Who is MC Kauan, "funkeiro" arrested for drug smuggling on the coast of SP

Who is MC Kauan, “funkeiro” arrested for drug smuggling on the coast of SP

Kawan Mariz de Oliveira, 31, better known as MC Kauan or MC Koringa, was born in Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, on October 11, 1991. After losing his father, at the age of 3, he was raised by his mother only and businesswoman Nalva Mariz. Last Tuesday (23 years), the artist was arrested for drug smuggling, in São Vicente, also on the coast of São Paulo. The court ordered him to serve a four-year and two-month prison sentence for the crime in a closed system.

Before engaging in funk rhythm, Kwan was a rocking player. The artist had already revealed, in interviews, about it She was wearing rock music clothes and had long hair. One of the factors that made him change his style was the society in which he lived, where the culture and form were different.

As a teenager, he began to enjoy funk and attend dances at Baixada Santista even without the permission of his mother, who is now also the artist’s manager.

It was in a warm winter event [festa junina que acontecia anualmente em Santos] He decided to become an MC. He said in his testimony that the desire arose from listening to MC Duda de Marabe – he was the artist Killed with nine bullets in Santos, in 2011.

At the age of 13, Kauan began singing funk. It was her first time on stage at a dance at Unidos dos Morros [agremiação que participa do Carnaval santista].

He was called upon with four other artists and created the rhymes that rocked the party. On that day, he won his first paycheck. [pagamento feito pela apresentação].

To stand out among the MCs in the area, Kauan created the character Koringa. He was dressed in clown clothes and features. There have been many presentations before Colorful face, green hair and red mouth, just like Batman’s archenemy.

Kauan has been attracting public attention since 2006When She released songs like “House of Korean” And the “Ninja Play”. In social networks, he was also successful with More than 4 million followers.

Character “Koringa” created by McCwann – Photo: cloning / social networks

Kawan gold He was first arrested in January 2014 in Saint VincentOn the coast of Sao Paulo. At that time, it was a team of Military police patrolled In the Gonzaguinha district, near Avenida Embaixador Pedro de Toledo, He saw the artist picking up a white bag through the railing of a building. Then the singer headed to the beach. The perpetrators were followed by agents, who tried to escape, but was caught.

Kauan was in possession 19 cocaine pins and 22 plastic bottles containing methylene chloride, any perfume ejector.

In October 2019, there was a conviction in court for drug smuggling. Then the defense appealed, and the artist was able to respond to the lawsuit freely.

The Public Prosecution Office (MP) filed an appeal, which was accepted by the São Paulo State Court of Justice (TJ-SP).

Funkeiro was arrested for drug smuggling last Tuesday afternoon (23)., in São Vicente, on the coast of São Paulo. as you specify g 1The Prime Minister carried out the arrest While the artist is eating in a pastry shop in the municipality.

The judge received an appeal from the Public Prosecution Office to sentence him to four years and two months in prison in a closed system..

Kawan Maris de Oliveira was arrested at Rua 11 de Junho, in the Itari district, around 5 pm. The artist was transferred to the 1st Police District (DP) of the municipality, and was sent to a prison in the district. It is not yet known which prison he will be sent to.

  • bulletproof vest: In 2020, the court ordered the case against the funk singer, who was under investigation after the prime minister found clown masks, a wooden stick and two jackets, one of which was bulletproof, inside his car in August 2019.
  • MC Kauan claims to use the drug: After he was arrested for drug smuggling on January 20, 2014, the funk singer told the police that he was only a drug user, that he had never trafficked, and declared that he did not own drugs, but that he is still being held in prison.
  • Kwan was hospitalized after his release from prison: Four days after she was arrested on suspicion of drug smuggling in São Vicente, the singer was taken to hospital with pneumonia.
  • MC Kauan denies using drugs: Five days after his arrest for drug smuggling, MC Kauan held a press conference in Santos and stated that he is neither a drug dealer nor a drug user. Al-Mutreb also stated that he was not in possession of drugs at the time of his arrest, and that the narcotics appeared at the police station during the recording of the incident.
  • You don’t need to: The arrest of the singer for drug trafficking in 2014 surprised those close to the funk singer. At that time, the music producers told the artist that the arrest of the MC occurred at a time when the musician had achieved great success in his career. Someone said that the singer did not need it, performing several shows per month at an estimated cost of about 15,000 Brazilian reais.

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