Saints Row - Angry Banality

Saints Row – Angry Banality

The fun and silliness of Saints Row can’t hold back when bugs pull you in and the visual quality is really poor. It has become one of the worst open world games in recent years.

Over the past few months, watching presentations where Volition enthusiastically talked about the Saints Row reboot, I began to believe it was the kind of “Fast and Furious video game” I needed. One of those relentless, fun experiences to turn the brain off and let dizziness prevail.

After several long-running JRPGs, I needed a game like this in the summer, when I had the chance to play it, I was excited to satisfy my curiosity. The first few hours of the Saints Row reboot were a lot of fun and it felt like Volition got what he wanted, an amazing, explosive, no-nonsense action game to worry about. Add to that an open world packed with gritty and whimsical mechanics, as you’d expect from a game in this series, and things are well aligned.

However, at a time when the internet was more concerned about whether to wake it up than it was fun, the most surprising thing was to discover that Saints Row is a mediocre game and it tires quickly. So technically weak that GTA 5 is still a long way off, this Saints Row reboot retains all the madness of the series’ character, but fails to entertain in the long run and break away from the mediocre.

The assertion that you’re having a silly game and that you don’t care about logic is noticeable from the very first scene. You customize your character (I made She-Hulk) and start shooting in explosive moments, which sounds like a satire from action movies and games. Will bets on a comic and satirical tone of the plot, this is known from the acrobatic situations that defy logic and how ridiculous these characters behave.

There are 4 main characters in Saints Row, those who will lead the saints and those born after a series of adventures of the main character. Her name is Boss and she will customize her character in great detail. These four friends will get tired of suffering as collateral damage from gang war and goofy situation after goofy situation they will decide to create their own gang and face the two major criminal groups in the city.

These two groups and the third, a special military force, are the main opponents, and whether in story missions, side missions or missions to build your criminal empire, you will constantly reduce their power. This is the narrative basis for Saints Row, which shows how these saints are born and their rise to power.

This rise to the top of the food chain in the criminal world is achieved through the main tasks and numerous activities, through which Volition exploits this desire to create a frenetic open world game. Yes, it’s an open-world action game about criminals, but while GTA focuses on a realistic feel, Saints Row is downright wacky and unrestrained in its US spelling. The pins are constant, from politics to the tech world, the TikTok generation is a pretty easy target.

The controls are designed for great dynamism, from driving cars that knock on just about everything, to the aiming system that sticks to the enemy to be easy to shoot down and move on to the next. Saints Row is fun and you can find yourself involved in car theft, occupying spaces in the city to build new business and earn more money, without following the main missions. Exploring these places on a map ends up visually not even being able to offer an attractive invitation to discover them.

These locations, which are inspired by cities like Las Vegas and parts of the desert in the United States, feature plenty of filming locations and countless optional activities. Quests that make your friends stronger so you can call back later to ask for their help, perform specific tasks to level up one of your businesses, hunt down criminals to earn money or do whatever you want to earn XP and level up. This allows you to unlock advantages and skills to help with the job.

Volition’s efforts are evident to create a light and funny experience that is very easy to pick up and play with, even with nothing new and even lost in games that are many years old. Despite this, all this effort to create a sense of strong dynamism, especially through constant challenges and a good sense of progress, does not resist the weak state of the technical side and this spoils all the good efforts.

The Saints Row reboot is a hard-to-believe game that runs on a current generation console. I’ve played on PS5 and to enjoy 4K you have to sacrifice performance while I’m looking for better performance and 60fps experience means 1080p gaming. Graphically, the game is very ugly and the low resolution makes it even more ugly on a big TV. Lots of pop-ups and textures loaded in front of you, poor textures, no-frills scenery, small details and the feeling of an empty world with constantly recurring NPCs (in missions you’ll kill the same enemy dozens of times), make Saints Row a game that leaves a lot to be desired. in it.

As if this graphic quality and sacrifices for better performance weren’t enough, you still have to put up with a buggy game that cuts a lot of fun. The more you play, the more bugs appear, the weaker the AI ​​shows itself, and the more frequent non-playable characters appear. Hour after hour this is starting to cut the fun and when you have to repeat the same task at least 3 times because bugs force you to do it it’s not fun at all. Not to mention the very poor quality of the animation.

I admit I did everything to love Saints Row, and even enjoyed some moments. However, the relentless fun that Volition strives to offer, as well as not offering anything new, is heavily tainted by very poor visual quality, lots of bugs that often force re-tasks, bad AI, poor animation and an overall feel of Very technically dated.

Positives: Negatives:
  • A spinning and explosive plot a la Saints Row
  • Gameplay without cool features, but fun
  • Great dynamism and sense of progress in empire building
  • poor visual quality
  • Huge errors that force restart tasks
  • Huge sacrifice in visual quality to get 60fps
  • Terrible AI
  • Too bad animation
  • There are no notable landmarks on the map and I’m not curious to explore them

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