who are passionate about Fox.

We’re going to have to take Donna Elizabeth to a match in Mineirao. This is the idea here. We have to bring the club closer from the inside, this sensitivity that we want Cruzeiro fans to feel close to the club,” It appeared live on Twitch.

Vitor Rock’s work

According to journalist Rodrigo Matos’ blog, at UOL Esporte, Cruzeiro has already informed Atletico that he will launch a CBF court facing the striker. In the process, the Minas Gerais team realizes that it is entitled to a larger compensation, because it ignored the right to renew with the player, which was issued for 24 million Brazilian riyals. In her defence, Raposa claims that she complied with what was agreed, and formalized an offer to the young man 45 days before the contract was to be terminated. Therefore, the case will be dealt with in the CNRD (National Chamber for Dispute Resolution).

Team news

With Chai absent, Pezzulano will get reinforcements from Yaga, Giovanni Jesus and Leo Paes, who are back in training. For this reason, the coach can change the lineup against Náutico on Friday (26), at 9:30 pm, in Independência. However, for now, there is a mystery about who will start playing.

Brooke calls for justice

After being threatened via social media, the defender demanded that the criminals be punished. As his family has been affected by the hate messages, the athlete hopes the authorities will take the issue seriously and show rigor to prevent the episode from happening again.

I would like to thank you for the countless messages of support I’ve received, it shows how much good people there are in the world too, and how much help everyone has too. We found out that he is not a fan of Cruzeiro and not in Minas Gerais. So the worst will not happen. Now it is in the hands of justice and the police to do what needs to be done. It is unacceptable for this to happen, because it includes family, football involves a lot of good things and we need to get to this point. But I thank everyone, friends and people who have supported my wife and family. This topic is closed from my side, amended by legal means‘, highlighted.

Rafa Silva wants to continue contributing

Important in the duel against Grêmio, the striker wants to continue to earn Pezzolano’s trust. Overcoming a period of injuries, the trend is to use Rafa Silva in the second division sequence, but the player is aware of the competition in the offensive sector.

“It has been a great experience for me. The adaptation is going well. I have been working and trying to get better every day. And the fact that I’m participating in the Games, which I decide, is the result of hard work. I’ve always been working hard, always looking to be at my best.” When I go to the games I try to do my best and things are going well. The victories are coming too and we have to continue this journey there”He said.

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