Bob Cut: The Haircut That Saved Anita

Bob Cut: The Haircut That Saved Anita

You must have followed kikiki about Anitta’s clumsy haircut over the weekend – she was excited and asked comedian Gkay, her friend, to cut her locks that were way too long. However, the cut, done in-house, left edges and was not well finished. Repentant, the next morning I already called the hairdresser.

Giuseppe Higor came to her rescue with…BOP! This is correct. It was just for us to think that this haircut – an updated version of Chanel – is gone until the look is back and still has a reputation as a hero and a foolproof evolution.

This happened the same week that Kim Kardashian put scissors in her hair and once again showed off a bob cut. No wonder, cut-off name searches have only gone up +73% on Pinterest. Yes, KimK is a global inspiration.

was another Bob who was also talking about Selena Gomez. Not to mention Julia Dalvia Who lives Gotha in the Pantanal.

The truth is that there was an 88% increase in long hair styles, as well as for a medium-long round face (+2x), long bob cut-outs (+79%), and bob cuts (+33%).

After Kim got a haircut, searches for the name of the cut rose only +73% on Pinterest

Photo: kimkardashian’s Instagram clone

And it’s true: Pop, Chanel, never goes away. “It’s one of the most classic cuts. It’s the minimum length for those who don’t like shorts or are afraid to wear them,” warns hairstylist Celso Camorra, of São Paulo. “He started making it in other versions, but the Chanel cut is something that’s always been there. And the bob is nothing more than a variation on Chanel: Do we see a short bob and a long bob? Selena is shorter as Selena or even on the ear.”

stitch to cut bob

This cut is very practical and easy to grow. When you’re cutting hair and want to let it grow, is your hair going through a tough phase that requires accessories and clips? Not with Bob. “If you want to let it grow, you get a long, at least medium time. There’s not much difficulty going from one cut to the next. This makes it very versatile. Not to mention it can be a little tight, has different textures and styles, looks good For most people, it’s elegant,” says Camorra.

Julia Dalavia Bob Haircut - Instagram clonejuliadalavia - Instagram @juliadalavia

Julia Dalavia: Cut Jota in “Pantanal” is a hit on the networks

Photo: Instagram clone juliadalavia

Explains why each cut looks more beautiful. “I think his versions are starting to gain other highlights. For example, Guta’s hair in the Pantanal is a bob. Does the texture of the hair make the cut look different too, whether it has bangs or not?” Kamura completes.

Anita Bob’s Cut (as well as Kim Kardashian)

Says João Bosco, Hairstylist at ONE Salon | SP: “The long bob has that elegant mood that dramatically enhances the shape of the face and emphasizes the neck and chest.” It is ideal for those who like modern and practical style of everyday life. “In addition to being perfectly aligned, this long, straight bob requires precision with scissors to not leave strands in place. To get that polished finish, I recommend using a tip conditioner and keeping the nutrition up-to-date, avoiding is a style that goes well with an oval or oval face. The rectangle, but you can make a lot of adjustments to it. The face of the next summer!”, he says.

The moment of the moment is truly the upright one. “What’s no longer in fashion is the beak. It’s hair for contemporary women, for those who love fashion, and who follow the fashion world. It requires a brush and flat iron. It’s good for all face types, except for the very thin,” says Diego Santana, hairstylist at MG Hair Design, in São Paulo.

Selena Gomez’s bob cut

Selena doesn’t have as much hair as Kim K. “So the curly curling irons and wave spray give great volume. Note that the bangs aren’t straight. They’ve been rounded out with a brush, they’re thick. And the beach spray that separates the locks,” Diego analyzes.

With less hair volume than Kim, Selena Gomez is an example that a bob can have texture - Instagram clone @selenagomez - Instagram @selenagomez clone

With less hair volume than Kim, Selena Gomez is an example of how a bob can have texture

Photo: clone Instagram selenagomez

Have you seen how bobs can also gain texture? “This updated version of Chanel is also ideal for those who want practicality, without giving up styling,” says João. “Those with wavy and curly hair can play with everything in this cut.” If you want more volume and definition, bet on the distributor. “It’s good to remember that bangs, no matter the style, require a bit more maintenance to always look beautiful.”

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